Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Notes

Spring is gradually returning to us here in Southern Ontario as the temperature warms again and spring bulbs begin to show off.
One of my favourite early flowering tulips is the species Tulipa 'Little Beauty'.
About four inches high, they are a a colourful burst of pink close to the ground.
And when open, have a pretty throat of purple and white.
We are zone 5a but this winter without the necessary snow cover to insulate the plant roots against freezing and thawing we dipped to zone 4.  This had disastrous results for most of my heucheras.
They either looked like this or just a dead mass of stems and roots.  This one has a little life so it may come back but I look at this as an opportunity to look for a hardier plant for this bed.
DH is the groundskeeper at our community arboretum and was surprised to find a big change this spring.
One of the low lying areas is flooded; it's usually spongey in spring anyway and has quite a colony of red osier dogwood as seen in the background, but never this much water.

A number of trees have been cut down too;  above is the telltale signs of beavers. The ministry of natural resources has been in but have yet to determine where the dam is that's making the water back up.  With rain, the flooding will begin to encroach on the groomed area and trees sponsored in memory of loved ones.  We try to coexist with the wildlife in our country setting but sometimes they need to be moved along to a site where they won't affect the watershed drainage to the lake.


  1. Aww, so sorry about your heucheras - one of my all-time favourite plants!

    Love those tulips - so cute!!

  2. Oh my, your flowers are so beautiful. I am out hunting butterfly plants and have not had much success at the Big Home type stores. I may have to resort to a nursery ;-)

  3. Hi Judith, Your tulips are so colorful! Love their bright pink. I am sorry you lost your heucheras. There is a downside to a "mild" winter, as others have also noted. We are going to have very warm (hot) weather this week with lots of storm chances. It's been raining too much - I want to get out and work in the garden but it's just too wet. Have a good wknd, Judith.

  4. Those are very pretty. Surprised about the Heuchera though. One of my very favorite plants.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Those tulips are so interesting! I've never seen such low lying ones. And you know they continue growing in a vase of water? I've measured.

  6. One of my heucheras looks like yours but the other seems perfectly fine and they are just about 30 cm. apart in the same garden The sad looking one has some tiny new shoots but I'm thinking I will be replacing it when the garden centers open.

  7. Thanks so much for linking up to the Cottage Garden Party over here at Fishtail Cottage! Those tulips are so pretty...don't worry about the heuchra - they will come back...sprinkle alfalfa and mix it into the soil, cut off the dead leafs & you will see new growth in just a few weeks (many of mine look like yours too, but they always do come back!) xoox, tracie

  8. heuchra garden tips ~

  9. Hi Judith: Your tulips are beautiful. I love the throat colors. We people that live inside city limits think it very romantic if we could see wildlife and have them come close to our homes and gardens but I can see the downfall that there might be. I guess it's a case of the grass is always greener..Happy Thursday..Judy

  10. Hi Judith,
    What beautiful tulips you have! We have quite a few deer in our yard that enjoy mine, so I don't have much luck with them. Years ago I had heuchra plants and one year we didn't have enough snow cover and they ended up looking like yours. Mine never came back but hope yours do. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Judith,
    Love your sweet Tulips, glad to see spring popping up up there! It was a hard winter here too, the ice storm did alot of tree damage.

  12. So pretty! I just love spring and seeing what made it and what didn't. The bursts of color just make life exciting!

  13. Hi Judith, What a beautiful tulip! reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscopic! I'm going to have to go look up heucheras now, don't believe I've seen them around here. Hope your spring is wonderful and full of lovely blossoms. Visit me soon, we've started a blog party for spring and summer called Farm Fresh Friday! Your beautiful garden photos would be an asset to the party!!

  14. Hi Judith!
    Your little tulips are very pretty. I love the purple color inside.

  15. Awh, too bad about your heuchera. I lost a clematis over the winter, that I was very hopeful for. (Turns out it wasn't for my zone, so not happy it was sold here.)

    Those tiny tulips are magnificant! Both views are great.

  16. Hi Judith, Your "Little Beauty" tulips are just beautiful. So sweet and when they open up the burst of purple and white is amazing. They look like a purple and white flower in a pink tulip! I've never seen these. Ooooh, the poor heucheras! I don't think they like the past winter. I do hope it's not to hard to replace those. Sounds like your husband has a problem with beavers at the arboretum. Hope they determine where the dam is before you have more heavy rain. Great post Judith, very informative.

    The French Hutch

  17. Hi Judith. That's a shame about the change in your zone to a 4, which is much like here, and that you may have lost some plants. Our weather can really change things. Beavers sure are busy animals and can be very destructive. I hope these ones can be safely moved. I wonder how far they travelled to find this spot to build? Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

  18. Such beautiful tulips, Judith! Sorry about your heucheras. The weather has been so strange this past year!

  19. Your beautiful tulips look so different than the tulips i always see in photos, in person i've seen tulips on the ground just once! We only have imported tulips here. Regarding floods, at least you have very wide areas there, here when it floods people have nowhere to go!

  20. I LOVE the center of those tulips! It kind of surprised me as I was scrolling down to see the magical inside! I thought it would be plain, but oh NO, Mother nature puts her sparkle on everything. LOVELY


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