Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's Blooming in my Garden

The temperature has been comfortably warm with sunny skies which is encouraging more things to bloom in the garden;  join me as I show you a few of them.
Weigela is one of my favourite shrubs, blooming now and then again later in summer.
 'Wine and Roses'
 'Red Prince' which the hummingbirds love
 'Ghost' - this foliage will turn a pale yellow in summer
'My Monet' a dwarf compact form
The bud from the Itoh peony 'Sequestered Sunshine' has opened fully now and is a real beauty.
The lactiflora or garden peonies are starting to open and perfume the air.
Clematis 'Warsaw Nike and 'Josephine' make a pretty couple.  They're on the north wall too.
Dictamus is a fabulous plant from the buds...
 to the flowers.  The common name is gas plant.
I went to the farm where I buy our free range eggs this week to pick up a couple of dozen.
 Usually the sign says free range eggs but chickens were being processed and the pick up date for fresh was noted before they went in to the freezer.
 Inside Sarah rests on the floor waiting for a scratch behind the ear.
 Some of the bird seed they sell.
 And with a chorus of loud peeps coming from behind a door, I was taken in and shown some of the day old chicks awaiting pickup for other farms.  They're so sweet and soft.
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  1. You've got some beautiful blooms in your garden right now. Your Weigelas are just beautiful and so are those Peonies. The chicks are little cuties!

  2. No peonies here, but the weigela is about to burst forth. I love it because it seems to last forever, bringing a little colour after the nearby lilac is finished. Ours is a Red Prince.
    Right now we have 25 chicks in the hen house. They will grow fat and happy in the sunshine as soon as they are a little bigger, and then they are destined for our table.

  3. Your garden is lovely! Gorgeous blooms.

    The photo of the checks made me miss them so much. My Dad always bought chicks to raise. We used to sell fresh eggs too


  4. My weiglea are in flower the peonies are almost finished. Your garden is looking lovely Judith. Take care and have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Fingers are crossed for my weiglea this year...your blooms are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful blooms. My wegelia is overloaded with blooms this year, so pretty.

  7. Hi Judith, Your weigela are certainly pretty. Love your gas plant too - I have never seen one before. 'Sequestered Sunshine' is a real stunner, and your white peony is lovely as well. Peonies smell so good! Looks like summer has arrived in Ontario!
    Blessings, Beth

  8. If only my Red Prince attracted hummingbirds! All of the plants look wonderful, Judith. It's an inspiration to read your posts.

  9. Hello Judith, LOVE your peonies and my weigela is struggling - I think I need to relocate them! so loved visiting and those chicks are precious!

  10. Oh Judith I always love seeing beauties from your garden (now you have me missing my wiegelia bush I left behind at my former house) What a great farm to have for farm fresh purchases! So- how many chicks did you bring home with you?? Thanks for linking up with Farm Fresh Friday!!

  11. Hi Judith! Your flowers are beautiful. Clematis is one of my favorites but I don't have luck growing it. Have a great weekend.

  12. Your shrubs and other plants are looking beautiful Judith. I noticed the ghost plant at the greenhouse last week and hadn't seen it before and since then I've noticed it in people's yards. The farm store looks quite old fashioned. Have a great weekend. Pamela

  13. Just lovely..I enjoyed my stroll through the garden...Happy weekend with love Janice

  14. Hi Judith! I just have to tell you that I did not receive flowers in that Telefloral teapot. I didn't word my post correctly and I haven't had a chance to go back and edit it. I bought it at an antique/thrift shop. Hope you have a great weekend.


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