Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspirational Thursday - Spring

Without sod in the front or back, a lot of leaves get trapped around the plants which need to be pulled away in spring.  I uncovered this couple the other day, took a photo and put a few leaves back over them for privacy.
The Itoh peony buds are quite robust this year and I have hopes of entering one of the huge yellow blooms in the flower show again.
I'm linking with Mary for Inspirational Thursday.


  1. Thoughtful you! Ha! So cute! Yes, your peony stalks look beautiful.

    You'll be happy to know that thanks to your tip I've watched a little You Tube class on rose pruning in spring. Learned a few things, too. So I'm off to remedy my I pruned roses.

  2. So even ladybugs need privacy, huh?

    Hee hee, too funny.

    I missed the rose pruning in spring post, better start scrolling back to catch it. I am a newbie rose owner and do it all wrong, I just know I do!!

    Thanks, Judith.

  3. Ladybug love? Oh my. That's too cute. :)

  4. That's funny! :) I look forward to seeing your flowers in full bloom. Hope you get a great one to enter!

  5. I have came across a few of them myself. Isn't it so nice to have spring finally arrive.

  6. Now there's a hopeful sight!!!

  7. Such a kind gardener! Privacy for the ladybugs. Isn't it lovely to see everything emerge from the ground? Happy spring!

  8. Lots of spring activity there. I'm sure they appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  9. Spring has well and truly sprung in your garden Judith - that is a sure sign!
    You'll be grateful of the Ladybug population increasing - they are such wonderful pest busters in the garden!
    Shane ♥

  10. I spotted my first bee today, Judith. I'll have to keep a look out for other creatures.

    Good luck with your flower show; I can see that your peony is further along than the ones I have.


  11. Glad you gave the little ones some privacy...they deserve it!...:)JP

  12. I can't get over how tall some plants are getting like the peonies....

  13. Mine are coming up also. One of the pretties flowers there is I think.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  14. You are a thoughtful and real gardener.
    You have to know that this post made my heart warm. I hope the sun is warming your garden and I look forward to seeing your lot's of flowers!

  15. Judith,
    Too fuuny, dear one!!!
    I'll not be able to gaze upon a ladybug without a grin across my face from now on! Ha! Quite nice of you to re~cover them!!!
    I'll be watching for photos of those peony bloosoms!

  16. What a welcome sight those little starts are!

  17. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your peony entry! LOVE those big, blowsy blossoms!


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