Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The August Break

I'm joining The August Break 2012 hosted by Susannah Conway .
Susannah explains how it works: you simply share one photo (or more!) each day on your blog – Monday to Friday, or every day. Or whenever you feel moved to share. Using any camera – DSLR, compact, Polaroid, Holga, iPhone, Instax, film or digital – with or without words – anything goes! – for the whole of August.  No pressure – just looking at August through your camera lens as a way to be more present this summer. And to have a little break from the pressures and expectations of regular blogging.
There are NO RULES, people! Just sunshine (hopefully) + a bit of fun. And lots of lovely photos to look at and new blogs to discover.
There are badges you can grab for this fun event here and I've added a pretty frame to mine on the right side bar which will take you to the list of participants.

Now I may do the odd post as I love joining my weekly friends for tea but then again I may just post the photos and you can imagine the words I would have included.


  1. That sounds fun...a little sneak peak into daily life! Have fun snapping away.

  2. What a delightful idea! Not sure if I can do that every day, but I will try to do my part! Thank you!
    By the way, can anyone give me a simple lesson on developing my own "badge" or "button"? Everyone has such cute ones, and I haven't figured it out yet. (Haven't tried to hard to be honest, but I want to learn!)

  3. This sounds quite appealing as I'm so busy right now I'm not having much time to blog and this would be fun as well. Hmm ... thanks for sharing the idea.

  4. Love this idea. LOVE IT!



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