Friday, January 25, 2013

The Taste of Summer

So many cold days in a row, the sun rarely sharing it's golden rays, makes me yearn for the tastes of summer.
Strawberries from a local pick your own farm...
 rhubarb from my garden...
and together they make a delicious compote to have for breakfast.
A little sugar added and some orange zest, simmered until thickened.
 Toast in a stainless steel holder...
to be slathered with butter from another local farm.  It's expensive but you can taste the difference between it and store bought.
Do you store the taste of summer in your freezer or canning jars too?  It's so nice to have it available during the long dreary months of winter.  The rhubarb is all gone but I have lots of strawberries...hmm, maybe some tarts!
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  1. Hi Judith, Your post is making me dream of spring and summer farmer's markets where I love to shop for fruits and veggies. I sometimes put veggies in the freezer and fresh berries and nuts. They always taste better!

    The French Hutch

  2. Oh, yum! I do not make preserves but you're certainly making me want to. Strawberries in winter ... mmm!

  3. Love your blog and see your name everywhere I go! The strawberries are devine. As my husband says,
    You can't get 'em in January!

  4. Hi Judith. I always freeze some rhubarb and strawberries so that I can make a pie or crisp with them in winter when we crave that taste of summer. Valerie

  5. What a lovely post Judith. I have freezer raspberry and strawberry jam to enjoy in the winter but my supply is shrinking quickly. Enjoy!

  6. Oh, what a wonderful idea on such a cold winter's day, Judith!
    I think I'll make some lemon curd, and some scones today.

  7. I have a few herbs from last summer's garden, including a pot of rosemary still struggling along indoors. That's it. Not quite what you have at your home. We have some local butter as well and you are so right. The difference can be tasted. I'm nearing the point when I will start making my own butter as I know that it would be preferable. (No matter how much we diet, we are not ever going back to margarine. No way. No how.)

  8. Nothing left from our summer garden ... it's not large enough to do anything but consume it all. But I did enjoy reading this post. :-)

  9. Hi Judith, Your compote and your yummy bread look so good! I don't can, but I do freeze. I just used up my tomatoes from 2011 a couple of weeks ago. It's good to store the extra for they are enjoyed so much in the wintertime (and save on the groc. bill too). Have a nice wknd. Hope you finished compiling your year end reports.

  10. I so hope to have time to can when I retire! Love the look of those strawberries. The ones at the grocery during winter like "flavor".

  11. I love cooked a sauce. You made me want some!!

  12. I haven't had chocolate covered strawberries in years and I am sure craving them now. Wish I had room to grow a few things for the table.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  13. Such a delicate tea cup & tea pot, Judith! Beautiful colors along with your tulips...oh, hurry up, Spring! Your beautiful photos fill me with longing.

    I'm glad you got away for a bit this winter. My DH is doing MUCH better but he still has too many doctor appointments for us to escape to FL, as we've done other years.
    We're hunkered down, trying to avoid all the sickness floating around & we're having soup, too. I've made broccoli cheese, potato, beef vegetable (twice), chicken noodle & next is bean sprout soup tomorrow. LOL

    Stay warm & healthy,

  14. Oh, my! Those Strawberries look so yummy. :)

  15. Hi Judith!I love your blog. I've known you through Vicki's event and I'll come back to read write several things that can interesting me. I invite you to visit my blog
    xoxo Bogomilla

  16. Lots of times I have froze the strawberries just whole in freezer bags.. Happy weekend with love Janice

  17. Yummy post, Judith! I always have berries in the freezer along with rhubarb. Your compote looks delish. Hope your weekend is going well.


  18. Judith, there for a second I thought you had strawberries and rhubarb! So bitter cold here and horrible fog last night so you couldn't see 50 feet in front of you.

    I looked up on the SAF yeast and you can buy it online, but it says it is the same as breadmakers or rapid rise. I noticed that as I was using my new breadmaker years ago that you could put the ingredients in way ahead and have it turn on so the water didn't have to be warm and you didn't have to proof the yeast. So any of those will work well.

  19. What a pretty tasty treat! A wonderful combination the strawberries and rhubarb! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Sunday!

  20. Dearest Judith, counting the days until (according to Frankie Flowers) the temps are to return to a more unseasonable warmth :) ... Your photos have inspired me to make jam this summer - so as to have a little bit of warmer month joy in the winter of 2013/14. I love that use a toast rack!! We have a couple and use them regularly. Blessings, C.


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