Wednesday, October 17, 2012

David Austin Heaven

Spring 2013 will be  “Rose Heaven” for fans of David Austin Roses. The famous Shropshire, England rose breeder is introducing six exquisite new English Rose varieties to North America. The six varieties, all deliciously fragrant, robust and season-long repeat bloomers  are available by mail order from now until spring.
The six new English Roses are: ‘Wollerton Old Hall’, a beautiful chalice-shaped, creamy-apricot colored rose considered to be one of the most fragrant English Roses of all time with a delicious strong myrrh scent with elements of citrus.
‘Lady Salisbury’, a plump, multi-petalled pure pink rose with great Old Rose charm.
‘Fighting Temeraire’, an abundantly-blooming, rich apricot rose with an award-winning fruity fragrance with notes of lemon zest.
 ‘England’s Rose’, a particularly tough and reliable variety with glowing pink flowers and a strong Old Rose fragrance with a warm spicy character.
 ‘Queen Anne’ with pure rose-pink flowers, few thorns and an appealing full-bodied Old Rose fragrance.
‘The Lady’s Blush’ a lightly-scented, semi-double, soft pink rose with lovely open flowers exhibiting unusual grace and freshness.
Regardless of when ordered, all roses will be shipped at the correct time for planting in the recipients’ areas. U.S. and Canadian gardeners will find the six new David Austin varieties available via mail-order from or by calling 800-328-8893.  (first come basis)
Also available free upon request, is David Austin’s award-winning catalog, "The Handbook of Roses 2013," a must-have for rose lovers, with 120 pages of color illustrations.
(Text and images from the Sally Ferguson press release to the Garden Writers Association)


  1. Hi Judith, Oh my goodness such beautiful roses. The Lady Salisbury makes me think of my grandmother's roses. The beautiful color and they look like the old roses of my childhood. The Queen Anne with the old rose fragrance is also so appealing to me. Thanks for sharing this information.

    The French Hutch

  2. Judith,
    I am in love with these roses! I ordered my first one this year and it survived the drought here in the midwest. I did happen to baby it a lot! It is still producing beautiful blossoms this past week. What gorgeous new varieties these are! Love them!

  3. These are all such beautiful roses Judith. I don't have enough sun here at this point to grow any but I'd sure like to.

  4. Hi Judith,
    Oh boy I know just what I want for Christmas!

  5. Oh to have roses with some scent. Neither of my lowly knock-out rosebushes do. Bet that they are already sold out, though.

  6. Oh how extraordinary!!

    I am very new to rose care and I am not very good with them - I hardly ever get blooms on my regular roses - now it was a particularly rough summer, but b/c I don't understand them I am unsure of myself and their care.

    I fed them, watered them, dead headed them and didn't water the blooms, just from under - they get lots of sun and occassionally got some insecticide made for roses when they got white dust or round holes eaten in the leaves....I think I only trust myself with the super hardy variety - but I SOOOOO dream of an English Olde Country flower garden.

    Be still my heart!

  7. Judith...oh, ah! They are ALL so lovely. Alas, Roses do not grow well in our clay soil and do NOT like the blustery dry Santa Ana Winds. We have managed to keep 2 rose bushes alive but wish there was room for house! Have a great weekend,

  8. They're Roses are such lovely ones. Wish I could do some more but my limits are done.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  9. Hello Judith,
    Oh what scrumptious roses! I love the pink ones of course! Thank you for stopping by and entering my Giveaway. Very sweet comment too; thank you. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  10. Queen Anne and Lady's blush are my favorites of these you've shown. I have 3 DAs I bought this year. They do have the most fantastic fragrance! Fun to see what's coming; trouble is, it always awakens a "wanting" in me, and as I keep telling Ron, my garden is full! lol

  11. They look so beautiful, I wish they would grow in my garden. Take care Judith.

  12. Beautiful Roses. I love roses of all kind and color but I do seem to favor Pink.

  13. Judith .. this is a great post!! and so wonderful to start dreaming of next year's rose garden... thanks for sharing this. Stay dry and warm it's brrr. cold out there this morning.
    Happy week-end..xo C. (HHL)

  14. I love the roses and also the cataloques-so many beautiful ones to choose from.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  15. Judith these are so beautiful. I wonder if they would work down here in the heat. Amazingly our roses are blooming again right now and really lovely. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  16. Hi Judith!
    David Austin roses are just so beautiful. I'm wondering what Podso's wondering. would they work in the heat we have here.

  17. Oh, my, I'd like one (at least) of each, please! Have had much success with my David Austin 'Tea Clipper' rose, so it's time to add some sister roses!

  18. Oh my these are so lovely! What beauties!


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