Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday's Favourite - The White Robed Apostles of Hope

Lilies and flowers that grow from bulbs symbolize new life and hope; the beautiful, white trumpet flowers of the Easter lily signify purity.  The bulb represents the tomb of Jesus and the fragrant flowers his life after death.  Quite often the Easter lily is referred to as ‘the white-robed apostles of hope.’
Legend has it that white lilies sprung up from the ground where drops of Christ’s sweat fell in his final hours of sorrow.  It is also said that when Eve had to leave the Garden of Eden she shed tears of repentance and from these lilies grew.
The spiritual theory is that true repentance is the beginning of beauty.
(old web photo)
The Easter lily is not a naturally spring blooming flower.  From a small coastal region on the Oregon-California border which is the ‘Easter lily Capitol of the World’ they are shipped all over the continent to greenhouses that force the blooms under controlled conditions to flower in time for Easter.  This date changes yearly as Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox.
Since potted Easter lilies have a religious significance they are a favourite gift at Easter.  They like a moderately cool daytime temperature in a home followed by cool nights.  They should be placed in a bright window where they will not receive any direct sunlight nor a draft or excessive heat from furnaces or fireplaces.
Make sure there are good drainage holes in the pot and water well when the soil surface is dry.  If you intend to leave the pot in the foil wrapper, remove this during watering.
As the flowers mature, you might want to remove the yellow anthers before the pollen starts to drop and stain the white petals as well as a tablecloth if there is one under the plant.  When each bloom is spent, remove it to encourage the rest of the flowers to open.
You can plant your Easter lily out in the garden when it has finished blooming indoors.  Choose a sunny location with lots of rich organic matter which will drain easily.  Plant it so the bulb is about 15 cm (6”) deep and if you are planting several, keep them 30 – 45 cm (12-18”) apart.  Put a layer of mulch around the plants and you should see some new growth this year.


  1. I didn't know all the story behind the Easter lilly. It reminds me of the dogwood story. I also enjoyed your fence post! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Hi Judith, This is a beautifully written post and I enjoyed it so much! I always buy Easter Lilies for Easter. I planted one in the flower bed and it faithfully blooms for Easter. Not this year with all the cold, but it is bursting forth with new babies. Thanks for sharing this and the beautiful image.

    Happy Easter,
    The French Hutch

  3. OH HOW BEAUTIFUL! I do hope you will come link to "Open House". I wish you a very happy Easter Judith!

  4. Blessings on this special time of year...
    Happy Easter, my friend.
    Carolynn xo

  5. Beautiful post!!

    Hope you have a blessed Easter.

  6. I did not know all these things! While I like their form and height, the scent makes me ill. It's why Easter Sunday is one that is the most challenging for me. I definitely sit in the back row.

  7. Lovely flowers but was told never to touch them as a child not quite sure why.

  8. Thank you for explaining all of that! We bough a plant the other day at the store and it is just now starting to open its blooms! I'll have to tell DH that we can plant it outdoor after the blooms are over.

    And did you take the photo? It is exquisite!

  9. I've never heard Easter lilies called that but I think it is so fitting. Daddy always got Mother one for Easter. I should get one in remembrance of them.

  10. Oh my gosh Judith, I'm so glad you posted about planting the lilies. I've been doing that for a few years. I love them to pieces.

  11. bonjour
    pour moi le bouquet de lys
    viendra de chez le fleuriste
    c' est une très belle fleur
    et qui tient longtemps en vase
    je te souhaite de
    et merci pour ce langage des fleurs
    à très bientôt

  12. This year, we are putting in plants and shrubs...lots of lilies! happy Easter...:)JP

  13. I enjoyed reading more about the Easter Lily, Judith. Your photo is so beautiful.

    Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter,

  14. Hi Judith! I very much enjoyed learning more about Easter lilies. And I didn't know they came from the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps I'll visit the farms one of these years.

    Wishing you and your family a very joyful Easter weekend!


  15. We always bought my mom an Easter Lily growing up...I love the fragrance and the huge flowers.

  16. Thank you, dear Judith, for the information on the legend of the Easter Lily and also your tips on caring and planting it. Happy Easter blessings!

  17. Hello Judith,
    I love Easter lilies; such fragrant flowers! I love their symbolic meaning. Just stopping by to wish you and your family a beautiful Easter weekend.


  18. What a beautiful and meaningful post, Judith! I love the fragrance of Easter lilies. I have trouble having plants indoors though due to the cat! On one occasion I had an Easter lily re-bloom inside, and once outside as well. I think I may not have planted the bulbs deep enough though. Thanks for the tips!
    Hugs, Beth

  19. Hi, I came to your blog searching on Lavenders, lavender love is my passion. I would love to meet with you and invite you to meet my blog. I have a post about lavender!
    Can I get your stamp Button?
    A happy Easter to you and your entire family!
    A hug here from Brazil

  20. Beautiful lilies, and thank you for the information on caring for this plant.

    Happy Easter!

  21. Gorgeous photos, and fantastic info!

    Happy Easter..

  22. Hi Judith. I'm sure you had a wonderful Easter. I love Easter lilies...but they make me sneeze! Rats! Otherwise I would fill the garden with them and bulbs. Sigh....

  23. Beautiful lilies Judith. They are one of my favorite garden plants. I hope you and your family had a lovely Easter.

  24. Gorgeous flowers and beautiful story!

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  25. Well my goodness, I never knew all that about Easter lilies! Thanks for the inspiration and education, Judith!


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