Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Music Garden

It's foggy today, and this was how it looked walking Topaz early this morning.  Once most of the fog lifted, I was able to photograph my new music garden.  Not a garden that will inspire a melody, but one of future epicurean delights.
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These are the notes in the music garden!  Garlic, a porcelain hard necked variety called 'Music'.  I've wanted to grow our own garlic for a while but space is limited on a small property.  I knew I would need a full sun location, so the backyard was out.
Carefully scrutinizing the south garden that is on a slope, I moved a clump of yellow daylilies out and excavated a two foot square area to a depth of just over four inches.  After spreading a layer of leaf compost, the cloves were pushed in to the soil with the points facing up.  The fill was a mixture of original soil, more compost and leaves.  
Now to wait until next summer to harvest.
After standing back to admire the freshly planted area, thoughts of four-legged creatures crept into mind.  The squirrels were bound to dig to see what I'd been doing and the feral cats around would think this soft soil would make a good potty zone.
A few pieces of dollar store fencing with tough cup plant stalks woven through should do the trick.
So much for the grandeur of my music garden!


  1. They will taste wonderful next summer. Jen

  2. I like the foggy picture. I'll be curious to know how your garlic grows next summer.

  3. Hope your garlic does well for you ! You are about 2 hours north east of us . We had a foggy morning as well guess it was all over this morning ,Papa said he had to drive very slow this morning on the country roads to get to work as it was so thick with fog ! Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend !

  4. That foggy photo is really pretty - and mystical.

  5. What a beautiful foggy sight. How great to grow your own garlic. I love it.
    Have a nice weekend

  6. I've never tried growing garlic- I'll look forward to hearing you things go with yours. Love that foggy photo...

  7. How eerie! We've had a little fog a few mornings here, too. Looks like winter time or a scene from England. Love your garlic. We use it in just about every dish we make so we should try to grow some, too! What an interesting name!

  8. When my kids were small and we would see fog I use to tell them "the clounds fell down " :) Now each time I see fog I smile and giggle inside, brings back fun memories with my boys.
    Your garden is just lovely!!

  9. Judith, so glad that you planted fall garlic. Now I know that I can and will. We are supposed to have snow this week end, but in the coming days we will be winterizing the garden and garlic will go in. I love the fog photo. We don't get much fog here, so I love foggy mornings. Good luck with the garlic. It will fit right in where you placed it.

  10. Good luck with your garlic plantings. Wish I had the room for growing some edibles.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. Hope you have great success with your garlic. Yummy. Valerie

  12. Oh I hope you're very successful with the garlic. Next summer is such a long wait. There are some homegrown things that I do not peppers for one. Too earthy or something.

    Now is there such a thing as a music garden? One with reeds and windchimes?

  13. Oh Judith, best of luck with your garlic growing. I love that you've protected it and I look forward to the results.
    Happy weekend!

  14. Dear Judith!
    What a lovely post! I really enjoyed reading and yes, I almost hear real music sound from your sweet garden!
    The foggy photo is fabulous!

  15. I hope the structure you built is working for you.

  16. There is nothing like home grown garlic. We use so much I keep increasing how much I grow. 50 heads this year but I think we may reach 60 for next. My 3 varieties go in tomorrow. I have a whole 4x8 raised bed just for garlic.

  17. You will enjoy your garlic next summer. Looks like you put a lot of thought into keeping the critters out. :) Hugs, Beth


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