Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowy Day Tea

Welcome friends for tea.  It has been snowing for a couple of days and nights and so on this wintry day, I invite you to brew yourself a cup of tea and join the ladies that gather every week for Tea Time Tuesday.
Many of us settled in last night to watch the two hour long premiere of Season 4 of Downton Abbey, and it was worth the wait.
The January issue of Tea Time magazine has some wonderful ideas and recipes to host your own Downton Abbey theme tea with friends.
I purchased a set of placemats from a local quilter and although I liked them for the beige and cream blocks, the other side with hearts and ribbons is what I've been using most.
A simple centrepiece is created with a cornflower rose bowl filled with rose scented potpourri from Christmas.  I realized too late I left a sweater hanging on the side of the fridge, but then we've all discovered an 'oops' in a photo haven't we?  :-)
Some brown sugar short bread to have with tea.
We can use the paper napkins hubby bought me for Christmas.
A couple of red transferware teacups to tie in with the red, and we're just waiting on the tea to steep.  Do you see the pot holder under the plate of cookies?
The pot holders, pot lid holder, sachet, stickers and stars are a giveaway I won from Ruth, the host of Tuesday Cuppa Tea at Antiques and Teacups.  The stars are fabric with a peel away part on the back to stick them somewhere special.  Not shown in the photo was also a bag of Harney & Sons 'Holiday Blend' tea bags which is so good, and brewing for today.  Thank you Ruth for your generous gifts.
I put a table topper over the navy tablecloth when a friend popped in for tea yesterday.  We had the gifted Harney & Sons tea along with some of my homemade fruit cake and Walker's shortbread fingers. 
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If you like the ritual of afternoon tea as I do, visit my hosts and their guests as we socialize over tea.


  1. The first visit for 2014! Amazing! I love the bird napkins! How cute! I need to bake today, not sure what. So glad you liked your giveaway win! Many happy tea days to you and I always look forward to your posts and photos!

  2. It all looks so lovely, Judith. I love the placemats, pot holder and napkins you've used. The Walker's shortbread are a special treat. I should have bought some at Christmas but I know a shop in town that sells them all year I think. Have a great week! Pamela

  3. I love the quilted place mats Judith - I would choose the ribbon side too!
    Oh that bird napkin is so sweet.
    I took part in a paper napkin swap a couple of years ago that was fun - maybe we should do it again?!

    The white embroidered table cloth is beautiful - I wish I could pop in for tea at yours today!!

  4. What a lovely tea, Judith, and such special gifts. I watched the anticipated Downton Abbey episode last night and now I need to find a copy of the Tea Time magazine. xo

  5. So pretty and delicate! You do a great job at it!...:)JP

  6. I love your teatime Posts Judith. Everything looks beautiful. So you did like Downton Abbey? We have had a few episodes of the 4th series already and k also love it. Have a Nice week.

  7. Hi Judith,
    What a lovely tea time! The topper is beautiful and your gift from Ruth is fabulous. Of course, you know I'm loving the red transferware teacups and all the tea inspired items you are using today. The paper napkins are adorable as I do love the birdies! Thank you for sharing your cozy post with Tea Time and enjoy your week, my friend.


  8. I am sure you have fun receiving Ruth's Give Away and treasures. Your place mats are so pretty and your table looks very sweet. So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

  9. Love your photos for your Tuesday Tea Time. Congratulations on being a giveaway winner. The tea-themed pot holders are adorable. Stay
    warm! ~ Phyllis

  10. ooooh . . . I'm going to have to look for that Tea Time magazine! Maybe for fixing something for next week's Downton Abbey.

  11. A D.A. tea would be great fun to welcome the new season! Stay safe in all the weather!

  12. I love your table-cloth, Judith. Very pretty. The tea-pot caught my eye, too. Your table is very welcoming and shortbread...oh yes! Deb

  13. It all looks so cozy and inviting! I love the red centerpiece, and the brown sugar shortbread cookies sound wonderful. I've never made them with brown sugar, but I bet they are better that way!

  14. oh Downton Abbey. I am so hoping the next season is coming to Australia. I heard a rumour that it might not. If not I will have to buy the dvd. They knew how to set a beautiful tea table in those days.
    Stay warm and have a lovely week and happy days in 2014. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week.

  15. The little quilted placemats are lovely - and I like the ribbon and flowers side best too.
    You had me at Brown Sugar Shortbread. If I ever get out your way, could it be on the menu?

  16. Hi Judith!!!

    Tea time looks lovely!!! What a beautiful setting. To sit and have tea with friends and discuss episodes of Downton Abbey would be wonderful!!!

