Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harvest in Colour

Each year when gardeners like to bury their heads in plant and seed catalogues, Renee's Garden is kind enough to give garden writers a selection of seeds to grow and write about.  For 2013 I wanted to try growing varieties new to me.
I opted for "Circus Circus", a  package of tricolour carrots to produce white, purple and orange for harvest.
 The white outgrew the other colours by far in diameter and length but all are crisp and tasty.  I tried  Nantes "Starica"carrots in a long container but they've remained short like mini carrots yet are sweet as Nantes varieties are known to be.
I'm happy with the "Delicious Duo" salad scallions  and "Italian Cameo" large-leaf basil.  The carrots, scallions and basil help create delicious salads.
I also grew an heirloom dill called "Leafy Diana" but the type I grew last year had self seeded and both grew together and I couldn't tell which was which.
I didn't have a lot of luck growing veggies in pots.  So much rain earlier on, the specific potting soil purchased was full of weed seeds and one whole pot the dog knocked over and spilled the contents across the deck.
From the President's Choice line of vegetables for sale this year I was given a "Mighty 'Mato Bumble Bee Purple" to trial.  It's a grafted plant that is producing many of these striped fruits that are sweet and useful in salads and other recipes.
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I can honestly say I'm very happy with the seeds from Renee's, the germination rate is very high and the vegetables always a good quality.
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  1. We are also enjoying fresh veggies from the garden this year. Waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. I've seen red carrots but not white ones. Interesting. Pam

  2. How lovely to grow your own vegetables in your garden. And so nice to let you,try their new sorts. Those carrots look delicious. Have a nice weekend Judith.

  3. Hi Judith, Those carrots are quite beautiful. Glad to hear they taste good too. I've never grown carrots. This year I'm growing tomatoes and cucumbers; earlier I grew snow peas and lettuce. Enjoy your garden!
    Hugs, Beth

  4. You have a lovely harvest, Judith. I planted some English cucumbers this year; let's just say the shape is rather wonky. I picked one for this evening so hope the flavour is more appealing than the appearance!

  5. Such fun to have carrots of different colors!

  6. I'm enjoying my garden veggies too. Do the white or purple carrots taste any different?

  7. Nothing in pots grew well here this year either...a mess royal with all the rain. Those carrots are so beautiful! What a gorgeous salad or slaw they must make.

  8. We don't have a garden, but those carrots look really nice! I've never heard of white carrots! Always learn something new by visiting your blog.

  9. The carrots look great, and the colors are fabulous. You did very well with this harvest..

  10. SO interesting!

    I am so glad you had this opporunity to get their seeds and found they were so good.

    You are an awesome gardener, Judith.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Nice haul of veggies and they sure look good and healthy.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  12. I've seen orange, purple and even red carrots, but I don't think I've ever seen a white one! Intriguing! And I'm amazed that they grew bigger than the others. May have to give growing some of these a try!

  13. Do the carrots all taste the same? I love their colors and they look great together in the bowl. The scallions are colorful too! Interesting post!

  14. Your little harvest looks fresh and delicious. Valerie

  15. Your vegetable and herb harvest looks delicious. I plan on trying container planting for carrots next year. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

  16. Hi Judith, those carrots are adorable and look very tasty! Alas, I never got to the veggie garden thing this year... hopefully next spring! So for now I will be happy to enjoy everyone else's gardens via cyberspace :D
    Hugs and enjoy the new week,
    Beth P

  17. Hello Judith, I have been away but I am happy to be back home. I have missed some lovely postings.. I especially LOVE you Tea Party Posting and your lovely Cup and trinket box from PEI.. I also visited PEI back in 2010 and absolutely LOVE the Island all it wonderful and friendly people. It was a great trip I will never forget.

    You have grown some unique vegetables/ I have never seen white or reddish carrots before.

    Hugs Judy

  18. I love Renees and have grown Circus Circus carrots...just bought a bunch of seeds during her sale.

  19. How very lovely! I want those to be a whole plateful of crayons, in all the purples and roses and mauves and oranges, fat and perfect for tiny fingers to draw, with the big crisp icicles just because they're beautiful. Besides, there have to be clouds.

    We've been awash in color this weekend, as well, with an enormous wreath of vegetables to cook, from local farmers---At least, I couldn't resist laying them all out on a big green cloth, all arranged so, just for the fantasy of it.

    I can just taste the sweetness of all those carrots and scallions---so good straight out of the ground, sluiced in cold, cold water, and munched beneath the shade.


  20. I so failed gardening with veggies this year! I have lots of ornamentals, I am happy and content with that!

  21. I have also had very good luck with Renee's Garden seeds, although my thumb is nowhere near as green as yours! I'm especially intrigued with the carrots, as they all look just lovely and sound delicious!


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