Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Tea in the Tea House

Welcome friends for tea this week.  When I looked out the kitchen window into the backyard, I thought how nice it would be to have tea in the tea house today.
 The blurred butterfly you see near the top of the photo is one of the window clings to prevent birds from flying into the windows.
The tea house with not much blooming around it yet except a multitude of lily-of-the-valley that is perfuming this whole section of the yard.
I picked a bouquet for the table.
Ridgeway Queen Anne is the perfect teacup to use with the lily-of-the-valley on it.
As soon as there was enough rhubarb to pick, I baked a German rhubarb coffee cake (find under Recipes at the top by my header) and I'm pairing it with Harrods afternoon tea.
Lots of fairies roam the gardens here and this is 'Hide and Seek', something they're very good at playing.
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Please make yourself a cup of tea and visit my hosts and their guests.


  1. Love the smell of lily of the valley. It has been a wonderful day, just perfect for tea outside.

  2. How nice that you have Lily of teh valley! I love them! Your tea looks so lovely. Perfect! I am back from holiday and blogging, but with a new blog URL for my blog and Tuesday Cuppa Tea:

  3. What a lovely place to have tea. Love the teacup.

  4. How special to have a Tea House! I love everything about your tea party. The beautiful lily of the valley teacup, the rhubarb coffee cake, the Harrods afternoon tea, and especially the Lily of the Valley flowers. I can only imagine how fragrant your yard must be. I love the smell of Lily of the Valley and Lilacs.
    ~ Phyllis

  5. Hi Judith, I love your tea house! What a nice place to relax with a cup of tea and a nosh. Your rhubarb coffee cake looks great! My rhubarb is ready to pick as well and I need to do that. I liked the view from your kitchen window. You have a beautiful tree (malus?) blooming. I like the looks of your garden shed as well. Your yard and gardens are so beautiful! A true labor of love!
    Hugs, Beth

  6. A tea house to call your own! I imagine that the aroma is very pleasant there now. I have a few stray Lily of the Valley left after ripping them out of my garden last year. I'm still paying for that one.

    I see lots of blooming going on at your place. How nice to have the flowers return.

  7. It looks lovely. I like the little fairy and the first photo is quite stunning!

  8. What a lovely tea!!

    My youngest gave me a tiny little lily of the valley plant for mother's day I must plant soon.

    I sure hope it does well as yours and next year I have more and can make a tiny sweet bouquet!

    I haven't had anything rhubarb in years. That sounds so good!

  9. My mouth is watering as I look at the rhubarb dessert, Judith! The lily of the valley is beautiful; I have some her and must pick a bit to bring inside to enjoy the fragrance. It's the flower for May, after all.

  10. What a lovely view. Don't think I've seen that photo before. Has to be wonderful to just sit there and stare. That coffee cake looks fantastic Judith.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. The lily of the valley sounds wonderful. You do have a beautiful view out your window. The cake sounds yummy, a nice choice for your tea. Have a great evening and week ahead.

  12. Hi Judith,
    I have never heard of a teahouse, that's pretty cute! Pretty surroundings too. Your Lily of the Valley bouquet is precious, I just love those little guys. Most of mine died off during our drought last summer, so I only have a few little blooms. Thank you for visiting my Queen Victoria post and for leaving a comment. Gina

  13. I love your blog header.
    Very elegant and romantic setting to have tea.
    Beautiful shots!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Greetings from Singapore...

  14. I LOVE lily of the valley. The fragrance is divine to me.

    I JUST found a box of them in Big Lots and bought it on the spot. Hubs planted them today so I am hopeful one day I'll have them, too. They do well in the shade and for that I am very grateful. Susan

  15. Oh my! This a lovely tea house and to have this in your garden must be a wonderful place to relax. Your lily of the valley blossoms are so pretty and the teacup and saucer to match is an ideal way to have a special tea. I enjoyed the view from your window for our flowering trees have now turned to bright green leaves. With 90 degree temperatures and high humidity we are in the beginning of summer weather! Thanks for sharing your beautiful tea house for it reminds me of the Japanese Garden and tea house in Ft. Worth.


  16. Hi Judith,
    I always love visiting your blogs because I am such a lover of violet and mauve. I thought of you today as I was preparing my next post for tea in the garden because I featured some of my special mauve pretties.

