Monday, April 16, 2012

Whimsical Spring Tea

Welcome friends for tea this week.  At last week's tea party I mentioned I was starting cupcake/cookie decorating classes.  The class consisted of 3 young ladies and 3 senior ladies along with our instructor Beatriz from Argentina.  We had a lot of fun, laughed at our mistakes and yet in the end, were proud of our finished cupcakes.
It's a good thing I photographed mine right after making them because they took a tumble on the way home and although went back together pretty well, you'll see some leaning of pieces.
Rose in a flowerpot sitting on oreo crumb soil
 My favourite, a little bluebird on cherry blossom branches
 For my tea friends
I baked homemade chocolate cupcakes, fondant was laid over top and adhered with a simple sugar.  The ornaments were mostly made from gum paste and everything is edible.
I've brewed some chocolate orange Pu'erh from David's Tea which I'll have with one of the yellow cupcakes baking in the oven for this week's class.
I'm linking with Rose Chintz Cottage, Antiques and Teacups, A Delightsome Life, and Bernideen's Tea Time Blog.  Please join my hosts and their guests for tea.


  1. Hi Judith: Yum! Yum! You can't tell me that was your first go-round of decorating cupcakes!! They are beautiful..Happy Sweets..Judy

  2. Hi Judith,
    You sure are talented! Your cupcakes look perfect to me, almost too pretty to eat. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Judith,
    You mean to tell me that was your first attempt at making those? My, you're an expert already! They are so pretty; seriously! The little birdie is so adorable and the tea set is just too cute! I love them all! Thank you for sharing these with us and be sure to link up. We had a 19 degree temp today and it's only April! Love this time of year! Hope it's nice where you are too.


  4. Judy those are some of the most adorable cupcakes I have ever seen!

    You MADE THOSE???

    WOW, am I ever impressed.

    WELL DONE, they are too cute to eat for sure.


  5. How wonderful! You clever thing! The cup cakes are fabulous! I like the teapot & teacups! They look like they sustained little damage, and I bet they taste wonderful anyway! Thanks for sharing your masterpieces...wish I were close to help you eat them! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. What cute cupcakes! I love the little bluebird. I bet they tasted delicious with tea!

  7. Good morning Judith.
    I am surprised to see those fabulous cupcakes! You are so talented!! It is really hard to tell which one is my favorite because they are all beautiful to eat.

    I finally have enough time to sit and use my computer as cherry blossoms in here ended.
    I hope you have a good day!


  8. Hello Judith! How wonderful! You did a fantastic job! If this is your'll be a confection artist before too long! Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  9. What wonderful cupcakes. They look like little souvenirs.

  10. Oh my goodness, Judith...these turned out fantastic! What fun to learn a new skill & come home with a tasty treat, to boot!

    I've not worked with fondant much & I found cake decorating hurts my hand too much, due to some arthritis that I didn't know I had until I took the class.

    You did a GREAT job!

  11. Oh my goodness, Judith, those are the most adorable cupcakes EVER!! What a fun class to take. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I do love the tea party one.

  12. The cupcakes look wonderful and so much patience and talent. How does one eat such talent? Easily, I suppose.

  13. My goodness, perfect cupcake decorating for the first time, wow! I love this table and it's so yummy, wish I could make myself little and traspass my computer to your house.I love the class you're taking, what fun. Thank you for your lovely and kind visit and for the commenting. Enjoy a great week.

  14. Your cupcakes are awesome! I could never do that.

  15. Oooooh How fun and pretty they came out.

  16. WOW! I am SO IMPRESSED! "BUT" how could you eat them? They are just to darn cute to eat! Oh and I would have CRIED to see your poor little dears tumble!!!! Maybe you should make another set out of clay so you can just "ADMIRE THEM FOREVER"!!! LOVE THEM!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  17. What a wonderful idea for a tea party. I love your cupcakes. I will have to remember this for a future tea party. Love it!

  18. You have a talent for this, very nice!

  19. Hi Judith!
    I tried to leave a comment when you first posted but I kept getting error messages. Your cup cakes are so pretty. They look scrumptious and you did a good job. The birdie is my favorite.

  20. Judith!

    Unbelievably beauttiful cupcakes! What a fun thing to take a class in. They look so delicious, but I bet it was hard to eat them.



  21. Love your cupcake creations - and being a tea lover, I especially love the tea-themed one! How fun and creative!

  22. Hi Judith,
    Wow, your cupcakes are wonderful. I too, love the bird one. Of course I love the others too but there is something about a little blue bird that is so much fun to look at. Thanks for commenting on my flowering almond photo. You mentioned you had them once too. I find them hard to grow but I'm going to fight to keep growing more. I love them. Have a great day and dont eat too many cupcakes! Yummy!

  23. Hi Judith,
    What a lovely and sweet tea you share today!
    I wouldn't resist these cupcakes... :)

  24. I had no idea you'd be making such detailed little sculptures on the cupcakes. They are really wonderfully whimsical. You've got talent, Judith!

  25. I am so impressed with the detail in your cupcake creations. They are just to pretty to eat. I love all your designs and hope you will photograph more of your special cupcakes and cookies. Pam

  26. Judith!!! I am reaching out giving you a big HIGH FIVE and VIRTUAL HUG!! For some reason I am bursing with pride..these are EXQUISITE! I love each one...the bird is so cute and that teapot/sweets one, well THAT is a piece of art but I must say that first one w/ the rose in the flower pot has my heart as it reminds me of the two women who I hold so mom who is a passionate gardener with a tender touch..she whispers poems to her flowers and they love her for it and of course the ROSE makes my heart skip a beat for my precious little angel, Sophia ROSE! HUGS! Great way to end my day that is for sure.

  27. Totally adorable cupcakes. In Sweden, I have not seen anything like it. I also like your mug with the cute watering can. I wish you a nice day! Zinnia

  28. What a nice variety, Judith! I especially love the little 'tweet'! I enjoy decorating cakes (I taught for Wilton for 5 yrs) and making gingerbread houses. How fun to spend time with friends and create :)

  29. Wow - looks like you get an A++++ - very lovely and what colors! Thanks for linking to FST!

  30. Judith, These are super adorable! They are beautifully crafted and just amazing. Can't wait to see what you create in your subsequent classes!
    Hugs, Beth

  31. I am so glad you got photos too because your gum paste decorations are just wonderful. I want to be in that class!!! How fun and what skill you have. Your little pot of flowers and bird and tea set are just too pretty to be hand made!

    I think I would be thinking the same as you if I had to play Nascar with the kiddies, but I could play Barbie! We were just hanging out at the pool and started goofing around and the rest is history! It was a ton of fun especially seeing the little 9 year old girl get into the photo shoot. I got plastered with a wave from behind. She saved the Barbies but didn't warn me. Fortunately my camera didn't get wrecked.

  32. I won't be surprised to hear that you're going pro!

  33. Hi Judith...
    WOW!! ADORABLE!! These are so so cute, The bird is over the top darling! It sounds like such a fun class, and you look to be an a+ student! Very talented!

  34. Hi Judith! What charming results from your class already! They are darling! I found you at Bernideen's tea party-Anne of Green Gables. Denise from

  35. Judith, these are brilliant ... what a wonderful treat for afternoon tea and your Pu'erh sounds tres delicious!!! xo HHL

  36. Oh those cupcakes were so cute! Little works of art!


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