Monday, August 26, 2013

A Touch of Pink and Aqua

Welcome friends for tea this week.  In the garden I grew a pretty pink cleome this year that I'll be saving seeds from to sow in the fall.
A small butterfly I've not seen before called "Silvery Blue" which I saw on the side of the road.
 From my butterfly ID book, I determined this is a female with the large black border and row of white-rimmed black dots on the lower wings.
I fell in love with these delicate pink placemats from an antique booth which I've folded into squares to be used for napkins.
The teapot napkin rings were purchased from another vendor.
 The Royal Doulton store had a sale on earlier this summer and I picked up this plate rack.
 I've been painting a few things aqua to go with my lavender and pink decor.
Royal Albert "Chelsea Bird" is my newest teacup and I really like the details in pink and aqua on both the cup and saucer.
 Freshly baked teapot and butterfly sugar cookies with pink and aqua sprinkles to have with tea.
A few sparkly aqua sea shells for the table.
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Why not make yourself a cup of tea and join my hosts and their guests for tea with friends.
Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage
Bernideen at her Tea Time Blog
Kathy at A Delightsome Life


  1. I love this series of "items" and photos! That flower is so beautiful - and delicate, and so is that butterfly! I really like the aqua and pink colors you chose. The Royal Albert cup and saucer are exquisite. I could go on and on...Love your plate rack too. I have a whole set of Royal Albert dishes in the "Petit Point" pattern, which my parents started collecting for me when I was about 12. They purchased them in Canada somewhere. We'd go to Canada on fishing trips, etc, and they kept adding to the set over the years.

  2. The tea table you made is very beautiful and inviting. Those are the cutest napkin rings. I have been having alot of butterflies in our yard this year, but they are mainly yellow and black.

  3. I can't help but wonder if you had tea parties as a little girl. Your grown-up versions are always full of lovely things, Judith.


  4. Afternoon tea in your garden must be so much fun. What a wonderful way to spend time with friends who will appreciate the pretty things that find.

  5. A hearty amen to your final paragraph! Sometimes settings get changed that bloggers are not aware of. And I know that some get hit especially hard with unwelcome comments, but there are ways to work around that without making everyone suffer.

    Your beautiful little butterfly makes me wonder what a color swatch would look like on that! I can always count on seeing a lovely tea table here...I especially like the tea napkin rings!

  6. That's a pretty tablescape!

    Yes, I love it when bloggers don't make us jump through hoops with the dreadful word verification step. I have all comments set for approval before publishing, so I weed out the occasional spammers that way. I resisted putting up my e-mail on blogger for the longest time because I hate to have it out there for spammers. I finally relented a year or so ago, so that I could easily correspond with my commenting friends. And e-mail spammers have taken advantage of my information ever since, unfortunately. So I can well understand some blogger's resistance to the e-mail issue.

  7. Hi Judith, The butterfly is amazing! I've never seen one like it. The pink cleome is glorious - I like cleome too and have a few pink, a few lavender, and one white. They are prolific self-seeders, but I've found that if you want to control where they grow, it's best to do the seeding yourself! lol I enjoyed the tea you set today too. The cookies look delish. :)
    Hugs, Beth

  8. The tea table is so lovely. I can smell the goodies all the way over here.

  9. Cleome is such a beautiful summer flower. I tried planting seeds one spring and they didn't grow. Ha. Now I know they should be planted in the fall. Your new teacup is very pretty and I like the sugar cookies you made to go with your tea time. It looks lovely. Enjoy the day. Pamela

  10. How fortunate you were to find the beautiful butterfly and love you sharing the cleome with this lovely specimen. Your other treasures are just bautiful from the pink placemats, to the teapot napkin ring and the sweet plate folder. Your Royal Douton teacup and saucer is one of my favorite patterns they created. Have a great week and thanks for sharing the pretty tea time table in aqua and pink!


  11. Love the colors in this post! Even to the cookies. And a nice idea to turn those placemats into napkins. Hope your week is off to a good start.

  12. Hi Judith,
    That is a beautiful butterfly! You have used all my favourite colours in this post. Love your pink placemats and they make lovely napkins too. Thanks for coming to tea.


  13. What a delight stopping by to have a chat and a cup of tea.Everything was so beautiful,I like the idea of painting a few things teal to look pretty with lavender and pink.Amazing to Me that I've had the same idea :)

  14. Hi Judith, I too have the Chelsea Bird cup and saucer in my china cabinet. It belongs to my eldest grandson who saw it in a shop and thought it was so beautiful he bought it for himself. Unfortunately when he took it out to show me it fell off his bed onto the floor and the handle broke off. We have been looking for a replacement with not a lot of success as it was in immaculate condition. But you never know, one day...we keep hoping. Thanks for showing your pink and aqua treasures.


  15. The aqua really works well with these colors. A color I love but think it's often overlooked.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  16. j'aime beaucoup cette fleur
    chez nous on les appelle
    des " Moustaches de chats "
    à bientôt
    edith(iris) France

  17. That teacup is exquisite and I love the aqua touch you added.

  18. Such delicate shades of pink in the cleome ... love it! You've set such a dainty tea table with all these pretty embellishments ;) I've had a few butterflies at the butterfly bush this year, but mostly monarchs. Enjoy your week! Wendy

  19. I am so loving today's post as I, too, have been into aqua this year. Paired with pink, it is especially lovely!

  20. Looks like you and Sandi were both thinking pink and aqua! Very popular colors and what a beautiful teacup and saucer Judith!

  21. Hi Judith,
    Love your pink and aqua tea! Your teacup is so beautiful and goes so well with the colors. What a cute plate rack, love the butterfly! I've tried growing cleome here. It has to be started early if I want it to bloom before frost. Beautiful flower!
    Take care...Nancy

  22. What a beautiful tea cup. I've never seen this pattern before! Lovely color combination!

    Jocelyn @

  23. Your new flower is very pretty and that butterfly is beautiful.. it looks lilac and blue.. nice photo..with love Janice Happy Wednesday

  24. More & more aqua is becoming one of my favorite colors. It really is more versatile and complimentary than I realized many years ago, but seeing I have collected so many aqua & turquoise things, and also seeing the colors really look good on almost everyone, plus, are stunning , makes me wonder why it is not used even more frequently !

    Your plate rack and accessories are wonderful.

    The butterfly is exquisite. I love her antennae especially, and the detail in all of her being, for such a short life span ,wow, our God is an amazing Creator !

  25. I love all your pictures and finds from different vendors. I'd have to say my favorite, though, are the teapot napkin holders! Wish I could find some like them! Lovely flower and butterfly pics, too!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  26. Dear Judith,
    Aren't cleome a wonderful flower? Fairly new to me-a few years now. They are strong but delicate in design.
    I love your teapot napkin rings and especially that plate rack.
    Happy September, Ruthie from Lady B's

  27. Oh my your cleome is gorgeous! You did well growing it.
    What fab finds you are sharing. I love your newest tea cup. Those colors are really amazing together.


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