Sunday, May 18, 2014

Whimsical Fairy Fun

Come step into this magical forest with me.
The wind is softly blowing through the trees and the birds are singing.
This is where the faeries live and pass away the hours,
Dancing thru the trees, playing in the flowers.
Come and take the journey to find your child within,
Open up your heart and mind and watch the magic begin.
From the Enchanted Forest
Welcome friends for tea this week. I made a batch of 10 grain muffins from a recipe Kitty shared here for the last session of our floral judging school. Comments were that they were grainy which could only mean healthy, and a few thought they were corn meal.
Hubby and I liked them and the next time I made some, I added blueberries. I'm having one with tea today and using my Spode Fairy Dell teacup. 
It's fitting that a couple of fairies join us for tea as I tell you about an advent I attended on the weekend with my daughter, and granddaughter.
 We travelled to Pathways to Perennials Garden Centre for a fairy garden workshop and in the bottom right you can see co-owner Lorraine telling the children about fairies in the garden. After getting the young ones excited about looking for fairies under the plants and in the trees, we headed into the woods in search of Tinkerbelle.
She was discovered high up amongst the trees and showed the children how she flies, then sang for us about fairies in her beautiful voice.
At the workshop, granddaughter Mia was pleased with the fairy garden she constructed of plants, tiny furniture and animals, as well as a fairy. It was rather chilly outside while the miniature gardens were being put together.
We joined some friends for lunch inside the Cafe where it was warmer. Getting into the spirit of the fairy event, our group donned gossamer wings from the garden centre for the luncheon. It was a surprise to learn during conversation that Eva (back left) reads my blog! Beside her is her sister Jean and our friend Maureen on the end. One of my wings is covering part of Mia's face.
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Thank you to the hosts of our weekly gathering; I hope you'll visit them and their guests.


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

How fun for the children! (adults too!)

Lorrie said...

What a fun event. I love the idea of creating a little fairy garden.

Jill Harrison said...

how delightful! it's lovely to see mums and grandmother's getting into the spirit by wearing fairy wings.
Delightful table setting with the muffins. They sound delicious.
Have a lovely week and thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Sunray Gardens said...

What a fun day that had to be for all of you. One of those wonderful memories for your granddaughter to store.
Cher Sunray Gardens

lindaakacraftygardener said...

What a fun day and Mia's fairy garden looks lovely. It has been quite chilly around here so I bet the fairies are hiding.

ann said...

Fairy gardens are the rage, aren't they? And what wonderful way to get kids outside and into the the garden. My little granddaughters have fairy gardens in large wash tubs they plant every year. Topped of with lunch, your day was a good girl day.

Montanagirl said...

What a fun day - And "fairy wings" too! Looks like everyone was having a great time!

Diane said...

Judith, what a wonderful day you had. It was a day that I'm sure your grand-daughter will remember. What is it about fairies and gardens? They just go so well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Vee said...

= D

We liked them, too, the second day. Glad that you tried them!

Oh wonderful fairy garden that Mia created...Hope she tucks it in a good place for fairies.

Jennifer said...

There are many times I wish we had tried to have a daughter as well as a son. It must be wonderful to attend a fairy workshop with your daughter and granddaughter.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Judith, good for you for donning fairy wings! what a fun grandma you are! Your granddaughter is beautiful. I think fairy gardens are just the thing for sparking some imagination and creativity!

Angela McRae said...

Fun, fun, fun! And your beautiful Mia has constructed quite a fine fairy garden -- I'm jealous!

Pondside said...

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon with a young one - to add a layer to your lovely relationship and to pass on something that's important to you.

Pamela Gordon said...

How fun Judith. I'm sure Mia enjoyed the day and learning about fairies and making her own fairy garden. It does look chilly so a cup of tea would be needed for sure.

Rosemary said...

Lovely fairy filled adventures! Your teacup is beautiful and the fairies on the table are quite precious!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Judith, it sounds like you had a delightful day with your daughter and granddaughter. I love your fairy wings and wouldn't you be happy that they are lavender! Your teacup is really sweet and I so enjoyed your post. I love fairies; makes one feel young at heart. Thanks for joining me for tea and have a wonderful day.


A wondering star said...

Gorgeous photos of a splendid day you had with your daughter, and granddaughter!
Teacups and flowers .... gorgeous as always!

Eva Jorunn

bj said...

how fun this looks...such great photos, too.
xo bj

kitty said...

What a fun event, Judith! I Would love to attend something like that. Mia is adorable and looks so pleased with her fairy garden. I like the muffins, too, and they do remind one of corn muffins. I like the idea of adding blueberries which would be another healthful addition. xo

Carrie said...

Your fairy tea looks very yummy! The Fairy garden event sounds like a wonderful time. Your granddaughters fairy garden looks really cute!

A Quiet Corner said...

I think I may have to borrow some of these ideas for my little Mia....:)JP

podso said...

Your granddaughter is blessed to have you spend time with her like this. Her garden reminds me so much of the ones we made as children when we would hike through the forests. We make ours in a tin pie plate. Moss for the grass, etc. Memories! Such a nice post.

Millie said...

I loved the comment that "grainy means healthy" ! but seriously, I'll bet those muffins are good!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful. I would like to have those muffins.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Fun post! :) I did a fairy garden with my grandson last year and this just reminded me to go root around in the cellar and find where I put the fairy etc.! : )

Terri said...

Hello Judith,
What a fun day with family and fairies! That is a cool workshop!
Your muffins sound great to me, especially with the blueberries.
Beautiful tea cup!

Beth L. said...

Fairy Gardens are NOT just for children. I have started one and I know my "local fairies" love it. LOL What a fun day you must have had.

Denise said...

Perfect! I must google once again activities like this in My area.Sad that I can't find any usually.Please join Me for Tea Time at My place. Blessings sent Your way-Denise

Martha's Favorites said...

I would love to go to an event like that! We very fun and so cute. What a wonderful day! Sending hugs your way. Martha

Tomoko said...

What a fun event you had! I love Mia's smile and all yours too!!The table setting with your sweet tea cup, the muffins and the fairy is lovely! Wow, I like them all.
Have a happy day!

Beth said...

What a fun event! I like that Mia had the chance to construct her own fairy garden, as well as meet Tinkerbelle! :)
hugs, Beth

Karen said...

Hi Judith,
I love, love, love your spode teacup! So gorgeous! Your muffins look yummy too! All of your fairies are so pretty. Thank you for visiting me! Have a wonderful weekend! Karen


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