Monday, May 27, 2013

A Special Treat

Welcome friends for tea this week.  I generally like to do my own baking but when I saw that our local grocery store was now carrying French macarons,  I decided to treat myself to a box.
 At first I couldn't find them in the bakery section but was directed to a freezer.  They're much smaller than fresh ones from a specialized bakery, and having been frozen, I found them to be soft and lacking the crunch from the meringue layers.  Four flavours are in the package and I guess if someone has not had the real thing, they might find these satisfactory.  The price was $10 for a dozen. 
 I'm having a couple with tea today.
My Adderly teacup doesn't have a pattern name but I fell in love with it because of the lavender colour and roses inside the cup.
 The pansies are a light blue/lavender colour and have been blooming for several weeks in this little metal jug.
 Peter Rabbit has joined us and is peeking out of a watering can.
The tea is a favourite black called Monk's Blend.  From Sri Lanka it has a piquant Ceylon character that is blended with oils of vanilla and grenadine. 
Do you buy special treats for yourself too?
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  1. What a lovely tea today, Judith!

    I can't believe you can buy a dozen macaroons for $10 - that's a great price and nice addition to a tea...shame it loses something being frozen. Shame it has to be frozen at all.

    They're really hard to find around here, but there is a French bakery about a half hours' drive that makes them on request - horribly expensive, but if you have ever made them you know the labor intensity that it takes to make them well, thus the price!

    I ADORE your light purple pansies in that pretty purple vessel!

  2. Oh, that sounds delightful! I see that Marty (my blog greeting rabbit) invited himself to your tea party. Watch your cookies or else he will take a nibble, LOL!

    Your pansies are quite lovely too!

  3. I love macaroons and also love to photograph them! Wonderful post, i hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea :)
    Best wishes, Ruth (Tawny moon Studio)

  4. I buy too many special treats for me, I had some of those little fellows while in France but not when I came back home just a little too sweet for me.
    Peter rabbit is cute.

  5. Monk's Blend sounds delightful! I like your lavender teacup and the pansy's ... such a happy flower with their little faces and a lovely lavender. I bet The French macarons were a treat -- frozen or not! Happy Tea Day!

  6. Ahhhh memories of Paris in seeing these little macaron delights. Darling teacup and your pansies look brilliant. Yes, I do enjoy adding a little treat at tea time. Happy week- C. (HHL)

  7. I haven't made macaroons before, but someday I'll give them a whirl. Love the lavender tea cup and pansies! Enjoy :) Wendy

  8. Your pansies are really lovely - just like your lavender teacup! I have lots of pansies in pots in front and in the ground in back. It's been kind of cool and that has kept them going. I've never had a macaron. Hope I can someday. We enjoyed the long wknd.
    Hugs, Beth

  9. What a great cup and saucer - I think the macaroons look delicious and what a cute MOUSE! Is there a mouse in the house????

  10. I love your lavender teacup, Judith! I have had the real thing in macaroons, but have never made them myself. Your Monk's tea sounds like one I'd love and yes I love to try new ones.
    Thank you for sharing the the common name for the flowers that I posted about. I've never seen or heard of them.

  11. What a pretty teacup, Judith! I would have picked it up right away. The bouquet of pansies is delightful and your wee mouse is enjoying himself, I'd say!
    I wonder if our stores carry those macarons. I have never seen them here on the Island. I had to go all the way to Vancouver to have one. Your tea sounds delicious. I wonder if David's Tea carries it. It's always lovely to have you join me for tea, my friend. Have a lovely week.


  12. I'll bet that was a very refreshing tea. There's a new shop in town here that specializes in those wonderful little treats.

  13. You and me both! That lavender cup is spectacular - what a pretty, pretty shade. Yes, I bought some frozen ones from Trader Joes and they weren't that great either. I want to try making them - one day!

  14. Hi Judith!
    The macaroons look good and I love the pansies in the tin pitcher. They look so nice with your pretty lavender teacup.

  15. I've never had a French Mararoon but might be tempted to purchase these for a special tea with guests. Lovely tea setting today. The teacup is so pretty in lavender. Enjoy the day!

  16. Yes, I definitely believe in buying myself treats every now and again. Never seen macarons offered anywhere besides a bakery. Too bad about the texture, but ... at least the price was good! Your lavender teacup is so pretty and so YOU. I so enjoy seeing how people's collections are such a great reflection of their personalities!

  17.'ve most certainly managed to have me drool all over my keyboard!! Yum.

  18. The treats sound yummy. I agree, too bad they have to be frozen. Your tea items are beautiful.

  19. Time to make a cuppa....lovely table yet again Judith.

  20. The tea sounds delicious! An I would think macroons would not be their usual crispy after time in the freezer, but they still look good! Oh yes don't I buy treats for myself, mostly dark chocolate squirreled away for a special treat! The teacup is lovely,

  21. I've wanted to try macroons, but never have had the opportunity.
    The pansies are so happy, are they not?

  22. That is such a beautiful teacup, Judith! I love the soft color and the flowers inside. Last winter while in Florida I was looking for macaroons at various bakery stores but never found any. Then one day I found some at a grocery store bakery! The baker happened to be there at the time when I asked to buy a couple. I told her I have never tried them and she said "well, I'll give you one to try. I don't think you will like them"! So I did eat it there and I didn't care for it! It was so dry and tasteless! Funny story! But I still want to try some from a bakery as I know they must be good as so many others have recommended them. Thanks for sharing your macaroons with us!

  23. The pansies in the jug are what really caught my eye, along with the lavender tea cup!

  24. You're a lucky, lucky girl Judith. Tea and macaroons, my favorite. Aren't macaroons expensive? I recently bought some little beauties at Holt Renfrew, (I know, what was I thinking?), 8 for $12. I think I'll make some. After all, how hard can it be? Love all your lavender colours. Hugs to you and I hope you have a lovely rest of the week. :)

  25. First of all I have to say" hello Peter Rabbit"! You are such a lucky boy. I see you are enjoying the fragrant of tea and macaroons.You make envious of me!

    Judith, how wonderful to have tea with your lavender tea cup!Beautiful!

    Rainy season has come in Japan.
    Have a nice weekend,

  26. I have never had a French Macaron.. bet they're yummy.. I love the Peter Rabbit in the watering can- so cute. Yes I do buy treats for myself, but they usually involve dark chocolate... smile....

  27. What a sweet post, Judith. I have always wanted to try my hand at macaroons - I'd love to find some in a bakery too - Love the lavender teacup - it is so you! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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