Friday, July 12, 2013

Personal Photo Challenge for July - Birds

There are two things I have no problem photographing, and that is flowers and birds.  Sometimes it takes a long time to get my gardening done because I'm so busy watching the birds and that goes for housework too; the picture window in the kitchen facing the backyard probably has my nose prints all over it.
Needless to say, I couldn't be happier that our subject for the July Photo Challenge is birds, but which photos to use...
We are encouraged to use a new photo besides those in files and so when I finally caught the female oriole in the serviceberry, I knew she should be shared.  I can always hear the orioles, they like tall trees which makes it hard to see them.
My camera was on the tripod at the kitchen window and when I saw her land in the tree, I just kept taking photos with hopes of at least one good shot.
Having bird feeders does attract visitors and the safflower is a favourite of our resident cardinals.
Sometimes you see weird behaviour like this chickadee that stayed in a frozen pose for a good ten minutes or more.  
My best hummingbird photo to date from having great patience in knowing approximately what time they visit the nectar feeder.  I sat on the deck with my camera between the spindles until I could start clicking away.
Thank you Donna from Cottage Days and Journeys for hosting this monthly meme.  Visit the other participants here or you can link from the button on my sidebar.


  1. These are beautiful captures Judith. I love the hummingbird one and that chickadee certainly struck an odd pose for you. I love watching the birds in our backyard too.

  2. I'm so glad that you were excited for this challenge! You did a great job, and I know from experience that you invested a LOT of patience to get these shots! These photos showcase a variety of poses and settings. The first one is lovely because it features the bird in a natural setting. I can't believe that the chickadee held that pose for so long. I guess he wanted to make sure that you got his picture, LOL. I especially like the cardinal because the lighting is just perfect on it. You can see a sparkling highlight on the eye!

  3. maybe the Chickadee is cooling his arm pits?
    Love the Oriole we dont get them here in town, just out in the countryside. Probably not enough berries around here for them to bother with

  4. BRAVO!!!!

    WOW- really really well done, Judith.

    I can't even pick a favorite, they're all great!

  5. Wowzer! I am impressed with that hummingbird pic and all of these really. Wonderful what patience will get you! You made me laugh with the comment that your nose prints are all over the picture window. =D

  6. Fantastic photos Judith. You have some lovely variety to visits you.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Beautifully done! I'm very impressed with the hummingbird shot...all are great shots! The chickadee looks like he is a cool dude, resting his wing on the feeder (lol). Enjoy your day!

  8. We share the same passion:Birds and flowers. And I love photographing the little grand daughters. They love to pose, but the birds are the best challenge. Highlight of my summer: capturing the male cardinal in the wild in Texas since we do not have them here.Your female is great. What lens do you use?

  9. You really do have patience and good timing. We view our birds through windows inside our house so rarely get a good photo. We have a baby cardinal coming to our feeders right now with wild feathers! I would love to try to get his pic! Hugs!

  10. Wow- all your shots are wonderful Judith. Love how the chickadee posed for you - with LOTS of time to be SURE you got his photo (like some kids!!lol) My favourite is the hummingbird capture- that is an amazing photo. Love them all. Nature is so wonderful to give us so much to enjoy..

  11. Your shared some beautiful photos! Love that Hummer.

  12. I'm always taking photos of birds too. The hummingbird one is fantastic.

  13. Hi Judith, I can't say much original here that other's haven't already exclaimed... Wow!!! Those are fabulous photos! Patience is rewarded :D
    Hugs and thanks for sharing,
    Beth P

  14. These are all exceptional photos. That little chickadee looks like something surprised her.

  15. Beautiful shots - I'm like you - birds and flowers are my favourite subjects. Well, except my little grand-daughter :)

    We don't have orioles here so that was a very interesting shot for me.

    And I loved the cardinal - they have just started appearing on PEI where I live. I've never seen one but my friend has. I hope to get a picture of one someday.

    Happy weekend!

  16. Your pictures are fantastic! Thank you for sharing with us! Enjoy your weekend.


  17. Judith these are fabulous...I also have nose prints on our big windows facing the back...

  18. Oh, I love that hummingbird shot :)
    Thanks for following my blog and your name is in the hat for the give-a-way, good luck!
    I am now following you, too,
    Connie :)

  19. These are wonderful, Judith! I've noticed odd behavior with some of our birds from time to time, too. Not with the chickadees so much but other residents of our garden. Right now we have so many birds that we feel like intruders!

    Hope you are having a great weekend.


  20. Absolutely fabulous bird photos, Judith!

  21. I didn't used to like birds as some of my friends had birds for pets, big birds and they scared me. Once we started feeding the birds in our backyard, I became very interested and love to watch them. Chickadees are just adorable!
    Great photos.

  22. You have taken some wonderful images of the birds in your garden. Well done - its not easy and you need a lot of patience.
    Have a lovely week!

  23. They are all beautiful but that last shot is awesome! I love watching the hummers play... hugs, Cherry

  24. I just had to leave a note here too, these are just stunning pictures!


  25. Wonderful photos! and that's a great idea of leaving the camera in the tripod at the ready. I want a shot of the Hummingbirds outside my sunroom window but I can never get to my camera in time. Enjoy your week.

  26. These are all great shots- the chickadee looks startled!

  27. Hi Judith, your pictures are wonderful and you sure have a lovely welcoming space.

    Your bird pictures are marvelous, I love when them visit me.

    Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hello. It is love to meet you.

  28. Simply awesome photos! I'm impressed!

  29. Hi Judith,
    What gorgeous birdie photos. I love wild birds too! Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful pictures with us. Have a wonderful week! Take care,

  30. Beautiful birds !!
    Have a wonderful day.

  31. What wonderful photos, Judith! I've been using safflower seeds in our feeder. It seems to keep away the pesky grackles. We have darling house finches and cardinals that visit, along with dove.

  32. LOVE the bird photos...I just shared some hummingbird pics I took. I agree with you- I enjoy looking at the birds and watching them bathe, eat and interact. I just shared some of my photos with Wild Birds Unlimited where we buy our seed. Have a great time gardening, and bird watching :)

  33. Fantastic shots, Judith. I especially like the oriole photo and the hummingbird photo. This a.m. I was about 5 feet from a hummer on the feeder. The hummers seem quite happy in my garden right now - lots of bloomers that they like.
    Hugs, Beth


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