Monday, June 17, 2013

A Pink Tea

Welcome friends for tea this week.  The Royal Doulton Store has a summer sale on right now and I purchased a single luncheon plate of the Royal Albert 'Confetti Roses' to mix and match with other plates and my teacups.  Isn't this a pretty pattern!
A couple of teacups that I'll use with the plate.
Victoriana Rose
Pink Brocade
And, a few squares to enjoy with our tea.
 A new antique store opened in an old church from the 1800's that we pass on our way to summer theatre.  Being a little early, DH stopped to let me browse.
Loved all the butterflies on the doors.
I picked up this pink etched glass piece for a very good price but I'm not sure what it is intended for.  Do you know?
A trio of peonies is happy in it at the moment.  I'm not even sure if it is pink depression glass, the colouring seems to match another piece I have but without knowing what it is, I wasn't able to Google for information.
I'm linking with these lovely ladies for tea this week, and I hope you'll visit them and their guests:


  1. Good morning Judith, you new plate is just lovely.. and I love your tea cups. I have the Victoria Rose on well I actually have two but one is saucerless..and your last piece I'm not sure either what it is but it's very pretty. . . wishing you a fabulous week.. with love Janice

  2. That is a lovely plate and it looks good with the teacups, almost seems to match the second one. I wonder if that pink depression-looking piece wasn't to be a planter? What you have in it looks good!

  3. Hi Judith. LOVE your plate! Rosina made that pattern as's a favorite. So dainty and lovely! The glass piece may be a cracker holder...not sure of the measurements. I am back up...I hope...and would love you to try linking, which I am hoping will work!

  4. Oh, Judith! I love your Royal Doulton Confetti Roses plate. We used to have a Royal Doulton Store about an hour's drive from me, but it closed, and there isn't another one in the state of Michigan. Probably just as well for my pocketbook! ;-)
    Your teacups are beautiful, and your sweets look delicious!
    How nice that a new antique store opened near you. I love your pink glass acquisition. It looks lovely with the peonies in it. Everything will combine to make a beautiful tea table. Wish I was close enough to drop by! ;-)
    ~ Phyllis

  5. Don't know what the dish is but it is pretty. Love you Victoria teacup. All your finds are very nice, Judith.

  6. Looks like depression glass...probably used for some sort of relish perhaps...could be used for so many things. Love the plate and those tea cups are perfect with it.

  7. Your plate is just beautiful! Love your teacups, and the squares look delish!! That glass dish is really pretty too - love the peonies in it!

  8. Hi Judith .. The Royal Albert 'Confetti Roses' is one of my favorite patterns. I think the design is so delicate and roses can't be beat! A tasty post and love the name of the *new* antique shop. Happy Tea Day!

  9. Your pink 'dish' and plate are so pretty. I wonder if the dish might be for pate?

  10. flowers, or fresh fruit compote maybe, a very pretty pink dish, as well as your other plates and the freshness of these old delicate pieces~

  11. The new Royal Doulton plate is wonderful and looks perfect with the tea cups. Not sure about your pink dish ... it's in a loaf pan shape but not one you would use to bake in with those little feet. It looks lovely with the peonies.

  12. That antique vase is really pretty and your chintz dish! Both will go so well with everything!

  13. Love, love, love your pretty pink things :-) The pink dish is a real treasure.

    Jocelyn @

  14. Love your new Royal Doulton plate, Judith. It does mix well with your pretty teacups. I'll bet it was fun visiting Karma!!

  15. Hi Judith,
    would love to brose in this antique store. The new plate is so enchanting. I love the new patterns of RA. You paired it with so nice tea cups. Once I bought a little bowl with Victoriana pattern because I thought, it would be RA Lavender Rose. When I got it I saw the difference. Its a nice pattern, too. Thank you so much for sharing this nice tea table-
    Best greetings, Johanna

  16. Wow what a pretty plate to add to your collection! A new antique store is always exciting too. I always think of my lovely garden friends when I post from someone's beautiful garden. (Or on rare occasion, my own!) SO nice that you stopped by for a look!

