Monday, December 3, 2012

A Farewell to Footprints

Welcome friends for tea this week.   I've been writing a gardening column for our local newspaper for almost 12 years now and back in 2007 when the publisher decided to produce a coffee table style magazine, I was invited to write a gardening article for each issue. 'Footprints' immediately became a hit with the community, and the editor knowing I'm a tea granny had me write 3 articles about tea over the years.  The most recent one in the Christmas issue that just came out involved decorating with things from the garden for a winter tea.  I had fun describing how to use dried seed heads, grasses, red twigs evergreen boughs and many other useful found objects to create wreaths, centrepieces and other decor.
I think what I enjoyed most was telling how to collect rose hips, especially from rosa rugosa and make rose hip tea.
 Rosa rugosa has the biggest plump hips for making a tea that is full of vitamin C.
 My little vignette showing homemade rose hip tea and how pinecones can be used for placeholder cards and holly leaves with berries tied around a vintage linen napkin to make it look pretty.
I also shared the recipe I used last year for Christmas pudding seen here with warmed Devonshire cream drizzled over.
Just as the women in blogland enjoy seeing tea treats, so did my readers and some glazed scones, pink cream cheese snowflake sandwiches along with shortbread and Christmas cake fit the bill.
The newspaper was bought by another publisher 2 years ago and some hard decisions have had to be made I'm sure.  Sadly, they have decided this would be the last issue of Footprints published and wish to put all their time and money into the newspaper.
When I was stuck for photos for my past tea articles, a couple of Canadian blogging friends came to the rescue.  Carolyn at Aiken House and Gardens permitted me to use a photo of her and a friend dressed for tea in her gazebo.  Thank you Carolyn.
And Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage allowed me to use this fabulous photo of her when I included a section in an article on how flowers seduce the senses.  Thank you Sandi.
I'll miss writing for Footprints but there is a saying that when one door closes, another may open.
Please make yourself a cup of tea and visit my hosts and their guests.
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  1. Oh I'm sorry that these tough choices had to be made and I do believe in new opportunities opening wide. What fun to read about a Winter Tea. Great ideas and beautiful photos. You have some good bloggy buddies to share their photos with you.

  2. Oh Judith, how sad for you, but you do seem optimistic for other doors being opened. Your teas look wonderful and of course, the photos of Carolyn and Sandi are perfect. Best of luck for what the future holds.

  3. Dear Judith,
    in my family we say "when a door closes, another opens" - and in the blogland are really wonderful and helpful people, so that this adage also here applies.
    Oh, I enjoy your amazing etagere!
    Blessings, Siret

  4. So sorry to hear of the end of your column, but with your talent I do believe you'll have plenty more opportunities ahead, Judith! (If you were here in Georgia and gardened southern-style, you'd be on my list for sure!)

  5. Judith, those changes, in the name of progress, are hard to accept. But you have a wonderful talent and I think you will find other avenues. Meanwhile your blog will keep your skills sharpened! My publication went from print to online only and that was hard for me to accept. But the good that came with it is the richness of color in the photos now that it is digital only--before the photos were black and white. So good comes.

  6. Judith that is disappointing that your column is being closed. I'm sure you will be missed by a lot of readers. I love the gorgeous natural arrangement you shared today and the wonderful tea time treats. Those pink snowflake sandwiches are beautiful! Hugs,

  7. Oh, it's too bad your readers won't be seeing more of your beautiful articles, but perhaps as others have said, a new oppoertunity will come along.
    Enjoyed seeing the photos of 2 of my favorite blog writers, Sandi and Carolyn.
    Love the arrangements of garden materials.

  8. Hello Judith,
    I'm sorry that they have closed down Footprints. I know you're disappointed and I imagine many there in your neck of the woods are as well. But as you said, another door will probably open for you.
    Your tea is so lovely today with your pretty snowflake sandwiches and cookies. The pudding looks scrumptious and the festive teacup is lovely. Those rose hips are just so plump and beautiful! I've enjoyed your tea very much. Thank you for having me and have a beautiful day.


