Monday, December 16, 2013

Sugarplum Fairy Tea

Welcome friends for tea this week.  The first time I joined a blogger tea party was with Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage in PEI when she was in the early days of her meme.  There were about six regulars back then and my, how blogland tea parties have grown.  I now also link to these lovely ladies: Ruth, Bernideen, Terri and Kathy.
Sometimes Sandi has themes and will host special teas which can keep a gal on her toes at times to participate.  This week Sandi is hosting a "Sugarplum Fairy Tea" and with all the snow we've had to keep me inside, I had some time to play and prepare.
There are many fairies at Lavender Cottage and I've sent the magical silver sleigh out to pick up the Snowflake fairy.
Once an Indian maiden, she lives on in a snowy forest. With delicate wings of ice crystals, she can only stay a moment to visit.
In the blink of an eye, she is gone but built us a snowman for our tea party.
The Ballerina fairy cannot stay either for she is off to perform in The Nutcracker Sweet for the Winter Fairy Ball.
 Let's knock on the fairy door (available from Sugar Bush Fairies) to see if any one is home and wants to join us.
Skipping fairy and Hide and Seek fairy would love to come to the tea party. (they're part of a numbered collection I have)
A miniature tea set for the fairies.
And for me, the floral Fairy Dell teacup from Spode.
A cherished acquisition this summer from a antique shop going out of business.  A crystal cookie jar that is full of snowflake sugar cookies to have with tea.
When our girls were young, I used to make sugarplums that had dates, cherries, nuts and rice krispies cooked on the stove and then rolled in coconut.  Now that there is only hubby and I, they don't get made any more.
I received this book from a publisher to review and will be using it as a source for a presentation I'm doing for my garden club in June of 2014 on Fairy Gardening.  
Do you believe in fairies?
Thank you Sandi for such a fun theme this week.  Visit Tea Time Tuesday for more fairy fun.
Ruth hosts Tuesday Cuppa Tea and I am excited to say I won her latest giveaway of tea things.  Ruth is a wealth of information on anything tea related, Downton Abbey and more. Drop over for a visit and tell her I sent you.
Friends Sharing Tea is hosted by Bernideen, although in the summer the meme is called Tea in the Garden.  Bernideen also knows much about tea things and has her own shop where she sells so many wonderful things, I wish I lived closer to be able to shop there.  I've used several of Bernideen's recipes which she so generously shares on her blog.  I hope you'll link and join her for tea. 
Terri hosts Tea Cup Tuesday and always has beautiful tea things to share, and some of her handcrafted items too.  A joint effort with her friend Martha, they welcome you to join them.
A Return to Loveliness, hosted by Kathy is not a tea blog but she does enjoy tea with friends and invites us to share in her meme each week.
I hope you will visit the lovely ladies above and their guests.  Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the friendship you will encounter.  If you're a tea granny like me, there is a list of more tea blogs on the sidebar.
Thank you to my followers and new visitors to my blog.  I appreciate your comments and taking the time to drop by.  


  1. Delightful! Yes, fairies are true! Your story took me away for a moment! So fun. Fairy gardens are wonderful. I saw one at a local nursery a couple years ago and it was amazing. Love the snowflake cookies!

  2. These are simply fabulous fairies, and your tea set is gorgeous!

  3. I love your faery tea party and so many pretty ones. I make snowflake cookies like that too. Our Son loves them.

  4. Wonderful Judith! I love the Spode Faery Dale teacup! And your Christmas cookies you were baking during the snow storm turned out beautifully! I love the sleigh! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. That was magical, Judith! I think it must appeal to the little girl in all of us. I'm glad to know someone who has retained that wonder.
    Just beautiful!

  6. Oh my, I'm really enjoying these sugar plum teas this Monday. This is so sweet Judith. I don't have any fairies to show off but I hope to join the party later on. Pam

  7. Well, I want to start a fairy garden outdoors...thanks for the ideas!...:)JP

  8. This is so sweet. And I love your tea cup!!

    Jocelyn @

  9. I like the stories you told about your little fairies. One of them certainly had a knack for building a beautiful snowman. I hope they'll all share one of your beautiful cookies, Judith.


  10. Hi Judith,
    I just love your magical tea today. I am not sure if I believe in fairies but as a child I would likely have. I was always afraid of the bad fairy on the Wizard of Oz and just loved the Good Fairy. Your little teaset is so pretty in violet and the Spode teacup is just my taste.
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. What a beautiful Fairy Tea Party especially with the fairy door! Your blue background suits the fairy life with all the precious fairies. Of course, the Spode Fairy Dell cup and saucer are the perfect way to celebrate. I love this pattern and acquired the teapot for $12 at Replacements when I visited there shop and that began my search for the sweet dishes. Have a lovely tea party with the fairies and Merry Christmas to you!


