Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Angels In The Home

Angels are everywhere.  They manifest their love through every heart, every honest smile, every act of kindness, every constructive thought.  Their signature is in everything that grows, every selfless desire, every playful pirouette of every soul.
Seek an Angel with an open heart and you shall find one.  Angels may not always come when you call them, but, they come when you need them.
An angel is someone who helps you believe in miracles again.  Sometimes you know Angels only by the miracles they leave blossoming in their path after they are gone.
An Angel is someone you are always happy to run into and an Angel is someone who raises your spirits.
An Angel is someone you feel you have known forever, even though you’ve just met.  Anyone who helps you grow is an Angel and they make you feel welcome in this world.
Angels encourage your best qualities and hidden talents and they give you those gentle pats on the back you sometimes need to keep you young.
Angels give you direction and gently push you out of your little self and into the broad arena of love.
Angels remind you that you are enough and help you see your life in a better light.
An Angel is someone who brings out the Angel in you.
If we were all a little more like Angels, Earth would be a little more like Heaven.

Angels are part of our decor year round, they remind you to believe in miracles.  The quote above is one I've had for many years, and I like to read it again every so often.
Are there angels in your house?
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  1. There may be, though, currently, there are two mere mortals and a cat and a dog. ☺ I think, because the Word tells us so, that we have entertained angels unaware.

  2. You have some beautiful angels, Judith. I have several angels in my garden in season. Have I entertained angels unaware? I don't know. But I do believe in miracles.
    Wishing you a joyous Christmas season, Beth

  3. very pretty, yes, I do have angels in my home, I collected them at one time and still have lots. I have 2 like the one you have sitting on your shelf.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Judith,
    Your angels are sweet and I especially like the little one sitting on the shelf. She is adorable! I enjoyed the poem too. Thanks for sharing with my HOME and I appreciate your prayers for my boy. Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend.


  5. I like the red porcelain angel Judith. I have one angel that my dear late mother-in-law made. It is special to me.

  6. I really enjoyed seeing your angel collection from the Christmas tree topper to all the angel figurines. They're lovely. Liked the poem too - especially the last line - If we were all a little more like angels, earth would be a little more like Heaven!

  7. Lovely post, Judith. Another blogger had a book review today on Arcadia by Lauren Groff. The reviewer writes beautifully, but when she says she recommends a book, I place it on my list whether I think it's *my* type of book or not. I mention it because it is about an angel ... a cowboy angel!

  8. I do have 3 angels in my home, each one a gift from former students. One was a tree ornament but I removed the hanging cord and leave it out year round, one was made from fabric by a student's mom and comes out at Christmas. The last one was made by one girl's (she's a woman now)grandfather, a lovely stained glass creation. Each is special to me.

  9. Hi Judith,
    Love your collection of angels and poem! I collect angels too! Have a wonderful week.

  10. What beautiful angels you have! May we all be angels to someone else this Christmas! I loved your thoughts and poem. Yes, I have angels in my life and I hope I am an angels in others lives! You are a dear angel!!!

  11. There are one or two angel images around my house - more at Christmas than other times. Real angels, though, are all around us and I have been lucky enough to meet more than a few.

  12. Your angel collection is beautiful, Judith, and I especially like the top one who looks old, and yes, freshly from heaven's hair salon! And I love the writing on angels. For sure they are around us, unseen, and seen! I have yet to put mine up on the tree but hopefully today.

  13. What a charming collection of angels you have, Judith! Just last night I was thinking it might be fun to host an angel-themed tea centered around the carol "Angels We Have Heard on High." My mother says my grandmother wanted me named Angela because she just knew I was going to be a little angel. I tell my friends that now and they laugh uncontrollaby for some reason ... !

  14. Yes, I believe in Guardian Angels and have had some angelic help from time to time.
    As Christians we are reminded in God's Word that we sometimes encounter angels without recognising them.
    Awesome thought!
    Yours are very pretty - especially the first one!

  15. Oh Judith, I LOVE that piece you shared. I would like to print it off and re-read it every so often. Yes, I have angels scattered throughout my house and enjoy them throughout the year, too. I have a trio on my DR table that I just posted yesterday.

  16. I love your angels! And to answer you, YES...I have a few angels in my house and their names are James and Sophia -- I also think my late Nana Marcy is always watching out for me. Have a super week Judith.


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