Monday, June 18, 2012

Savouring Summer

Welcome friends for tea this week.  Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is hosting her 'Savour the Summer' tea party and at the same time I want to pay tribute to the women bloggers who meet for tea each week.
Thank you for your kind comments, friendship and caring ways; I always look forward to our weekly gathering. To our gracious hosts, many thanks, and without you we would not have met.
A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.
For me, the onset of summer means pretty pastel blooms.  And in June, strawberries, which I picked today at a local farm.
Peonies are a favourite which I like to bring indoors to put in vases and then use the petals for potpourri.
With a pink theme I've pulled out my Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose' teapot.  The 'Hope' fairy has joined us with a butterfly in her hands.
You can choose from pretty teacups with pink roses...
 or a mug if you prefer.
The silver spoons with a petit point inset I've shown before.
The tea I've brewed is 'Strawberry Fields', a gift from one of my daughters.  I baked some cookies for us to have, butterflies of course!
 My summer china pattern is 'Butterfly Meadow' by Lennox and I couldn't believe the deal I found at Winners.  These two luncheon plates were only $3.00 each so I picked them up right away, wishing there were more.
There's always birds and butterflies in the garden so it's no surprise that we should have some visitors for tea.
I'm pleased you've stopped by and I hope you'll make yourself a cup of tea while you visit Sandi and her guests as well as my other hosts.
Bernideen for Tea in the Garden


  1. I too love to bring my peonies inside to ADORE them for as long as I can! They are so beautiful. AND WHAT a gorgeous backdrop to your tea. and all those pretty pinks. There is nothing quite like a tea party with all our special friends here! I will use the BOTTOM CUP&SAUCER in the photo above the mugs...(((LOVE)))that one!
    Have a fun week,
    Big Hugs,

  2. Hello Judith,
    What a delightful tea! Your butterflies and birdies, pretty teacups and of course the Lavender Rose teapot are all lovely signs of summertime. Your kind words are most appreciated and I really do enjoy hosting a tea party every week so we tea ladies can all get together and visit. Thank you for coming to my party and I hope you have a splendid first day of Summer!


  3. Judith, what a beautiful butterfly-themed tea party. What a deal on the Lenox plates! I love your teacups and teapot...and the butterfly cookies...yum!!!

  4. Tea in pretty cups and cookies on a pink edged plate. Perfect!

  5. Hi Judith! Oh, I'd love just about any tea served in your Lavender Rose pot! It's on my wish list to add to the Lavender Rose trio, creamer and sugar I picked up at an Antique show in early spring. Love all the whimsy on your summertime tea table today. Also enjoyed catching up with your gardens. Alas, mine are quite in chaos - wildflowers gone quite shabby and . . . well . . . wild! Seeing a specialist in the field tomorrow and hope to find a cure so I can enjoy my front garden again this year.

  6. Judith,

    What a truly delightful tea you have prepared and shared with us.

    I have never had strawberry tea but tonight just finished a wonderful red raspberry tea - was so good!


  7. Such a pretty tea table set with your new dishes. I wish we had a store like Winners or TJ Max near by. I love the butterfly plates and your sweet fairy and birds. Strawberries are not quite ready to pick here.

  8. How difficult to choose which teacup! They are all so lovely! Tea is such a sharing of the heart, isn't it my friend? I always enjoy my time with you and your lovely photographs! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Everything from the pink themed cups to the spoon and from the tea to the cookies are lovely, Ruth. If I were your tea party guest, I would be really thrilled and felt absolutely welcome.

  10. Your Peony is beautiful. Love the teacups and those spoons are just beautiful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. I'm so envious of the peonies...I see them all over lucky you are to grow them.
    Beautiful cups and teaspoons and the most delightful butterfly cookies.

  12. A very pretty tea table Judith. The butterfly cookies are sweet. No strawberries here yet. I did buy some from Nova Scotia last week and they were quite tasty. Much better than the big hard tasteless ones we get all year from 'somewhere'. :) Enjoy the day.

  13. Beautiful tea, Judith. Butterflies, birds, peonies and lots of pink ... perfect! Happy Tea Day!

  14. Quite lovely. The little butterfly place is so sweet. You might find more by going to Look a the marking on the back of the plate to search for it on the web site. Sometimes pieces are very costly, but is is fun to see what your little treasure is and if there are more of the kind.

  15. so pretty.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful week.

  16. Such sweet things on that tea table. I love the new dishes.

  17. Hi Judith,
    Very lovely tea party! I love the way you use your peonies, such a clever idea.

  18. Your tea is so pretty Judith. I can't seem to make a choice on which tea cup, they are all so lovely. I love your fairy and little pink birdie and the new butterfly dishes.

