Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Stroll around the Gardens

More than one person where I live has said it feels like autumn already.  The weather has been in the low 70's and we're still getting heavy rainfalls with another last night.
Let's take a leisurely stroll around the gardens.
The planter hanging by the front door has filled in nicely.
Opposite the planter is this heavy iron ring of butterflies I painted - lavender, what else!  Lots of sparkle on the wings too that unfortunately doesn't show up in the photo.
 As we head down the north side into the back yard, a black urn and one of the rain barrels.  (I have 3)
A great colour combo made with Proven Winners annuals.
 Heading down the gravel path to the back yard you can see Topaz behind the gate.
 This side of the house has large ground containers and wall art.  I put pink begonias in the butterfly planters each year.
The arbour has the clematis 'The President' climbing up it with a 'New Dawn' rose.
Another large black urn on the path leading to the garden shed.
A view of the tea house with the weigela 'Ghost' in the foreground.
Echinacea 'White Swan'
The reading garden beside the pond is a spot for shade loving plants, and a good place to read a book.
The pond is thriving with a dozen or so frogs and goldfish that keep reproducing.  I think the frogs are so healthy because they likely eat a lot of the baby fish.
The south side path leading to the front.
The view looking at the front bird bath.  The purple is geranium 'Rozanne'.
 The butterfly garden just before the butterfly bushes have started flowering.
The liatris is a favourite of the bees.
The lavender hedge across the front garden.  It's been in since I started the plants from seed almost 15 years ago and the plants are becoming quite woody.  This fall I'll remove the older plants and transplant seedings to begin a new hedge again.  
I hope you've enjoyed a leisurely stroll to see some of my plants in bloom.
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  1. My favorite views are of that stone path, and the lavender hedge. The hedge is spectacular! Are you sure it has to be changed out? :0)

  2. Thanks for taking me on a tour of your beautiful garden. I enjoyed the stroll down the paths and seeing all the pretty flowers. It was so nice to take a break and relax in your tea room. The goldfish and frogs were behaving themselves nicely. You were such a good tour guide. Until next time, I wish for you a blessed day.

  3. Your garden is lovely. Wish it felt like fall here!

  4. I'd love to meander around your garden. It is so pretty and I'm sure it is because of all the work you do with it!♥♫

  5. Everything looks wonderful - so bright and pretty. I'd love to just stroll around your garden.

  6. I did indeed enjoy the leisure stroll through your gardens. The hanging flower basket, urn planters, wall art, pond, and gardens are just BEAUTIFUL! I am in awe, especially since I have difficulty growing anything!

  7. Your garden is beautiful Judith. Our weather is hot and hot again. We are not really used to it.
    Have a nice week

  8. I enjoyed my stroll with you around your much loved garden Judith.
    I'll add the Monkshood to my long border - I love the form and colour.
    My daughter had lots of Rudbeckia through her garden too - it's such a good doer.
    I'm looking for more perennials for Autumn flowering - any suggestions?

    I'm just back from France and slowly making my way around the traps again!

    Shane ♥

  9. Monkshood was my favorite plant down in Virginia...right along the edge of the creek. I'll have to add that to my list for this place!...:)JP

  10. Oh my Judith, the garden is looking so colourful. I hope you have a lovely evening. Jen

  11. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful gardens Judith. The pathways offer much to enjoy on the walk to your gorgeous backyard oasis. The lavender looks so pretty. Enjoy, even though it's cooler. Pam

  12. I really enjoy walking around your house:))You have beautiful garden with lots of flowers ,all made with style :)))

  13. Oh my, Judith- not surprising YOUR garden is absolutely stunning - and that you know all the names.

    I can barely remember MY name most days, haha.

    Love all the beautiful colour - you ahve exquisite gardens....but I am most intrigued by your south side stone path- that's AWESOME!

  14. You have a fabulous garden! I loved the tour of it, seeing all your beautiful flowers and decorations.

  15. Your gardens are looking good and healthy. We were in Chicago last weekend and it felt like a windy fall day! Here its still hot but our rain continues and everything is lush and green, quite unusual for this time of year. Thanks for taking us on the stroll!

