Thursday, July 12, 2012

The July Garden

My July garden is coming alive with colour and I'm enjoying the fragrant sweet peas that I planted for the first time.  These and other seeds were a gift from Renee's Garden in CA to garden writers.
 'North Shore'
'April in Paris'
The 'New Dawn' climbing rose is doing well despite the lack of rain this year.
I really like the delicate pink of cleome 'Blushing Bride' a trial annual from Proven Winners.  I plan to let it self seed for next year.
Several varieties of echinacea are a staple in the butterfly garden.
'Pixie Meadowbrite' is a short, compact plant for the front of the garden.
Butterflies don't care if the stems are short or tall.
I'm not having much luck with hollyhocks between weevils and earwigs so sidalcea is the next best thing.
The delicious shasta 'Banana Cream' has finally flowered this year, well worth the money.
The pond is still home to a huge family of frogs with more tadpoles hatching every few days.  They are 2 year olds that over-wintered in the pond.
There's still lots more to share, but that can wait until next week.
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  1. WOW you have all sorts of awesomeness in your garden, Judith!

    Thanks for sharing!

    I loathe earwhigs. Ugh, the ugliest bug I swear.

  2. Haha, the shot of the two frogs seemingly awed by the plants and the pool is amazing, fun but beautiful.

  3. Beautiful blooms! I really love that new variety of Cleome and those close-ups of the Sweet Pea flowers. The two frogs hanging out by the pond is rather a cute shot too.

  4. Wonderful candid Echinacea. Eww, yucky earwigs, give me the creeps. How FUN you have froggies! :)
    Enjoy the weekend,

  5. Beautiful blooms! And sweet photo with the monarch. And your previous post, I looked hard for the pot of jam and finally spied it! Funny your granddaughter would make that comment! The wonderful world of pretend, except those were real scones and jam!

  6. Lovely sweet peas! I can almost smell the fragrance!

  7. Oh goodness your climbing rose and blushing bride are gorgeous flowers! Love that you have a pond of frogs, so fun to watch!


  8. Hi Judith,
    I love seeing all your pretties! The April in Paris is so delicate and just a hint of purple, so pretty! What wonderfully fat frogs!!

  9. July is busting out in bloom here too. Every day there's another colour somewhere. I love it!

  10. Everything looks really lovely. Love the pond and the frogs.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. The sidalcea looks like my mallow. I must check that out and see if it is so. I'm having troubles with it because the Japanese beetles are chowing down. I handpick them off morning and night.

    That rose is stunning and I do like the sweet peas very much.

  12. Your flowers are beautiful and each visit to your garden brings many new delights. The frogs are too cute.

  13. Hi Judith: So many beautiful flowers in your garden--and those sweet peas! I love them, but mine are not blooming yet--they are in a shady spot, so it takes them a while to get going. Take care--have a lovely weekend!

  14. Judith -- you gardens are breathtaking! Sweet Peas are a particular favorite of mine -- my granny always grew them near her clothesline!


  15. Beautiful photos! I absolutely love lavender!

  16. I planted some sweet peas and they seem to be uncoopertive, for some reason. I had visions of loads of them! Yours are so nice. Great butterfly shot!

  17. The garden looks wonderful Judith. I love my Banana Cream daisy, it stand up better in the heat. Take care and have a great weekend. Jen.

  18. The sidalcea is lovely! I've never heard of it before. The shasta daisy is very pretty too, and I'll bet those sweet peas smell fabulous! The pond and the frogs look great too. Your garden is doing well, Judith, and I enjoyed seeing some of what's blooming!
    Hugs, Beth

  19. Ohhh. You have such a beautiful blog!!
    I love your photo's .
    I wil enjoy follow you.
    nice weekend.
    Love, Annette

  20. Everything looks so beautiful in your garden....I have had a difficult time with bugs this year attacking my tomatoes and one of my flowers...lovely Happy Saturday..with love Janice

  21. I so enjoyed coming here today, Judith! You have such lovely flowers in your gardens! What a treat to see the frogs in your pond too!

  22. Love your April in Paris and the cone flowers! Have a great weekend!

  23. Hi Judith,
    I just love your climbing rose. What a beauty. I have coneflowers too and yours are doing so well. Mine have to be really babied due to our high heat.
    Your daisies are so pretty too. Mine here are blooming although not as big. Again probably due to the heat. I keep trying though and each year find what works best in our heat.
    As always I love your pretty blog and your gardens inspire me so much.
    Thank you for stopping by my studio today and your kind commet.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  24. Hi Judith,
    Your flowers are beautiful. I love the photo of the butterfly and flower. You have really captured the beauty of the butterfly. Love it! Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  25. Como é bonito acompanhar o nascimento das flores. Obrigada por compartilhar as belezas de seu jardim e desfrutar de um chá.

    Fique com Deus.



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