  9. Oh Judith...that's a shame! They are making a BIG mistake! I love your Christmas vignette/tea table. And the photos are beautiful. I hope we will be seeing more of your wonderful work here on the blog....Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. Dear Judith,
    only God knows for what some decisions are may be good for us. I wish you that soon will come new opportunities for you. I am sure that people from other magazines did read and enjoy your articles and will give you a chance to continue there. Your photos are so nice and the two of Aiken and Sandi are so nicely chosen. At least we will have the delight to see and enjoy your posts here on your blog. Thank you for sharing this post. Have a wonderful Advent time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. Hi Judith,
    Thanks for sharing your experience in writing for Footprints and the great ideas for Christmas time.
    Fortunately your blogland readers, which include me, will go on enjoying your writing, ideas and good taste.
    You know, I usually use rose hips for Christmas decorations, but never for tea... which must be delicious!
    Have a great week.

  12. I'm sorry Footprints couldn't make it. I love writing myself so I can relate to how important the assignment was to you. So nice, though, to be able to make friendships in 'blogland' and share photographs! I hope a new window of opportunity opens for you soon! :)

    Visiting from the link up :)

  13. Judith, I'm sorry that you won't be able to write for Footprints anymore. I like what you showed from previous columns. The food is beautifully displayed, and delicious too, I'm sure. Love the greenery. I have never made rose hip tea although I have made rose petal tea.
    Hugs, Beth

  14. Hi Judith,
    I hope another opportunity comes along soon as I am sure you will be missed.Happy the photo from my blog came in handy for you.
    Lots of goodies on your tea tray today with lovely holiday china too.

    Take care,

  15. Farewells are seldom pleasant, but how wonderful that the magazine [and newspaper] provided the opportunity to become published - an honor you'll always have in spite of the magazine's closure.
    Your evergreen centerpiece is lovely and so appropriate for this time of the year. The readers will miss your "how to" articles.
    Love your snowflake dishes and napkin rings, as well as the tier server filled with tea goodies.
    May December bring much joy and happiness to you and yours!
    ~ Phyllis

  16. Judith you are SO interesting- what tales you share!

    I, too am so sorry to learn of this change...........but, as you say - sometimes when one door closes another one opens....

    And sometimes it is nice to just relax a little and enjoy more of family and friends (Carolyn and Sandy two of the best, most certainly) and just savor your sips.

    I would really love to learn much more about you, lady.



  17. Change - it is so hard, isn't it?
    I am one who believes the theory that a door always opens when one closes, so I'll encourage you to watch out for that opening!

  18. The poor newspapers just are not making it since internet. All our small town weekly ones are gone here. The big cities keep cutting departments trying to survive. It's sad. Sorry about you losing your column.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  19. Oh, I'm sorry about that -- I write for our local newspaper as well -- and have for the last 15 years -- a longer (and for a long time) photoless column on teas, entertaining and gardening sort of like the blog!

    It's a weekly and it's fun getting phone calls and notes from readers!

    And there is always a recipe!

    Your pictures were great and I loved the snowflake sandwiches!

  20. Hello Judith,
    I am sorry to hear your column is over. It sounds like you did an amazing job on it!
    Your tea cup today is very festive! I love that pattern!
    I hope your holiday season is merry and bright : )

  21. That really is a shame that Footprints has finished. Is there a way for you to get all the articles you published and make it into your own book?

  22. You probably already have a dozen ideas going on in your head for what to do next! You are so talented! I like the book idea mentioned! Your cup and photos are all so lovely!

  23. I'm so sorry your column is no longer being published. You have a wonderful way with words and I'm sure many readers are going to miss you. I use to decorate alot with natural things from the outside when I was younger. Just not enough time in the day to take walks and collect them like I use to. I enjoyed your lovely tea and the sweets look so good! Have a good week!

  24. Terribly sorry that Footprints won't be continued...maybe you can write like you did for Footprints on a blog..that would be nice I would love to read it...Happy Holidays..thank you for your visit..with love Janice

  25. I like what janice15 said, although 'Footprints' won't be published in the paper, writing the same thoughts and offering the same research in a blog would be fabulous!

    The photos you posted are beautiful, and speak volumes without any text for clarification. Oh, I hope you find blogging is the perfect way to open a new door !

  26. You have many memories and a wealth of knowledge. Sounds like you loved your job. I really like your lavender blog background. The rose hips look deliscious. I have a real liking for rose petals in tea.

  27. I know you were so good at your writing, I'm sorry it has ended. I thought of you today...I found the prettiest little Christmas tea cup at the thrift store. I can't wait to get a photo of it. It doesn't have any marking on the bottom but it has the old fashioned look in the design. Sweet hugs!

  28. Hi Judith,
    sorry to hear about your footprints column coming to an end. Praying that new opportunities come your way! I love your pretty Christmas tea setting. And your goodies look delish! Have a wonderful day!


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