Monday, May 13, 2013

Rules for the Road

Welcome friends for tea this week.  Recently I visited a tea room called White Lions that earned a '10' in my Tea Journal for the hospitality and food.  Two big lions with a bow around their neck are on either side of the entrance but because of the sun and cars parked in front, I didn't get a shot of them.

I found the front of the menu with 'Rules for the Road' printed out to be something that should be shared and the proprietor was more than happy to make me a copy.  It is unknown who wrote it and the ladies of the tea room tweaked it to as it is today.
Rules for the Road
Daydream every day...
Laugh out loud...
Spend time in a garden...
Read something uplifting...
Take a nap...
Learn something new every day...
Count your blessings...
Sing in the shower...
Be still...
Giggle with a child...
Watch a ladybug...
Buy yourself some flowers...
Call a friend...
Listen to the birds...
Practice gratitude...
Give someone a hug...
Turn off your computer...
Forgive someone...
Take a friend to Tea!
On the wall at the table where my friends and I sat were these three teacup holders.   We really enjoyed our visit at the White Lions.
My new windchime that hangs in the tea house.
 I created a pink and bird themed vignette on the back deck.  The teapot feeder is only used for display purposes though.
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Please join my hosts and their guests while sipping a cup of tea.


  1. Thank you Judith for caring and visiting me. I love your new teapot wind chimes. Listening to wind chimes is very relaxing to me. Have a great week.

  2. Thank you so much for adding my button. xoxo~Clara

  3. I love visiting tearooms, Judith! Thanks for sharing the rules for the road. Your new wind chime in delightful.

  4. Wonderful post Judith. Loved the rules of the road. Your wind chime is perfect for your tea house and your pink and bird themed vignette is ,ost lovely. Wishing you a fabulous week ... (and may it warm up a lot more)..Blessings, C. (HHL)

  5. Love it Judith, I'm going to write this on my chalkboard in the kitchen! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  6. Hi Judith,
    with those rules one can be happy. Your windchime is just the right for a tea house. You created a sweet vignette with the bird feeder. Thank you for sharing this post.
    Best greetings, Johnna

  7. This is wonderful - I so need this as I am one of those people who thinks she has to be working all the time. Looks like a great tea room and I so look forward to you sharing this at Tea In The Garden!

  8. I love the wind chimes, Judith. How relaxing to sit outdoors and sip on tea while listening to those and the sounds of nature all around you. I have seen those Rules before and they make good sense. Like, Bernideen, I have always felt like I needed to be doing. My hubby is just the opposite and he's always after me to take it easy. I'm getting better at it. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy this beautiful season we're in.


  9. I love the White Lions "Rules of the Road" I think we bloggers need to take note of 'turn off your computer' from time to time!!!

    There's just nothing nicer than sharing a tea time with a friend!

    Shane ♥

  10. Sweet windchimes and I love the rules of the Tea House. Very good ones indeed!

  11. Would you mind if I copied "The Rules of the Road"?...:)JP

  12. What a lovely poem Judith. Thank you for sharing it. I'm glad the folks at the tea room would share it with you too. It sounds like a lovely spot. Your windchimes are really cute!

  13. I Like that poem....and I love the wind tea rooms also!!

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  15. Tea rooms are so special! Love the "rules of the road". I'm making a copy for me! Your windchime is so cute! I have the wire teapot and now I'm thinking I could make a windchime out of it! Thanks for sharing!

  16. It is a wonderful place to lunch or afternoon tea. Hubby even had his soup in a tea cup:). Love your tea wind chimes. Hope the frost did not damage anything in your garden.

  17. Excellent rules! I like your teapot bird feeder too.

  18. Wat a lovely place to sip your tea. You must have had a great time. Have a Nice week

  19. What a fun saying! Must keep that in mind.Love the wind chimes! Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

  20. Oh, Judith, I loved your teapot windchime and the tea cup holders at the tea-room! Some people do have taste and imagination!!!
    And thanks for sharing the "rules for the road" saying, so lovely and thoughtful!

  21. Judith that sounds like it was such a lovely tea! I wish we had places like that here in New England...alas, all we have are coffee houses - I guess that is OK since I love my cappuccinos but it isn't quite the same as being served tea and cakes. :D
    Beth P

  22. How wonderful you found a great tea room! They can be few and far between. The rules of the road are fab! That is a great list of things to do.
    Your new tea chimes look great in your tea house. I am sure the sound they make adds to the tea atmosphere.

  23. Judith, I liked hearing about the tea room and enjoyed seeing the pretty cups displayed on the wall. Your tea windchimes in the tea house are adorable! I like how you've decorated the deck as well. Happy Spring to you!
    Blessings, Beth
    p.s. You asked what critters dug up my tulip in the past when I used bone meal. I'm thinking it was raccoons. Could also have been squirrels. That's why I stopped using bone meal.

  24. Charming! Charming! Charming! I would love to visit a tea house like that!

  25. Enjoyed those rules for the road -- and I absolutely love your new teapot windchime! One of the prettiest I've ever seen!

  26. Looks like a great spot and those rules are perfect!


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