  17. I love your pretty new chintz plate and an Antique store in an old church. How nice.

  18. I too, enjoy finding odd pieces of china on sale at Royal Doulton store. Your plate is very pretty and looks great filled with sweets The antique store in the old church looks really nice. I love the screen doors.

  19. Hi Judith,
    I love the Confetti Rose plate; so dainty! Pretty teacups too, and the vase looks like pink depression glass to me. It will be useful for many things, including your gorgeous peonies! A pretty post, and it's lovely to have you come to tea once again. Hope you're having a beautiful week.


  20. Judith, Your new plate is so pretty! Love the teacups too, as well as your new pink glass. It is gorgeous! Have a wonderful week and I enjoyed tea at your home today.
    Hugs, Beth

  21. Peonies! How lovely! What a treat to nestle them in a pale pink dish. Your teacup and dishes are charming. Happy tea time, happy June!

  22. That plate is gorgeous. The dish could be a candy dish or something similar. I like it with the Peonies personally. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  23. Hi Judith,
    The "Confetti Roses" on the plate is a beautiful and desirable pattern to use with any pink rose teacups... and yours are lovely!
    And those squares I see on the plate look delicious, yummy!!!
    Thanks for this sweet and rosy tea.

  24. It is a beautifully delicate plate, Judith. I don't know what the footed dish was designed for, but it does look nice with the peonies.


  25. Blessings, Judith! What a sweet tea of rose-themes china bits you've shared today. The Victoriana Rose pattern made me do a double take as it reminded me of the Lavender Rose pattern. Speaking of lavender - mine are doing famously this year - I am tempted to harvest them all now - but then, summer would miss their blooms. If I clipped them now - will I get more before summer's end?

  26. So nice to be back visiting you,it's been a while.Thank you for dropping by to say hello ad having tea with Me.

  27. Had to read through the comments because I have a similarly shaped dish, though it is clear glass. I use mine for everything from pickles to nuts. I like the peonies better! Lovely plate and the second tea cup and saucer seem like a perfect match.

  28. Your new plate is really pretty ... I couldn't have bought just one! I think your pink dish is a salt box. I once saw one similar (except in china) in an antique market. I remember it well because I couldn't imagine having such a large dish for salt! I found a link for you on ebay that shows a clear salt box:

  29. Love the church. I wonder why it died. Your tea cups are beautiful today. I love the pink depression glass. I think I would use it for flowers too. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  30. ooo I would love some of these china sets for my food photography!
    We have a French homewares shop in an old church- delightful.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  31. Hi Judith, I love the cups and especially the pink peony vase. So very feminine and charming. That re purposed church is just fantastic. I see so many churches in the Cotswolds where I live turned into the most charming homes. I'd love to save one as my home, but I hear they are terrible to try to heat! :)

  32. Hi Judith,
    I'm just now being able to enjoy Tuesday tea time. Your new plate is so lovely and goes so nicely with your teacups! Lots of fun to visit a new thrift or antique store and you found a darling vase for your flowers. Have a great rest of the week!

  33. Hello Judith,
    That is a beautiful new plate! I love that pattern, and it should work well with those gorgeous tea cups! Your new little pink dish is delightful : )
    What a fun name for an antique shop...Karma.

  34. Yes, The plate of the Royal Albert is very
    lovely with its delicacy. The new antic shop is drawing my heart. You probably see me writing this comment with smile!

    I appreciate your kindness.

  35. Hi Judith,
    I just love that tea plate. I have the teapot and a teacup and have never seen the matching plate before. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Take care,

  36. I have longed for some of that "Confetti Roses" design myself -- it is gorgeous! Fun that the church/shop is named Karma. Indeed! And now you've got me wondering what your mystery glassware is. Hmmm. I'll have to let you know if I come across a description for anything like that. I'm just sure it has a special purpose -- just has to!


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