Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lilacs to Love

A small lot like ours calls for trees and shrubs to be in proportion to its size.  The lilacs are blooming  and 'Josee' is one of the smaller varieties that is in the butterfly garden at the front.

Darker pink buds that open to a lighter shade in May and then 'Josee' reblooms later in the summer.
Wild lilacs grow along our country roads and flower before my own shrubs so I like to cut some branches each spring for a fragrant bouquet in the kitchen.
They're a dreamy shade of lavender, the perfect colour for me.
I even found a few white ones this year.
Under the kitchen window are two dwarf lilacs; the later blooming 'Palibin' on the left, and already in bloom, 'Miss Kim' on the right.
'Miss Kim' matures to this delicate pink shade, almost appearing white below.
Pruning lilac flowers within a few days of becoming spent saves energy from the shrub for forming seeds and the buds for the following year will set.  This is also the time to cut the shrubs back by a third if they're becoming too large for their allotted space.
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  1. OH - I see we've been pruning all our lilacs much too late then - taking your advice and will have hubs prune them tomorrow.

    They would have held out a little longer except sandwiched between two hot spells we got the leftover storm/cold/driving rains for a few days after the it "spent" them faster than usual.

    Loved your informational post, Judith. Thank you.

  2. Your lilacs are beautiful!! I wish we could grow them here in Texas, but I think it's too hot. :) They sure add beautiful color to your garden. I'm visiting from Fishtail Cottage Garden Party. Enjoy your week!

  3. Even though I don't have any lilac bushes of my own, I love the flowers and their fragrant smell. Your lilac bushes are beautiful!

  4. Love your lilacs, and your photos are gorgeous. We cannot grow lilacs in north Texas. :(


  5. Your lilacs are incredible. I hope you will share them tomorrow at "Open House"!!!

  6. I was out in the mist today pruning my lavender lilac. I did cut it back by about a third. It bloomed the best that it ever has this year just loaded with blossoms. This surprised me because I had trimmed it back last year by a third as well and didn't expect any blossoms this year. Wish that I had been paying attention when my son and daughter gave me the lilacs about fifteen years ago. He gave me the lavender one and she gave me the white one. I have no idea of the variety or name. You may be sure that I properly recorded the name of the rose bush that I received this year noting it in my little garden book. That little thing comes in so handy!
    A dwarf lilac would be just the thing for a smaller yard and garden.

  7. Beautiful! I think we've been pruning ours too late too.

  8. Judith, the lilacs are all so beautiful. They are my most favorite flower and I love the smaller variety too. Mine didn't seem to bloom very long this season and were not as many on the bush..They were still very pretty..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. lovely flowers everyone perfect.

  10. Hi Judith,
    they are all so pretty!! Josee a double bloomer, I never knew!! I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open for that!

  11. Hello Judith... your Lilacs are all so beautiful... so nostalgic and romantic they are... my Miss Kim is just beginning to bloom... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Beautiful photos of lilacs. Ours are just about finished now. I didn't know that about pruning them back, I've always let them grow and just cut out the dead wood and any shaggy bits. Wendy

  13. Your lilacs are so beautiful! Thanks for the tip on pruning. I've always waited until fall! I'm still waiting for my lilacs to bloom. Lots of tiny buds so hope it will be a good year for blooms.

  14. Your dwarf lilacs are pretty.
    We are just about ready to trim our lilacs. The blooms are falling fast now.

  15. You have some pretty lilacs-the lavender one is perfect for you!

    Our lilacs are just starting to bloom and I could smell their fragrance in the garden.


  16. Our lilacs didn't do very well this year. I will follow your advice and prune on the weekend in hope that next year will be better. I often think of the country roads in Ontario, lined with lovely lilac trees, full of blooms.

  17. WE purple girls have a weakness for lilacs don't we. My wedding was filled with lilacs from my parent's yard. I don't have any here but my neighbor does and a rental property we own does. I always pick them there. Wish they lasted longer.
    Even as a teenager, I would bring an armload into my room just for the smell at night!