    Have a beautiful week!!!!


  17. What a gorgeous tea party, Judith.
    I enjoy your table setting. Those quilt placemats are so lovely, and I like the red centerpiece!!!
    Have a lovely week!

  18. Both tea settings are lovely, Judith. I especially like the winter white one that you shared with your friend.


  19. Very pretty Judith. I do like those placemats and what more can you ask for than 2 for 1.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  20. A glorious teatime at Lavender Cottage this week, Judith! Bravo - placemats, cookies, and fruitcake! Yum! Though, I must say - both hubby and I overdid it this year - in one weekend binge when we had to go to two parties and not an ounce of the goodies there were on our healthy eating list. We partook - and paid for it royally. Now, I'm trying to get back to my healthy cookies and tea diet. May have something in that realm for next week.

  21. Your table setting looks so charming, warm, and welcoming. You photograph everything so beautifully.

  22. Hi Judith,
    I haven't ready my tea post yet, but I visit some of my tea friends. The light is awful at the moment for photos here.
    Your tea time is lovely as always. The little oops made me smile. I would not have seen it if you didn't tell me. The red center piece took me away. The placemats are charming as the gifts from Ruth are.
    Such a pitty, I missed the last part of Downtown Abbey. We had it in German here at TV during the holidays. I really love it.
    Thank you for coming to my blog and for your sweet comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  23. I love your new placemats, just lovely! And yes, I am ALL THE TIME discovering things in my photos that I didn't realize were there -- have learned to use the blemish tool (in iPhoto) and creative cropping!

  24. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog. I enjoy seeing your treats, different tea items, the napkins - all of it! LOL

  25. So lovely. A return to loveliness indeed.


  26. I was just reading my new issue of the same magazine, and about the Downtown Abbey series. My husband's sisters have marathon viewings together of the series.

    I love the napkins your husband gave you and you seem all set and ready to watch the newest show in the series. I hope you had a wonderful time .

    Your new placemats are a great idea, two different table-top adornments in one !

  27. That sounds like a lovely idea Judith. I gave up on Downton Abbey after the first season, (I'm hopelessly fickle about soaps) but still think that a themed tea sounds so lovely. One year my daughters and a son's gf and I dressed up in 1950's dresses and had tea. Loads of fun.

  28. I got a 3-season set of Downton Abbey on DVDs for Christmas. I hadn't followed the show on TV. I'll wait till Season 4 comes out on DVD as well, and watch it uninterrupted next Christmas ;) Your tea table looks so pretty Judith, it's been a pleasure stopping by for a visit!
    Wendy x

  29. A very prosperous place that is filled with temptation of every kind.

  30. The place matts are a nice touch, your quilter friend did a great job... I can see why you use the side wiht the ribbons and hearts, pretty.

    Your tea table looks lovely, I'll get a copy while i'm on the road... something to read on these long days, take care

  31. We really enjoyed Downton Abbey and we've watched it again on our IPAD by going to PBS online. There's so much happening in this latest season. Love your new placemats and the pretty mat made by Ruth. She sent me some of the yummy tea, too and I've been drinking it every day this week. I had a cup tonight! Enjoy your evening. We're warming up to 80 tomorrow and then into the 70s for a few days. Pack those shorts!!! We're ready! Hugs!

  32. Dear Judith,

    What a lovely simple precious teatime you have created and shared with us.

    Congrats on winning Ruth's giveaway- everything is perfect for a tea lover!

    I ADORE the napkins your sweet hubs got you for Christmas, how perfect for the outdoor lover you are.

    Thanks for visiting - I have a LOT of backreading to catch up on. Thanks for humouring me about that "finch" on the candle - I know it isn't but it is fun to tease. First off, no finch would be caught DEAD in this bitter cold, haha - and if it were for some reason attached to say FINCH REST and forgot to go south.....well it sure wouldn't be that chubby. LOL.


  33. Hi Judith, Love the potholder with the tea theme. What a nice giveaway from Ruth! Your cookies and fruitcake look great. Enjoy your day and wknd!

  34. Lovely. I haven't really taken the time for tea lately and there has definitely been something missing...this motivates me and tomorrow I plan to brew a cup maybe pull out some of my old issues of Tea Time!

  35. I have to find a way to stream Downton Abbey…or wait until it is out on DVD! So excited to see, I know there's a lot of drama this season. Gorgeous placemats and lovely tea! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  36. Love the reds but the snowflakes stole my heart


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