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Welcome friends for tea this week.  I've been organizing my tea cupboard in the kitchen and decided I needed a good quality green tea.  I know many of us have been reading the light-hearted tea mysteries written by Laura Childs and Dragonwell Dead brought to mind the mystical tea Dragonwell.
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The leaves are hand plucked in the Haungzhou area of the Zhejiang province of China and meticulously pressed in a hot wok.
 Steeping results in a mellow green tea that does not disappoint in expected flavour.
A toasted crumpet with passionfruit jam is a tasty treat to have with the tea.  Both DH and I have an English background and he grew up eating his crumpets with jam.  At our house we ate them like pancakes with maple syrup.  I think because my dad had such a sweet tooth, he invented this way of eating them.  Anyone else ever indulge in crumpets this way?
'New Dawn' is still blooming so I included a rose at my breakfast table.  The crumpets are store bought and delicious served either way.
Two miniature Victorian parasols....a teaser for my August 30 guest post and a giveaway.
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Please join my hosts and their guests for tea.


  1. Hi Judith, I still haven't read any Laura Child's books. Do I need to start in any particular order? Your crumpets look delish!! I like your Dad's idea of using maple syrup...mmmm!

  2. I love crumpets anyway at all but I grew up with having them with Ontario maple syrup. Valerie

  3. I think I've exhausted all the books by Laura Childs in our libraries :) Love the tea shop mysteries. I'm a lover of crumpets too, but smothered in butter. We used to toast them over an open fire at my grandmother's house (long, long ago). Those are adorable parasols.

  4. Crumpets are so mild in flavor that I can imagine them being eaten with maple syrup very nicely. What's taking my eye this evening is your quilted table very pretty. And a rose upon the table always look wonderful, especially when it is as delicate and lovely as your New Dawn.

  5. Hi Judith, Cute little parasols, hmm, Victorian? Kathy of Delightsome Life who so loves Victoria? Or Debbie-Dabble who decorates beautifully in Victorian decor? Guess I'll just have to wait and see! The crumpets are lovely with the passionfruit jam. I'll bet they're great. Sounds like a delicious green tea too. Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Beth

  6. Looks so delicious and the teacup is beautiful!..Christine

  7. Hi Judith,
    Pretty teacup! I haven't read that book yet but I am reading the very first one in the series right now. I love crumpets and served with jam or syrup would be a treat! The green tea sounds lovely.
    I LOVE those wee parasols! They are so sweet! I know who you will be guesting with but I'll keep it a secret. Thanks for joining me for tea today.


  8. I am reading Agony of the Leaves right now!

  9. Hi Judith: Here is my dumb question! Are crumpets the same as English muffins. They look like what is sold in the states as English Muffins, and I love them with honey, but, even, if they are not the same, I will start calling them crumpets. Sounds so much more lovely to me..Happy Monday..Judy

  10. Judith I always enjoy tea at your house. And hadn't heard of the tea mysteries. It sounds like you would recommend them?

  11. Now where do you find passion fruit jam? That has to be one of the most incredible flavors ever! I love your crumpets with jam and the darling parasols. Thanks for sharing tea with us! Have a wonderful week.

  12. Hi Judith,
    Such a pretty teacup for your new tea! Last year I found crumpets in the freezer section of our grocery store. I was so excited to try them as they are so traditional with tea. I've only tried them toasted with butter and jam. I've read all the Tea Shop books except for the newest. I'm waiting for it to come out in paperback to add to my collection. Have a great week.

  13. I've not heard about Laura Childs before, but I will be on the look out for them.

    Jocelyn @

  14. If it were only earlier I'd run right out into the car for a trip to the all-night grocer so that I could have crumpets in the morning. Lots of butter and then some strawberry-rhubarb jam on top. Mmmmmmm!

  15. Hi Judith!
    Your crumpets are making me hungry and I haven't had breakfast yet. The passion fruit sounds good. I'm going to check the library for the books.

  16. Hi Judith,
    Those toasted crumpets with jam look so delicious! And the miniature Victorian parasol are so pretty, looking forward to see the guest post.

  17. a tease indeed! Love crumpets - pass the plate and thanks for linking to Tea IN The Garden!

  18. Hi Judith,
    yur tea and crumpets make my mouth watering. The crumpets look soooo yummy. Would love them with passion fruit jam as much as with Maple syrup. I think i would take one with jam and one with syrup. Thank you for sharing this lovely photos.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  19. Hi Judith,
    Your tea and crumpets look so delicious!! I love my crumpets toasted with jam. Your tea cup is beautiful. Looking forward to your guest post. Have a nice week.

  20. Hi Judith ... I really must read some of those teatime mysteries... and toast myself one of those delicious crumpets...

    Indulging in a little maple syrup sound great to me too.. We have an abundant supply of it here...Yummy ...Enjoy your week...Hugs

  21. I'm sipping green tea while visiting blogs, it is my favorite tea for the evening, a little lighter. I like green iced tea too. Have not had crumpet is looks like I might be missing out! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  22. Hello Judith, I have picked up a couple Laura Child books at the library - I am trying to start from the beginning of the tea shop mystery series - loving them! The crumpet with passion fruit jam looks tasty! Love the information on the tea! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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