    Thank you so much for commenting at Karen's Cottage and Castle.
    Take care,

  17. The fairies must be having a delightful time - everything is so charming.

  18. Wow...wonderful photos !! I like it !!

    Greetings from Berlin/Germany

  19. Your tea house must be a lovely place to sit on a warm summer afternoon!

  20. Do I have questions for you! DO the films work? I have a couple fatalities with birds crashing in my windows and I would do anything to prevent it. Now I have dangling plastic things hanging down - not all that effective but helps. Can you tell me when to harvest the rhubarb? I just planted some last Summer, and it is up but not very tall this SPring? How do I know when its ready to be harvested. Your tea looks divine! MMM cake and tea!

  21. Hi Judith, your back yard looks lovely and the tea house and pergola are wonderful places to enjoy the beauty of your gardens along with a cup of tea. May I ask where you bought your window clings? I need something for ours as even the hummingbirds are hitting the window lately. Our lily of the valley are just coming into bloom here so I must pick a bouquet to enjoy. I hope you have a beautiful week.

  22. Oh, what lovely lilies of the valley! They smell heavenly. How nice to have your tea out in your sweet tea house.

  23. What a lovely afternoon tea. Your lillies of the valley are great... Mine aren't doing so well this year, spring is too cold.

  24. What a pretty spot for tea and to enjoy the lovely scent of lilies of the valley....ahhh! I miss those :-(

  25. Judith:
    You have outdone yourself here with this wonderful post. Don't worry about linky - it just takes a long time but SHOWS UP!

  26. Tea in your tea house would be a lovely experience. Lily of the Valley is such a pretty flower - I have none in my garden - something I should remedy in the fall when the bulbs are available. I like the Lily of the Valley dish you have, too.

  27. What a wonderful setting for tea! I've started researching a possible article on tea houses and tea gardens, and it's so fun to find pictures of them, both contemporary and vintage!

  28. Hola
    Gracias por visitarme siempre a la hora del té.
    Preciosas imágenes y flores, el blanco me gusta mucho: es puro, transparente.
    Bonito jardin y esos arboles rosados le dan un marco encantador.

    Besos grandes.

  29. Hi Judith,
    How lovely to have a tea house!Lily-of-the-Valley would make it so romantic too. Your teacup is very pretty and how I would love some of your rhubarb right now. We're still waiting for it. Your wee fairy friend is very cute too. Thank you for coming for tea and serving up a lovely post.


  30. Judith, your tea in your tea house is so lovely! Your lily of the valley tea cup is perfect for spring! What a beautiful tree full of blossoms! The flowering trees here are still in tight bud and my lily of the valley are not in bloom yet, in fact they are just starting to peek out of the soil! I so enjoy seeing the many different phrases of spring around the U.S. and Canada!

  31. I love the view from your window! I made rhubarb cobbler and jam with our rhubarb today but your cake looks good so I might have to try it next time.
    Our lily of the valley is not quite in bloom yet though.

    Enjoy your tea room!

  32. Hi Judith,
    its the first time I see a piece of your garden and its beautiful. Not amazing for a gardener like you. The blooming tree is wonderful and what a pretty tea house you have. The imagination of the scent of Lily of the Valley arount the tea house sounds heavenly. And the china is perfect. I hope you enjoyed your tea time as much as I did. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea in the garden and for your visit and the sweet comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  33. Yes, it looks a special time to have tea in the tea house. Your tea house is so charming!I enjoyed your tea with the lovely cup and the coffee cake today! I am still in the fragrance of them now. Thank you Judith!


  34. Now wishing for a similar tea set, such a beautiful design, and place to have tea!
    Lily-of-the-valley is among my favorite flowers!

  35. I think my lily of the valley tea cup is just like yours or a lot like yours. How intriguing those tricolored carrots are! I showed my husband and he wonders about flavor variations between them.

  36. Hello Judith,
    You have a wonderful spot for tea! I love your tea house! What a nice and talented hubby you have. Your lily of the valley image is so gorgeous! Oh my! And your tea cup just perfect to go along with it.
    Now I am thinking I need me some of that coffee cake! Alas, the limitations of the internet!

  37. Judith what a charming tea and tea house and my fav flower for May...lilies of the valley my birth month flower...

  38. I think your tea house is marvelous! Having a sheltered place to enjoy tea and to enjoy the beautiful garden is wonderful. Love your sweet little fairy - a perfect companion for your tea. I have had rhubarb only once in my life - I liked it, so I can just imagine how delicious your coffee cake is - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  39. Hi Judith,

    What a breathtaking view you have! Just looking at your tea house and your garden makes my heart ache for Canada, which, I believe is a pretty place to be in the spring and summer, despite some rain! Would you believe that I have never had the pleasure of breathing in the supposed heavenly perfume of this delicate and dainty flower? So curious!!;)

    Thanks for the lovely images!


  40. Oh my goodness, that German Rhubarb Cake looks so delicious. I'll be right over :)


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