Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Inspiring Green

 There are many shades of green in the garden.
And green for St. Patrick's Day.
The theme for Inspirational Thursday at Little Red House this week is green.  Come share yours!


  1. Very nice choices for green Judith. The leaves with the curly tendril are very pretty. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Love the green inspiration...with love Janice

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I just had finished, but I love your short and sweet offerings. I need to quit with the loquacity.

    That cookie looks delish...I almost bought some yesterday knowing full well that I'd not bake any. I settled for those pretzels instead. Soon we'll be seeing some more green. Did the snow stop?

  4. Lovely greens, Judith - can't wait till it is the grass and flowers and leaves that are green - it snowed yet again here.

  5. I so much love the green inspiration...with love Janice

    The Equation book

  6. I do love green. Have a nice St Pat's day Judith.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Beautiful greens. And the cookie looks very tasty :)


  8. Such pretty shades of green, Judith, and there's that shamrock cookie tempting me for a bite! I love your plate, too.

  9. Good green choices --if you look you really see a lot, such as those different shades of green. Beautiful photos!

  10. Loving all your green especially that yummy cookie. Enjoying a wonderful cup of tea as the snow flies outside.

  11. Ohhh I'd like a green cookie with some green tea.

  12. Judith,
    Oh, how I love the green of the garden! Your photo is exquisite, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and visit today!!!I had to chuckle...for the cabbages photographed for todays entry are faux!
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  13. Two fabulous green selections! That plate is so pretty. xo

  14. The greens in your garden are so pretty - and so many shades. Love the tendrils.

  15. When I think of the color green, I think of nature and springtime. I also posted on my blog about the color green...I said "green is groovy!"
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  16. I'll take a dozen or so of those cookies!
    Thanks so much for your note last month, reminding me that blogging friends would still be here when I could come back. Lovely to visit your posts again.

  17. Dear Judith
    You always nail it - it must be the jounralist in you!!
    Lovely post - thank you.
    I'm wearing the GREEN!!!
    hugs from your Irish friend in New Zealand!!!!!
    Shane ♥

  18. Yes, I just had a garden designer, that I'm so fortunate is my friend, remind me that 'the most important' color in the garden are the shades of green! (Except, I'm too tired, this morning, to phrase that quite right!)It's so beautiful and, sometimes, we can hardly notice it for all of the colorful flowers but, without it, a garden wouldn't quite sing, would it? =]


  19. Oh how I am longing for some green in the garden! I would so love to have a garden filled with boxwood hedges and brick paths, which would look beautiful even in the dead of winter!

    As for the cookie... my mouth is watering! ;)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Judith! xoxo

  20. Green is my favorite color, no matter what shade. I think it must be God's favorite, too. :)

    That little cookie is the cutest.

  21. Green is my favorite color.
    Your pictures warm my heart, Judith.
    Enjoy your day!

  22. We'll both be cooking the traditional meal tomorrow, so I wanted to pop by tonight to wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day, Judith!

    I am head over heels in love with your Phoenix shamrock teacups!! GORGEOUS!! Would you believe I can't find my Belleek ones? I packed them away so carefully last year & now can't remember when I hid them. LOL
    I hope I find them before NEXT year!



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