  12. Hello Judith,
    What a delightful Fairy Tea! You do have a lot of fairies and yes, I believe! I love the Ballerina Fairy especially; she's adorable! The crystal cookie jar is gorgeous and so are your cookies. There are so many things to enjoy in your post and I thank you for sharing them with this 'tea granny.' Thank you for joining me for my Sugar Plum Fairy Tea Party and I hope you have a lovely and joyous week.

    Christmas blessings to you and yours,

  13. Such prettiness. I love the little door! It reminds me that I should start research for the fairy garden I want to do with my granddaughter. :-)

  14. Such a delightful and delicious fairy tea. I love that little fairy door and the book looks so interesting ... just might have to look for that one. Enjoy the day.

  15. Hi Judith,

    Your fairies are such a delight to see! Thanks for this Fairyland tea party.
    I specially liked the Spode Fairy Dell which you chose for yourself : )
    Have a wonderful Christmas time!

  16. What a wonderful post, getting to see your Fairies, and I really like your mini tea set. I used to collect mini tea sets.

  17. Hi Judith,
    what a sweet fairy tale you made for us. I love all your nice fairies and the wonderful treats you made for us. Fairys are nice for the garden and house. Would love to have some here. Thank you for sharing this sweet tea time. Have a magic Christmas time.
    Best greetins, Johanna

  18. What a beautiful fairy tea you've made, Judith. Your fairies are so sweet. The sugarplum treats sound oh, so yummy, and similar to one I used to make. The cookies look wonderful and perfect for tea time.

  19. This is such a sweet post! The fairy dell teacup is so pretty. I've never seen one like that before.
    I believe that children believe in fairies. :-)

  20. How very precious this post is. I love it. The fairies are just the cutest and the story telling divine.
    Merry Christmas,
    Marie Antoinette

  21. Oh I am glad that you have daughters and granddaughters. All these lovely fairies and charming teas. (I just ran into that recipe you mentioned...I'll never remember where.)

  22. I am going to make sure to show this post to my granddaughters. We've spent many enchanted hours together making fairy gardens, tea parties, and art. I love this post !

  23. What sweet and really pretty photos. The Fairy Tea Party is wonderful. Have you thought about writing a book?

  24. Love love love your Fairy Tea party, Judith! I have nothing "fairish" this time around, hopefully next year I shall and can join in the themed meme.

    I love it, so magical and fun. I think my favorite is that Secret Little Door. It is so intriguing!!

  25. Very cute items Judith. The little tea set is really adorable.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  26. Hello Judith and Good Morning:
    I just read your post for Sandi's Fairy Party and it is very cute. I was surprised to see my name there and pleased. How sweet to mention these other bloggers. I need to be baking for my blog today but took out the molasses to find it was as hard as a rock so I guess - off to the grocery. I love your fairy items.

  27. What a creative post, Judith! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your fairies, and seeing all the lovely things you set out for your fairy tea party. Merry Christmas to you and yours! ~ Phyllis

  28. What a lovely post, you should be writing for children's books and all other magical fairies! Excellent pics. Hugs, Diane

  29. Hello Judith,
    Your post today is lovely! The Fairy Tea Party theme so very sweet and festive!
    It was really nice to read about each tea party meme. I love them all and wish I could participate in each one.

  30. Hi Judith, your sweet fairies are really charming. I have a few fairies too, they were bought one year at the Chelsea Flower Show and they live in the garden under their flowers. And who doesn't love sugar cookies; especially with crystally sprinkles. That cookie jar was a real find. I keep cookies on a domed platter under the glass dome. They look so lovely under glass, don't they?

  31. Your images are artful and FUN today, Judith! I really loved your story. I like the Sugar Plum Fairy best. I enjoyed thinking about fairy gardening. I want to improve upon my little fairy garden next year. Your cookie jar and cookies are pretty. I get what you said about not making so many goodies now that you are two instead of four (in your home). I used to make lots and lots of goodies at Christmas time; it gets less each year as I fight the battle of the bulge! lol
    Merry Christmas, Judith. Great tea party!

  32. Magical and fun, your fairies came for a short visit and perhaps they will come to the Island. I've invested a lot of time in making mini fairy gardens for this upcoming summer in our gardens. Please let me know how the book review goes, it is one I was looking at. Merry Christas Judith, thank you for posting this lovely fairy Tea Party

  33. I loved this Sugar Plum Fairy Tea, and I happen to be sipping Sugar Plum Spice tea at the moment! Oh, and of course I want a copy of that book -- I've got a friend who gardens with fairies, and she'll want one too!

  34. Hi Judith,
    I popped over to wish you a Merry Christmas season & to see what you've been working on.
    These fairies & tea sets make my ♥ flutter! I wish I had some of your beautiful collections...that lavender mini tea set is darling!

    I enjoyed seeing your pretty notecard photos as well as your snowfilled ones, too. I'm already looking forward to Spring!

    Thanks for all the links to the tea parties you're participating in. I've opened each one in a new window & shall go visiting shortly.

    Warm Hugs,

  35. Judith you have the best decorations and tea cups...this is a favorite of mine as I love fairies...


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