Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stories in the Snow

Taking a walk around the backyard, I realized that the snow had a few stories to tell.
Bird prints on the deck, likely looking for dropped seeds.
Squirrel prints everywhere as they seek out food.
This tells me that the rabbits are still around and chewing the woody shrubs.
The joy of having a male dog who likes to lift his leg on my plants.  Do you remember your mother telling you never to eat yellow snow?  As an adult, it looks gross but from the eyes of a toddler - who knows?
I was outside looking for a place to hang a new feeder.
I've had this squirrel-buster feeder that holds sunflower seeds for several years and the design works.
Many of the backyard birds like shelled peanuts...
and this simple metal feeder has been hanging from a tree but the squirrels are desperate and cling from it, chewing at the peanuts until empty.
Time to introduce another squirrel-buster feeder for peanuts.
Already the nuthatches and chickadees have found the tasty peanuts and it won't be long before the woodpeckers are on it too.  With the construction of new homes in our rural area, many trees have been removed.  Fifteen years ago when we moved here, one or two squirrels would frequent the backyard but now it's nothing to see seven or eight at once, fighting over seeds on the ground and trying to figure out how to steal them from the feeders.
I haven't been paid to promote these feeders but I find them so efficient I wanted to share them in case anyone else has a squirrel problem with their bird feeders.
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  1. They are fun to watch aren't they? Those squirrel busters? Very interesting choices for your mosaic this week! I'm reminded of the reindeer dropping earrings I recently saw trapped in acrylic...oh so very special. =D

  2. Figures the squirrel would find a way to eat. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. I had the good sense to move my feeder closer to the house this year so that I could better see the birds. I hope the overhang on it is keeping some of the seed dry as it's a rainy day here. I wonder if we'll have a white Christmas; yours seems assured, Judith.

  4. Hi Judith,
    I just love looking at all the wildlife footprints in the snow. Funny pic of the yellow snow! I know all about that as we have a dog and frequently watch our three granddogsfor a weekend or so. I'm going to look for that bird feeder here, we have the same problem. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would love to have a squirrel buster feeder but we fixed them. We hung the sunflower silo on the clothesline where they can't jump to get it. Sweet pics of the evidence of visitors and I laughed at the yellow snow. :) I expect it would look appealing to a toddler. Ewwwww.

  6. Your snow has some interesting stories to tell. Those darn squirrels will attempt to get into all the feeders. Hope you find a location they can't reach. We put the feeders on a metal pole, standing in an old umbrella stand and have it far enough from the trees so the squirrels can't launch onto it. Then I greased the pole with vaseline and oil so they can't climb it, as I saw one attempting to do that that. Their antics are fun to watch.

  7. I love your pics of sweet little footprints in the snow....most especially the birdie ones.

    Good to know about the feeders - we occassionally get a squirrel problem, but our truly BAD problem is with deer and the plants and trees - the people who built the home we are in (we are 2nd owners) fed the deer and in 10 years we have slowly reengineered the minds to fear us......but it is a slow and painful tree losing process.

    They strip the young new bark all the way around and kill trees like you wouldn't even believe! GRRR!

    I know it is b/c of the encrotchment to their habitat with the building of homes around here....but they have no natural preditors so they are too quickly populating, and so they are in the streets and in the yards, surely more than even they care to be!

  8. You are well educated on birdfeeders and thanks for the tips!!!!

  9. You have a lot of action in your garden. One of my favorite cups has the foot-prints of many different animals. It is a memento from a B&B in New Mexico. Thanks for the memories!

  10. Hi Judith, I feed peanuts too, but they are peanuts in the shell. I put them in a birdbath, and the bluejays have a good sense for when I put them out. They come and carry them away, one by one, until all are gone. We used to feed the squirrels corn but I'm not doing that this year. I like your squirrel-proof feeders, Judith! Very handy to have!

  11. Love the footprints in the snow. The squirrel are always on my feeders, I should look for one of these squirrel proof feeders. Thanks for sharing, have a great week ahead.

  12. There's a lot of activity in your garden. Love the birdie footprints, and the droppings and yellow snow are pretty funny. We have squirrels running around our yard; I often find peanuts they drop, from being fed elsewhere.

  13. Cute post -- on your detective work in the snow! The bird on your bird feeder is quite a photo!

  14. Hi Judith,

    Love your pictures of the snow. As you know, we don't have much of that in Florida. :-)

    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

    Hugs, Barb

  15. Squirrels have been an increasing problem at the feeders this year. I have a squirrel proof feeder that works pretty good. I loved your little nuthatch on the peanut feeder. Valerie

  16. It's been so warm here that we are still having to make sure the birds are fed. Wonderful post!! Enjoyed my visit here today! Cathy

  17. I love your pictures! Have you had a lot of snow so far this winter? We haven't had any in our part of North Carolina yet.

    I love the info. on bird feeders. Is that a Nuthatch on your peanut feeder?

    Yes, we do have a lot of squirrels who try to get in our bird feeders; they're really hard to outsmart. We finally switched to safflower seed, as the folks at the bird store told us that the squirrels USUALLY don't like it. So far, so good for us. I don't know how long it will last.

    Thanks so much for your comments on my post last week. I'm really sorry I'm just now visiting you, but this past week has been extra busy for me.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. Thanks for the tip about those feeders. Didn't know about the peanuts either. Our yardman is coming tomorrow and we will be able to see our birds better then, I hope.
    Blessings this week.

  19. When I lived in a location with lots of snow, I always loved getting out on land for 'tracking'. It's amazing at how many critters are out and about that you never see.

  20. Ah what the snow reveals!
    Love the idea of the bird feeder. I should put one up in my garden - though I must say we don't have squirrels in Australia!
    Have a wonderful week.

  21. We are still awaiting the snow here. It really does provide a registry of mother nature's little furry friends that come by when we are not looking.

    Great photos! and tip on the feeders ... we have been looking for some squirrel proof ones. Wishing you a fabulous day! xo C. (HHL)

  22. Squirrels are a big problem around the feeders here, too. Thank you for letting us know about a feeder that works. Canadian Tire? I'll have to have a look.

  23. Cute post. I guess I don't mind the squirrels. I do need to get my feeders filled up, but the birds and squirrels eat so much dog food, I don't know how they could need anything else.


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