Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Kitchen Appliance for Composting - Product Review

There have been times when I wished there was a pipe that ran from my kitchen sink directly to the compost bin below it outside.  I’d send the vegetable scrapings, orange and banana peels and all that other waste sailing through to land in a pile and become black gold in a few months time.
We’re fortunate to have three big bins in which to compost the household scraps and garden waste, and as everyone knows, the smaller the pieces, the quicker it breaks down.
Built by my hubby with wooden slats and heavy plastic mesh between the bins for good air flow.
I was asked to review a new product that would make food scrap recycling a snap and since being designed for a kitchen, look good sitting on the counter.
The Green Cycler by Ecotonix was invented by Gail Loos, a woman inspired to create a product to feed her organic garden more efficiently. She felt composting was an inexpensive, practical and completely natural solution to many garden problems, and a step toward solving the current environmental crisis.
supplied media photo 
The appliance sits snugly on the kitchen counter by turning a lever to have the rubber feet grip the surface. Food waste is inserted in the top by lifting the clear lid and then shredded by turning the handle on the side.  The stainless-steel cartridge system is self-contained and very easy to lift out for clean up.
The shredded material falls into a sliding drawer in the bottom that has an air-flow-wave design to optimize circulation and aerobic decomposition.  There are built in retainers to hold compostable liners or bags.  It is recommended after dumping the waste outside in a compost bin to wash the drawer, or, it can be popped in the dishwasher.
supplied media photo
Shredded broccoli, cauliflower and other veggies can leave an odor when left enclosed, so it is no surprise that this aspect too was thought of.  A ZeoFilter fits in behind the blade assembly which contains a 100% natural, toxin absorbing compound called zeolite.  The filter can be recharged by hanging in sunlight for a few hours to release moisture and any trapped odors.  When it longer works, and a new one needs to be inserted, the old one can have the metal grommet cut away and the rest of the filter tossed in the compost pile.
After using the Green Cycler,  I find the style suitable to any kitchen and it doesn’t take up any more room on the counter than the bin I was using before.  The blades chop up the waste to a size more conducive for composting and the whole thing cleans up very easily.
media supplied photo of blade cartridge

The Green Cycler is available in some retail stores but I’d recommend going to their website http://thegreencycler.com for availability or to order directly from them.
The appliance itself is black but comes in variations with coloured handles to be unobtrusive or jazzed up.
Well, until someone invents a direct route to my compost bin, turning a handle to shred the waste into smaller bits and taking a drawer outside to empty, is the next best thing.


  1. Hey! That is a great product!

    We compost daily here too - use this one large bowl and at end of day hubs walks it out to the acreage.

    Neat idea for a difficult-to-buy-for person, too.

  2. I just chop up all mine and toss it in the composter . Hope it does the trick for you though ! Thanks for sharing it is a good idea ! Have a good day !

  3. I have a huge plastic composter in the corner of the back yard which I throw everything in. Lately - I have sprayed down into it with bug spray as it has a lot of fruit flies. It takes me a year to fill it but last summer when I emptied it - it had 5 wheelbarrows of dirt which was really good dirt!

  4. I will have a look at the website, as I think this may be something I'd like. Right now I use a nice little stainless steel pail with a snug lid, from Lee Valley. I line it with a compostable bag and empty it when it is full. I like the idea of the chopper built in!

  5. Well, that's an interesting gismo. I also compost in a black bin out in the yard. I collect scraps in a stainless pail on the countertop. I don't compost in winter as the snow is too deep. Poor excuse eh? :) More laziness than anything. But, my bin seems to get too full and frozen. I would like to build a system like you have and may do that next summer. I'll have a look at the website for this company. Thanks.

  6. This is clever device! Thanks for sharing it, I am going to pass this on !

  7. Sounds as if she has solved a problem. I am sure that many would enjoy this product.

  8. It would take a woman to invent something this good! Sounds perfect!

  9. That looks like a great little gadget for the compost. I'm heading over to the site to check it out.

  10. Sounds like a great product, Judith. You will enjoy this. Composting is an awesome way to enhance our gardens and reduce waste in the landfill. I love composting!

  11. This product looks amazing. This looks a multi tasking product. But i am already having kitchen appliances.

  12. Sounds like a great product!

    I tried to use banana peels, used coffee ground and eggshells in my garden, but I have to stop as I see rodents around. :-(

  13. What a brilliant product that is. It helps breakdown organic materials quickly rather than waiting for the worms to do their job, which can take up to few weeks. I'm your new follower Judith. Hope you can drop by one day when you get a chance. We have an organic garden in a sustainable environment in the middle of Suburbia.


  14. Wow - that's a great piece of kitchen machinery. I don't happen to compost, but I can see how much easier it would be after seeing this post!

  15. A very useful and "green' appliance for our organic gardens...nice!


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