  16. Your garden looks so lovely and Thank you for the wonderful stroll. Last week we also enjoyed fall temps, but we are back to summer again.

  17. You have a very pretty garden full of interesting things.

  18. Loved this walk in your garden, which is looking so beautiful. So many ideas to be gleaned from your home and gardens.

  19. Your garden is really beautiful, Judith. I enjoyed the walking tour. The lavender hedge looks lovely. I like your urns too. I absolutely adore your beautiful pond! What a great place to relax, Judith. You have created a little piece of heaven right outside your door!
    Hugs, Beth

  20. I love strolling through your garden it was just wonderful I like the Monkshood it looks nice I'm sure when the flowers open it will be really pretty never heard of it before this though.. Love Judith..Happy weekend with love Janice

  21. I love your broken stone path and the urn heading to the shed. But truly, it's all quite beautiful and has my envy! Beautiful colors. Tammy

  22. hello
    un bien sympathique jardin
    avec toutes les décorations
    j'aime beaucoup
    le bassin est très beau avec les
    un jardin plein de fraicheur
    edith (iris) France

  23. Judith your gardens are quite beautiful. You keep everything looking so nice and neat.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  24. A great way to make the best of the space available. Beautifully set out and filled with a lot of interest and beautiful flowers.

  25. Hi Judith, sorry I haven't been around lately! I seem to be jumping from one thing to the other and before I know it the day is over! Losing Internet there for a week didn't help... *sigh* What a beautiful garden you have - it was so enjoyable to stroll through it with you on our cyberspace trip! :D
    I put in a New Dawn rose this year but I think it's not in a good place because it isn't growing... it's just sitting there so I think I might move it this fall. Eeek that's just around the corner isn't it?! Leaves are already turning yellow and falling from the trees here in New did the summer go by so fast?!
    Talk soon my sweet friend,
    Beth P

  26. It seems like summer is racing by but your beautiful gardens make me feel as if summer will last forever!

  27. Your flowers and gardens are absolutely GORGEOUS!!
    Mary Alice

  28. I enjoyed your garden tour so very much! It is so beautiful! Wish I could see it in person! We are having cooler weather too.

  29. Beautiful garden you have there! I notice your rain barrel straight off, and like those too!

  30. Oh Judith, thank you for take me along on your garden tour. I love the wall art and I especially love your pretty pond. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

  31. I enjoyed that stroll and tour very much. Your garden is a beautiful haven. I especially loved the reading garden - what a lovely idea!

  32. Judith your gardens are breathtaking....I enjoyed strolling the lavender is also becoming a bit overgrown and woody in spots...needs a trim...lost one with all the rain.

    I love the cooler temps but the humidity makes it feel like late summer to me...I'll take it.

  33. I loved strolling through your beautiful garden....especially your reading garden beside the pond...I would love to spend time there with a good book:)Your lavender hedge next to the pink liatris is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the tour! Have a great week ahead! hugs,Poppy

  34. Oh, mercy, I didn't realize your gardens were so extensive, Judith! If I get to Canada, I want to sign up for the next garden tour! ;)

  35. Well.....I can honestly say that I am in love with your containers!!! Your flaunt today is fantastic and I wish I was near enough to tour your garden in person my friend!
    Thank you so much for linking in this week...I appreciate everyone who joins in.
    I am sharing this post on the Tootsie Time facebook page as well....
    Hugs from Wainwright Alberta Canada!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•

  36. Hello! The yard looks lovely. We are having such a poor flower year that garden and flower posts are extra enjoyable. I really liked the post on burls. Very informative and excellent pictures.

  37. Oh my gosh, that's not a garden - that's an arboretum! What a gorgeous assortment of flowers and garden design. I could spend hours and hours back there with my camera! I see that Topaz posed for a photo too, LOL. Thank you for the tour!


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