Thursday, October 17, 2013

Not a Green Thumb, but an Orange One!

It’s that time of year again when groups can apply to the Fiskars Project Orange Thumb.  Community and civic organizations in the United States and Canada can apply to the Fiskars grant program now, until December 31.  An opportunity to receive $5,000 in cash and garden tools to help complete a project is as easy as filling in the registration form.  An added bonus is that a lucky recipient will experience a complete garden makeover from the Project Orange Thumb team to turn unused space into a beautiful community garden.  And, they do this in just one day.
The grant recipients will be announced March 31, 2014.
I was fortunate to be part of a group that won a grant from Fiskars several years ago through Project Orange Thumb.  My Master Gardener meetings are held at a church and we applied to organize, and build a community vegetable garden at the back of the property. It was exciting to be notified as recipients of a grant which was used to purchase building materials, soil, plants and pretty much anything we needed.
As you can see in the photo,  our MG and a few church members received Orange Thumb tee shirts to wear for the gardening and photo supplied to the local newspaper.  That's me holding the balloons.
Fiskars has been a generous sponsor for the Garden Writers Association for a long time. When I joined, it was my introduction to their line of gardening tools.  We are given products to try, or new ones to evaluate and share with readers our opinions of them.  Many times I have written about the pruners in particular, for they are smaller than many other brands and fit a woman’s hand more easily.
Fiskars are also well known for their craft products too and have a fabulous website at for craft and gardening articles, videos and other information.  
This year at Canada Blooms where we hold our annual garden writer's regional meeting, each of us received a Fiskars BigGrip trowel engraved with ‘Friend of Fiskars’.   I'd like to say I've kept my trowel all new and shiny, but these tools are made for work.
Fiskars is a company that supports gardeners, garden writers and communities so I hope if you are a member of a group or know one (schools, churches) that could benefit from a grant from Project Orange Thumb, that you'll share this information.
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  1. Such an interesting post, Judith! I like those pruners. We could use a pair of those.

  2. Hi Judith, I sure enjoyed this post. I learned a great deal. I recently purchased a pair of Fiskars pruners; they have a lifetime guarantee. I have also used their craft products. I will share this information with my MG group as we have three gardens sponsored and maintained by us, as well as an ongoing greenhouse project. Great photo of all of you too!
    Hugs, Beth

  3. That's a wonderful idea to promote gardening. I use Fiskars tools.

  4. I was not familiar with this program but certainly am familiar with Fiskars as I owe a number of their tools... great post... Larry

  5. What a nice program and how much nicer even that your group benefited from it. Congratulations!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. It was exciting for our MG group to be chosen and the hard work of Elizabeth Brims and Janet Trezize for writing the proposal. Hopefully the little community garden is still enjoying those tools in the gardens. Valerie

  7. What a neat post, Judith! You are just filled with interesting information. My hubby just bought a pair of Fiskar scissors for me this past week!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. What a great thing! I love Fiskar products and have many in my sewing room...just didn't know that they also made gardening tools. A good tool makes any job easier. I'm also thinking about the church creating a community garden. Now that's a stellar idea, too! (My poor church has gardens extending along two sides...they are in the worst shape imaginable. Sad and sorry come to mind. I wish that they had just gone to a parking lot or grass. It's too much for anyone to keep up with away from home.)

  9. I LOVE my Fiskars quilting tools- did not know they made gardening tools too! I'll have to check that out! Thanks!

  10. What a wonderful community service project for Fiskars! I sure do love their products. I've been buying their tools for the garden and scissors for my studio for years and years. I am a big fan of their products!

  11. I knew about Fiskars craft supplies but not their gardening supplies! Those smaller size pruners greatly appeal to me, especially since I have small hands!


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