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Anne of Green Gables Tea

Welcome friends for tea this week.  Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is hosting a progressive tea party this week to celebrate the fictional Anne of Green Gables and I've offered to serve the scones.
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I've only been to Prince Edward Island once, one of our S-I-L's is from Tignish at the north end of the island.  We visited for his sister's wedding and to meet the family.  The people from this province are so friendly and think nothing of dropping by unannounced to a neighbour's for tea.  Hmm, here in Ontario, we phone ahead...
Of course we had to visit Avonlea, the village of Anne of Green Gables and I was quite taken with the kitchen garden that had herbs and vegetables dating from the period when the book took place.
The fields of lupins were awesome to see and the red soil..., dark red clay so different from our brown clay at home.  Being a horticulturist with an interest in geology, this gal didn't bring home an Anne doll, or even a tea shirt!  Nope, I brought home red stones and rocks for my garden.
 A couple of the red stones found on PEI, and a souvenir mug for tea.
Speaking of tea, I better bring out the scones for everyone.

There's a pot of red seedless raspberry jam to slather on your scone. (A little story here about the jam:  our teenage granddaughter staying with us for a few weeks couldn't believe I'd spoon jam into a crystal jam pot for a pretend tea, then spoon it back into the jar and wash the pot)  Does anyone even see the jam pot?
 A small battenburg lace umbrella sits with the watering can teapot holding Earl Grey tea.
A small bouquet from the garden is made from brunnera 'Jack Frost' leaves and a spire of white astilbe flowers.
If you look closely, you can just barely see the jam pot behind the scones.  
It really is fun to gather each week for (pretend) tea with women from Canada, the US and afar.  I'm thankful Sandi has brought us all together for bloggers are friendly like the people of PEI and are a sharing, caring group of people.
Other ladies I'm linking with and am thankful to know through their blogs:
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  1. What a lovely post, and so nice you have been able to visit. I have always wanted to, but we haven't made it there yet!

  2. Such an adorable umbrella to grace your table. I think I would bring back stones for the garden too :)

  3. Judith your tea is lovely. I didn't get to anything Anne while on PEI 4 years ago but I did bring home a couple of red rocks like you! :) Thanks for bringing the lovely scones and jam for our tea today. Hugs, Pam

  4. Hello dear Judith,
    What a lovely tea with scones and jam you have served. Your parasol is adorable!
    Whenever I visit different places, I always bring a rock home too because they fascinate me. I have quite a collection from all over the world which family members have brought back to me.
    The cup you brought back from the Island is really cute and a nice keepsake.
    Thank you so much for helping out with the refreshments today. I appreciate your friendship and perhaps one day we can sit and sip a real cup of tea together. Wouldn't that be lovely!


  5. Judith ... lovely Anne of Green Gables tea party. Love the mug -- a fun keepsake. Yummy yummies!!!

  6. What a delightful tea!

    I love your souvenirs as well.....especially the red rocks!

    I love you took the trouble for your "pretend" tea.

    I know whenever I post about one, after it is all done I DO have REAL tea...alone, perhaps, but enjoyable just the same.

    Happy Tea Tuesday, thanks for sharing in such a fun way.

  7. What a lovely tea, Judith! I am glad you were able to visit. Maybe someday you can go to PEI again. It surely sounds like a fabulous place, and I know the flowers grow well there, in spite of the red least they do at Sandi's and at Carolyn's! Your scones look delightful and the jam pot is pretty.
    xo Beth

  8. Oh, what a delight that you were able to visit! I hope to some day - it would be wonderful to have a pilgrimage there wouldn't it! I love your little parasol - it is gorgeous - the tea and scones are just right! We have red clay here in Georgia but do not have red stones - so delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  9. You gals have made such a delightful progressive tea. Your post is lovely and the scones look delicious.

    Jocelyn @

  10. this looks and smells wonderful! Lovely post Judith with a lot of creativity!

  11. Wish I could share a scone and some tea with you, for real, Judith!! You are soooo right about bloggers being such a caring group. I love your pretty table with the battenburg lace umbrella!!

  12. What a lovely idea, a tea at Green Gables!
    I´m glad meeting you again

  13. What a pretty table Judith. You and your granddaughter could have a tea party while she is visiting. hugs, Jen.

  14. Ooh!! I love the raspberry jam on the scones...I'm a southern girl from Florida, and I've never been to PEI, but it is definitely on my "bucket list" of places to visit and things to do before I leave this old world! I feel like I've been just a little bit closer today while enjoying this tea time with you and the others! This is such fun! Thank you for allowing this old gal from the south to join you! Please come over and visit me at my little tea party, hosted by none other than Anne herself!

