Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ever Had a Day Like This?

Ever had one of those days?  This morning when I went out to water my containers, I found the bunnies had been busy in the veggie garden.  Looks like there won't be any yellow beans this year.
Then when I went back inside I proceeded to bake a 2 layer cake for my decorating class.  Using 6 inch pans for the first time, I put (way) too much batter in and the cakes rose, and rose then spilled over like a flow of lava.  What was left wasn't pretty and believe me, neither was the inside of the oven.  Because I was making a white cake, there were lots of egg whites and the globs on the racks and bottom of the oven smelled like burning marshmallows.  What a mess!
I went outside to do some gardening, it's always a good activity for relieving stress. 
Mother Nature must have seen the black cloud hanging over me because I looked up at one point to see something glistening in the sunlight.  Wow!  The most beautiful dragonfly I'd ever seen; shimmering black and gold.  Run inside and get the camera!  Hope the insect will be there when I get back...and it was.
The wings have a lavender hue to them, isn't this a beauty?
I tried a new on-line photo editing program called Ribbet which is pretty much the same as Picnic was.  Finding mosaic templates was a challenge for a time but then along came PicMonkey and now Ribbet.  I used it to show a few other pretty dragonflies.  Check it out yourself.
Click to enlarge


  1. Oh dear Judith, that was quite the day. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope a better one. Great photo of your grace. Take care:)

  2. What a day you had - tomorrow will be better, I'm sure....but not every day brings a sight like that dragonfly! I love to sit by the pond on a sunny afternoon to watch the beautiful blue dragonflies swoop back and forth over the water.

  3. Hi Judith,
    You made me smile because we are also having problems with bunnies around here! A whole family is living inside our small farm and we have to protect our greengarden... but they are so cute to see running around!
    I thank you the reference to that photo mosaic program, I'm going to try it.

  4. At least things started to look up with your discovery of the beautiful dragonfly! The earlier part of the day left something to be desired.

  5. Oh my, one of those days! I bet the bean nibbling was deer. We are really having a time with them this year, they've eaten the tops out of all the plants in the garden and even my hosta plants. I read online they are searching for water when they eat plants in your yard so I put out a big container and we'll see. Love your beautiful pictures, thanks for the heads up about Ribbit... will check it out!

  6. Oh goodness my friend, what a day!...the beautiful drangonfly just made an entrance when you thought..OK, THAT'S IT FOR TODAY!! The pretty dragonfly looks like a silvery pin mother has! Don't worry, I did just that when I was going to have dinner guests the following day, cause I didn't know how to use my new double oven, lol.. Hugs,

  7. Oh, that's not a good day Judith! Except for the great photo of the dragonfly. I have tried ribbet too and it is fun. I'm going to play with it some more this afternoon. There is a groundhog under our shed and our neighbour's garden is just coming up nicely. :(
    I hope they don't like flowers too!

  8. Sending you a big hug Judith. What a crappy start to the day. Love your dragonfly though. Valerie

  9. Hi Judith,
    Yes, sad to say I've had many days like yours, but never ended up with seeing the lovely dragonfly like yours. Your pictures are beautiful and dragonflys are my favorite summertime bug! Lots of deer in my yard spring, summer, and fall.

  10. Thanks for the tip on ribbet. It looks like it gave you a sweet ending to not the best day. I can't imagine what cleaning that oven must have been like--maybe the self cleaning element did the job!

    Seems like we have had more bunnies than ever this year. Thankfully our fence keeps them away from the veggies.

  11. Im so sorry you had one of those days. I was glad to see the dragonfly though - great photo! Tomorrow will be better, Judith.
    xo Beth

  12. Oh I hate days like that. Seems like we all have them every now and then. Luckily they don't happen too often. The dragonfly is a beauty and what a nice way to brighten your day.

  13. Hi Judith, yes, I think we have all had those days.

    I tried to grow tomatoes in the back garden but the lake birds ate them all. Yikes!!

    Tomorrow is another day.....!

    Barb ♥

  14. Your day ended on a good note finding that gorgeous dragonfly.
    I've lost lots to those darn squirrels and chipmunks this year ... carrots, basil, some cosmos and zinnia seeds and probably more. I am starting a peony is a large pot and found it tipped over on the ground, but hopefully was able to salvage it.

  15. Boring with your beans. Sometimes I fail totally with baking. However, ... sometimes it becomes a hit. But not for you this time. Incredible image of the dragonfly. I will try the Ribbet. I wish you a wonderful weekend! Zinnia

  16. Oh, what a day indeed! I agree with you that gardening is a great way to manage stress. The dragonfly is absolutely stunning; I've never seen one like it before.

  17. Oh dear, definitely a challenging day for you. I don't even attempt vegetable gardening. As far as I know, we don't have rabbits or deer but I'm not willing to find out either. As for baking, I love it but haven't done any for a long time. And also just got my new gas range so definitely won't put anything in it that will spill. :)

    Hope next week is filled with days where everything goes just right!

  18. I love dragonflies! Yu had such a day and it worked out to be a beautiful blessings! Love the photos!


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