  18. What beautiful Lilacs. That Josee is really lovely and loaded with blooms.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  19. Love your Lilac'a, they are one flower I'd love in my yard but not sure they grow here.

  20. Your lilacs are beautiful, Judith. Thanks for the tips. I should cut mine back. I have the old fashioned type and they have grown quite large. One of them is suckering and I need to deal with the suckers too. Ron says just let them grow; we like lilacs...yes, we want to let them take over the world? I think Ron just doesn't want to spend time pruning them for me! lol

  21. I have a few lilacs in my garden and several neighbours do as well. The smell outside right now is heavenly. They are too potent for me to have in the house, it's overwhelming
    lovely shots

  22. Hi Judith!

    We were on the same track with our posts today...mine has lilacs, too & a butterfly, just for you! First time I've ever captured a shot of one.

    I keep clippers in my car, just in case I see a wild lilac bush along the road, so we really DO think alike. LOL

    Yours are beautiful...I don't think I've ever seen the white ones. I didn't know I was supposed to cut them back after blooming either. Thanks for the tip!


  23. Oh, how I do love lilacs! I'm fortunate in that my parents are some of the only people I know who have lilacs growing here in Georgia. The fragrance is just heavenly, isn't it?

  24. I have never seen a lilac bushes in person, they don't grow here in Savannah. Guess I need to plan a road trip.. Yours are beautiful.
    hugs, Cherry

  25. I love lilacs and have a hard time growing them in Georgia. Our winters often don't get cold enough.

    Yours are just stunning!

  26. Lovely lilacs and photos of them... Ours are just going over after a good lengthy season... Three days of humidity and heat just now appear to be giving way to a foolish week for tree peony bloom... Larry

  27. Whoops.. Typo... Coolish week! L

  28. Hi Judith!!!!

    I love the smell of Lilacs!!!

    To me, it's the most beautiful smell in the world!!

    Thank you so much for a beautiful blog!!!


  29. One of my most fav plants. The aroma brings back so many memories of growing up. Mother Nature was a little confused this year. She had hot flashes and cold sweats. My Lilacs didn't appreciate the heat so early in the year :(

  30. Your lilacs are beautiful!! I love them as well. We have one tree in Mom's Garden.. just lovely. ty Happy Weekend with love Janice

  31. oh wow - such gorgeous colour - amazing that they grow along the road! so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by my blog this week.

  32. hello
    très beaux lilas
    de toutes les couleurs
    je ne savais pas qu'il existait
    des petits arbustes
    enivrante odeur que celle du lilas
    bonne journée
    edith(iris) France

  33. These are just lovely, Judith. I had my own lilac bush as a child. It's too hot for them here, but I still remember the delicious scent!

  34. Hi, Judith
    Your liacs are beautiful!!
    How lovely to walk on roads where lilac are growing in your country! I have never seen those flowers during walks.....

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  35. So pretty. I planted a Miss Kim last year, but it's not blooming. Hopefully next year because they're among my favorites!

  36. Such lovely lilacs! So pretty in the crystal basket! Mine are done blooming - time to prune - thank you for the tip! xo

  37. So beautiful, I love lilacs. I've got a mini tree on stem in my front garden and Always look forward to see it in bloom.
    Have a great weekend.

  38. Hi Judith
    yes Lilacs are just Wonderful :)
    your photos are beautiful..
    and do not miss...


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  39. I bet your house smells heavenly with those cut blooms!

  40. My Miss Kim is blooming more this year than any previous years...just gorgeous...I need to cut some and bring them in.

  41. I love Lilacs!!! Thanks for the tips!
    it feels like forever since I had time to sit and enjoy everyone's posts...I am so glad I could drop by today and see your addition to my little party! Thank you so much for linking into my little party this week...I appreciate and enjoy every post!
    I hope you will link in again and again!
    I am also sharing your post to the Tootsie Time Facebook page!
    Have a great week!

    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


  42. I love my room so I bought many things to décor my room like lilac & lavender, diffuser and much more. Actually my friends are coming to my home for study so I want them to feel good at study time. I hope your suggested liliac & lavender may be very good.


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