Monday, December 17, 2012

Tea in a Large Tea Cup

Welcome friends for tea this week.  Isn't the time flying by with entertaining and family gatherings!
A friend gifted me with this large size teacup which holds as much as a mug.  I recently bought a lavender teacup of the same dimensions and I am really enjoying drinking my tea from both of them.
It almost makes one think that someone is reading our tea posts and has decided to create these large tea cups just for us.  :-)
Knowing how much I like lavender, and birds, my friend also tucked these two in my parcel.
A few squares left over from a meeting to have with tea.
The cream lace teapot will hold enough tea for all of us.
It's nice and bright in the kitchen and there's not a flake of snow on the ground any more.
I want to share a cake that our oldest daughter had made for a family gathering we had on the weekend.
Isn't this a cute snowman?  Inside was three layers of moist chocolate cake which I'd show but my camera battery decided to quit after this photo.  The young grands ate the bow and nose when the cake was cut.
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Please join my hosts and their guests over a cup of tea.


  1. I love your larger tea cups. I've got one and always gravitate towards it. The more tea the better.. The cake is wonderful and it seemed such a shame to cut into it. Thank goodness for cameras to capture the moment.

  2. I love snowmen ... not sure I could have cut that gorgeous cake! :D :D I think the large teacups are fun and I really like your new one with its teacup decoration! Happy Tea Day!

  3. I like the bigger teacups. I always did drink my tea in mugs because I felt I wanted more. The cake is adorable.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Hi Judith! I like you new over-sized teacup as well as the lavender birds. Someone knows you very well! ;-) The teapot is lovely as well as the tea treats, but the snowman cake is over-the-top. So creative! ~ Phyllis

  5. Your large size teacups are so pretty and that snowman cake is adorable. I bet it tasted delicious. I love chocolate. What woman doesn't?!

  6. I love your lavender large tea cup so pretty and your lavender birds...I'am a huge fan of birds those are adorable....And snowman cake well you just stole my heart with that I love Love snowmen..I just posted that this morning. Merry Christmas..with love Janice

  7. That's a lovely cake and a scrumptious tea pot. I am the proud owner of a new tea pot that pours properly. Phew. Finally! The super-sized tea cups are an idea whose time has come for sure.

  8. Wow! The cake is so nice! I also like that teapot. I think the lavender cup must have been especially made for you!

  9. What a lovely cake and I love your teacup. I wish I had one. I always use a mug but a cup is so much elegant and nicer.
    I wish you a vey Merr Christmas

  10. Judith, that cake is ADORABLE! Great job by your daughter...woo hoo! Your tea cups are wonderful as I prefer large cups myself. I adore your pretty teapot, too.

  11. Hello Judith,
    Love your new teacups! They are both really pretty; especially the lavender one. The cake is adorable and your daughter did such a fabulous job making it! Love your Cream Lace teapot but then I do happen to have the same one! ;)Wonderful post and have a delightful week leading up to Christmas.

    Christmas blessings,

  12. The teacups and little birds are really nice. Great gifts! I adore the cake your daughter made too - it seems that your daughter takes after you in her culinary skills!
    Hugs, Beth

  13. Love your large size tea cups. Now you don't have to go back to the pot so often. Little snow man cake was so cute. Valerie

  14. Love your large lavender teacup! I have seversl and enjoy drinking from them also.

  15. I saw that cup and thought of you. It is right that you should have it!
    What lovely gifts from someone who knows you. :)
    Ruthie from :

  16. Season's Greetings, Judith!
    Yes, time is fleeting these days, for sure. I am feeling the pressure as I am down with the flu the past couple days, for which I don't have time! Lol So much yet to do...
    LOVE your teacups. And, oh my! Those squares look absolutely delicious! I would love to have your recipe. And your daughter's cake is so fun! Cery pretty and festive. After all, we do eat with our eyes, too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your congrats. I really appreciate it.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  17. That's supposed to be 'Very' pretty and festive! I think this flu is impairing me...Lol
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  18. Judith, the tea cup is still dainty even if larger. Not clunky like a mug. The cake is awesome. Looks professionally baked.

  19. I'm absolutely in love with your beautiful teacups and saucers. The lavender one is just perfect for Lavender Cottage! The images of cups and saucer on the first one is beautiful and would please any teacup collector. Your friend was truly thoughtful and insightful to send the perfect gift. Have a lovely week and thanks for visiting my blog and your thoughts are so appreciated.

    Thanks, Pam

  20. Hi, Judith
    Thank you for inviting me for your tea party.
    Your large tea cup is so beautiful. Yes, I know lavender is definitely your flower and color. I like bigger teacups too. I do drink my tea in a large Christmas mug from Starbucks in this Christmas season. The snowman is so cute. I feel as if it is smiling me, thank you!
    It has been for a long to visit you. Hoping I visit you more often next year, Judith.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Green Tomato

  21. Both teacups are great, Judith! Also, your daughter did an incredible job on the cake. You two have at least one talent in common.

  22. I am always a thirsty tea-drinker, and rarely a dainty tea-drinker, but I like a cup and saucer. I love the larger cups - especially the old-fashioned European tea cups and saucers....just right!

  23. Wonderful arrangements for the tea break party, the cream teapot is amazing with the self design and even the designs of the tea mugs are too lovely. Love the way you arranged everything.

    Oxmo udsalg

  24. Hope you enjoy many cups of tea over the holidays with family and friends!Pretty teacups and of course I love your teapot as I have the same one.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas,


  25. Judith, sometimes a mug size tea break is what we need. Both your tea-mugs are beautiful as are your little birds. I would say the creative gene runs in your family ... that is a brilliant Snowman cake!! Wishing you a beautiful week..xo C. (HHL)

  26. Love those oversized teacups, and that snowman cake is absolutely amazing!

  27. Hello Judith,
    Both your new tea cups are wonderful and beautiful! I often wish for a larger cup when I take tea into my art room. It often cools before I can finish it. Your tea cups look like they hold a larger amount. I received a lovely tea cup today from my hubby, and it has a lid, that my help the heat issue : )
    The snowman cake is fab! Your daughter is talented! Wow!
    and Happy Holidays!

  28. Hi Judith,
    Love your new teacups and the teapot is so beautiful! Your snowman cake looks delish and very festive. Your daughter is very talented. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas,

  29. Love your new teacups! Sometimes we need a larger cup of tea! Your daughter is so talented, takes after her Mother! Such a cute cake! Merry Christmas to you!

  30. Oh what a talented daughter you have. Your friend gave sweet little birdies! Love them. The table is lovely! Merry Christmas to you!

  31. How on earth did I miss this post?

    I adore your extra large teacups! Yay to holding more tea in fashion!

    I love you found one with Lavender on it, how perfect. Every single time I see lavender anywhere I think of you now.

    That cake is unbelievable, hardly looks edible it is so perfect.


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