Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Christmas in September

Once or twice a month I meet with 3 other women and our instructor Diana to make cards. Ours is the 'granny group' that needs help from the much younger Diana to tie tiny bows etc.  Diana also has seasonal workshops in her home and this past weekend there was 8 of us making Christmas cards and listening to carols.
 Bags for each participant with pre-cut pieces and envelopes.
 Diana's idea board.
One of the card making stations.
Goodies to eat with hot and cold drinks. 
 We each complete 2 cards of each of the 6 designs.
There's always a goody bag for each of us to take home.
I was so busy crafting and having fun I forgot to take a photo of Diana or the rest of the group working away.  This Saturday, I'm hosting a card workshop myself along with afternoon tea.


  1. This looks like such fun... I'd love to join in , INFACT ..I think I shall get busy and invite a few friends over... Thanks for the teatime inspiration...Hugs

  2. I too love making cards but your workshop sounds like fun--doing it with others and learning new ideas. They look lovely!

  3. This looks like so much fun! Cards, food and friends ... can't go wrong!!!

  4. The cards are beautiful. I love to get a handmade card. Unfortunately I am not in any way ready for Christmas music. Valerie

  5. Gals who do this and know how to have fun together just makes me grin. I love it! And you have so many cards for Christmas, which makes it all the sweeter. Diane must be a dear.

  6. What a perfect get together!! Though I wish I had new friends here in Florida.. it would be perfect since we have some rainy weather it looks coming ahead!!
    have a blast!!!!!
    Gypsea Nurse

  7. We use to have a Scrapbook shop in town that held card making groups. This closed down...What a fabulous idea to host and afternoon with the ladies!!! xo C. (HHL)

  8. What fun! A local card/scrapbooking store hosts several card workshops throughout the year, with a big one in Sept/Oct. Always a good time, and enjoy having the handmade cards. Have a great day!
    Hugs, Beth

  9. It looks like you all had a great time. The cards are so beautiful that you all made.

  10. Good Morning, Judith

    Your group sounds like you have such fun together. I hope the gathering you'll be hostessing turns out to be just as wonderful.

    I've been thinking of trying to create a few Christmas cards.


  11. The cards look beautiful and it sounds like a fun time. I need to find a group like that here.

  12. how lovely! i love all those beautiful cars on the boards or the ones you made! goody bags look so charming too! how exciting!


  13. That sounds like a lot of fun plus you get to bring home your finished cards.

  14. Beautiful cards and I'm sure lots of fun with the other gals! I took one class at the RV park in Florida on card making last winter. Haven't had time to make any here, but hope to do some this winter in Florida.

  15. What fun! I've been in the mood to work on Christmas crafts myself. A little "lady time" would be fun too! Glad you liked my shop post!

  16. That looks like a great time ~ how fun. :) And the cards are very pretty, too. Thanks for popping by for a visit.

  17. I have loved receiving your handmade cards, they are beautiful. Hope your workshop is a success. hugs, Jen.

  18. A card workshop AND afternoon tea? Oh my. Wish I lived closer! All these designs are just so *perfect* looking--what talent!


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