  15. A great tea time, scones & the jam are perfect! A fabulous story and set up. Great blog Judith. Cheers

  16. Hi, Judith.
    I really love your tea table with a white umbrella, the scones, the green lace mat and the pretty mug! Thank you for sharing such a lovely tea party!
    I think I would like to visit Prince Edward Island some day. It must be a lovely place! My English text book is a story of Anne.
    Have a good day,Judith.

  17. I never thought of it before but, I suppose our garden could be called a kitchen garden! We use it all to cook and eat (doesn't a kitchen garden just sound more sophisticated?) Love your tea party, hope your grand-child is enjoying with you!

  18. Hi Judith!
    Your tea is just delightful and your scones look delicious. I had to laugh about your jam pot story. Have a good day.

  19. It may be a pretend tea party, but it is beautiful and enjoyed by many, nonetheless.
    I've only ever been to PEI once, and that was to stay in Tignish with my dearest friend, Brenda's family. They have lived there for generations. We visited the old church there and listened to the priceless organ being played.

  20. Oh the scones look so delicious and the jam, making me hungry. We have been to PEI a couple of times and it is a beautiful area and of course you can't go there with out going to Annes home. Enjoyed your tea, thank you for sharing...

  21. Hi Judith!

    I love this so much. How creative and utterly charming. And I do see the jam pot! I do plenty of pretend things for photo shoots so that seems quite normal to me.

    Thank you very much for the lovely tea – the bouquet is the finishing touch.

    – g

  22. Hi Judith,
    Thanks for the scones and tea-everything is lovely.
    The parasol is so cute and I enjoyed your view of the Island-hope you come back someday soon!


  23. A couple of years ago my best friend and I went to PEI and stayed in a renovated farmhouse for a week. I was surprised he was open to visiting Green Gables, which was more closely related to my girly Canadian upbringing than his boyish English one. The house was charming and we loved walking so many of the paths. Thanks for the wonderful tea and the happy memories, Judith.

  24. ciao adoro l ombrello!!!! come tutto il resto a presto lu..

  25. Hi Judith,
    thank you for the lovely tea time. I totally understand that you brought rocks with you. I often collect rocks from special places. I think they breath something from this area. Your tea cups and mugs are very nice and the scones are delicious. But I love most the Brunnera leaves. What a nice lacy pattern they hav. Thank you for this tea time and for your kind comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  26. Hi Judith,
    What a delightful menu in honour of the sweet Anne!
    Thanks for the lovely tea.

  27. Judith, your tea cup from your trip is lovely and those scones look absolutely yummy!! and what a wonderful way to take a moment for ourselves and encourage others too .. with an afternoon cup of tea. I have missed sharing along and am dropping in as often as possible during these past few summer weeks.

    And yes, we too serve jam in jam pots, and not from the store jar. :)

    Wishing you a fabulous week..xo C. (HHL)

  28. Hi Judith,
    Everything looks so lovely. I enjoyed your Anne post! I would love to go to PEI some day to experience all the beautiful history of Anne. Sounds wonderful! I really enjoy Anne of Green Gables. Your scones and jam look delicious. What a beautiful table setting. Thanks for sharing.

  29. What a lovely tea post Judith! Everything looks just perfect for this special occassion tea party day!

  30. Delightful! I very much enjoyed this tea when I visited Pamela Gordon so I feel extra blessed to visit yours as well. What a lovely tea table you set. I also serve up the jam in a small jelly dish, which I do see here, because tea is special and we don't always celebrate as we should.

  31. What a lovely tea you gave in honor of Anne. Your scones look so yummy and table so pretty. I laughed when you mentioned bringing rocks home from your trip, I do the same, but still buy the teacup! Have a great rest of the week.

  32. Thank you for the scones, they look delicious. I love Anne of Green Gables!
    Hugs, Cindy

  33. It's all so your pretend tea. Of course I know we're not's all real and fun! I posted pics of my house today that I thought you might enjoy since I know you love lavender as much as I do! Have a sweet day!

  34. Visiting for the Anne tea, Judith - and what grand looking scones you have laid out! Very yum - Anne would approve.

    Funny about your souvenir choice - I might not have gone for the stones, but I would definitely need to take a teacup home were I to go!


  35. Hi Judith,
    This post got my attention because I am crazy about Anne of Green Gables and Tales from Avonlea. It is a dream of mine to go to PEI someday. Your battenburg lace parasol looks so nice on your table. That is funny about the jam. I do things like that for my posts too. My kids like it because they know they get to eat what I have made for the post when finished taking the photos. The things we'll do for a pretty post huh? Have a great week! Gina


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