Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What happened?

Good Friday was beautiful here, the snow all melted and other than shaded areas, the ground thawed out.  It was in the upper 40's F and with just a sweater on, I cleaned up the moon garden and did some other tidying.
The crocuses on the south side of the house were starting to poke their heads through, a welcome sight.
And then by Easter Sunday it was cooler and the temperature kept dropping.
Monday morning it started snowing, and it kept snowing... until this morning.
 When it stopped, there was another inch of snow from when I took this earlier picture of the back yard.  The moon garden is in front of the shed.
 Lavender out the front is all fluffy looking.
The glass panels of the new railing we put on the back deck are starting to show signs of the birds (like the mourning dove above) flying into them.  Usually it's just a few feathers and there haven't been casualties but I'll be purchasing the cling on spider webs so accidents don't happen any more.
By Thursday, the temperature is to climb again and I really hope that's the last of the snow!


  1. The Crocus are always fun to watch come up. Hopefully something on the clear area will help out the birds.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Judith, I hope your snow melts fast so you can get on with spring... that is an awesome picture you have captured of the mourning dove.. so neat...

  3. Good ol' snow :) We woke to snow and rain yesterday. I do hope your snow melts quickly. Have a blessed day!


  4. It is disappointing to have the snow return once we think it's gone. Poor man's fertilizer...feels as if it could snow here.

  5. Oh dear. That is very disappointing Judith. At least we know it's going to melt very soon. I believe we are in for some snow on Friday night into Saturday here. I wondered about those glass panels I see on decks. Do you take them off in winter? I never thought about birds flying into them. Ouch!

  6. Sometimes I am glad we don't get snow it does look pretty but everyone seems happy to see the end of it.

  7. Oh my....I know you will figure out something. Your snow was lovely but we are anxious aren't we. We are officially on water restrictions since we didn't get enough this winter...I am sad!

  8. I hear you! I think your snow is headed our way and I am so ready for some warm sunny days.

    Hopefully, we all get some good spring weather soon.


  9. Come on spring, Judith needs you! :) hope it's there soon.

  10. The snow is looking so beautiful. Is it in spring? If so. This is not great news. We should think our environment. Thank you for wonderful post. <a href=">Pohela Boishakh</a>

  11. bonjour
    pour nous aussi en Normandie
    le réveil c' est fait sous la neige
    décidément ce printemps
    est bien timide
    edith (iris) France

  12. Goodness Judith, all my Eastern friends are saying "enough already!" How annoying. I hope that's the end of your snow too. March has really gone out like a lion this year, hasn't it? I like your idea of spider webs for the glass panels. It will probably save a lot of little birdies a few head aches. We have mourning doves nesting somewhere close by our house. I love to hear their soft coo. Take care for now. :)

  13. Good grief on that snow! And the poor little bird. Gosh, it would have taken a bit to walk that one off. One fill fly into my office window now and then it always makes me jump!

  14. Your crocus looks pretty, Judith. Hope your snow has melted away and more flowers are appearing. If not yet, they will be soon. Hope "springs" eternal!
    Hugs, Beth


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