  19. Judith, This is a really beautiful post! I love the tea cups, but I'll have my tea in a mug since it's larger...the Strawberry Fields tea looks pretty and sounds good too. You certainly do have a wide variety of teas to choose from! The butterfly plates and cookies, and your peonies are lovely too. Your setting today is pretty in every way!
    Hugs, Beth

  20. Isn't lovely that strawberries are in season. I have a wonderful tea for you to try, Strawberry Shortcake. Have a great day. Jen.
    ps Have not made a decision of the offer yet.

  21. there is so much prettiness in this post! Everything looks so beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  22. Hi Judith,
    You have prepared a beautiful Summer tea setting. I love the pretty Royal Albert Teapot and rose teacups! Today has been a very hot summer day with a humid ex warning in our area. Thanks for sharing today! Have a wonderful day!

  23. Hi Judith! Your tea is so sweet! I still have my dried peonies, but I didn't think of potpourri. Brilliant! That little pink birdie is darling! So nice to know you stopped by!

  24. What a pretty tea, I have to agree with donna above I lie the pink cup n saucer above the mugs, the best. Although, all of them are beautiful. My peonies are almost finished and the rain really beat my roses today so they might be finished sooner than I like. Thank you for sharing, sounds like it maybe ice tea tomorrow with the heat coming.

  25. Hi Judith,
    Your tea is just lovely, and I have been craving cookies:-) Love all the pretty floral cups!!
    I am excited about your Beauty Berry! Dies to the ground! Wow, I lost my butterfly bushes over last winter and just replaced them.
    Iris is the sweet toothed bandit around this house, she kept a close eye on the muffins :-)

  26. Hello, Judith
    Everything is so attractive with the butterflies and flowers. You did well at Winners. That's a store I like to drop by now and again; sometimes just the right thing is waiting there.

  27. Comment #27 is pretty much more of how lovely your post is Judith - I don't have a butterfly bush right now so that is a nice reminder of how wonderful they are!

  28. Everything looks so beautiful. Those cookies look yummy; they must be very good with Strawberry fields tea.

  29. Hi Judith,
    what a delightful summer party. The peonies are so wonderful. I have to try that with the potpourri, because I have left a lot of petals. I couldn't have any tea with you because I could not decide which of this beautiful tea cups and mugs I would prefer. They are all so pretty. The plates are a bargain. And the whole setting looks so sweet with the beautiful butterfly cookies and the fairy. I had also a peak at the former post and your garden is amazing. Loved it, too.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  30. Oh so pretty! I love your summer party Judith. Your cookies look so delicious and summery. I am always on the look out for Butterfly Meadow at the thrift stores. You certainly did find a great deal.

    Jocelyn @

  31. HI Judith....I'm your 400th follower! I love even numbers and am delighted to visit your beautiful blog. I love everything on your table, esp that lovely teapot! Everything is so pretty.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Lady Linda

  32. Hello Judith~ What sweet teacups, love the pink bird! We love strawberries in June too...just bought some today at a Farmers Market :)

  33. I am new at this "tea party" party blog...and I am so delighted to find it. Everyone has certainly decked out their tea tables so beautifully...I am in awe! I do so love your peonies. When we lived in Ohio I was surprised by peonies growing in the yard of the old house we were leasing...I had never before seen such luscious flowers!!! They don't grow in Florida where I live now, so I keep a vase of silk peonies on my buffet to remind me! Unfortunately, they don't have a fragrance! I would love to visit your Lavender Cottage some day. Lavender is another of my favorite fragrances. Just this morning I was sniffing my lavender bar of soap before I left for calms my nerves and relaxes my body and mind. I keep a lavender candle on my desk to sniff when I need a break!
    Thank you for visiting my "Time Out for Tea" party earlier. I am looking foward to getting better acquainted in the future!

  34. Hi Judith,

    Ahhh.....such a darling post. You know I LOVE all your tea things. Just drooling over here.

    Enjoy your new iPad. One day I will catch up with this modern world. Ha.

    Thanks for your kind comments. Hope your weekend is blessed


  35. It is so wonderful that it is possible to share a cup of tea over cyberspace. Still no strawberries to eat where I live. . Good thing there is to buy at the store. Peonies are so good cut flowers they survive long in the vase. Gorgeous summery teapot. A precisely such, I would like to have. Very cute spoons and teacups. Suitable summer tea with strawberry flavor. I wish you a wonderful Midsummer! Zinnia

  36. You always give the most beautiful tea parties, Judith!
    The strawberries look so good! I will have to hope our strawberry plants recover after the bunnies munched them down so low while we were in California! Nothing says summer more than fresh fruit! :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    ~ Zuzu

  37. Oh Miss J...your tea party is just the loveliest thing! So wish I could be there in person to enjoy it all. Simply beautiful!



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