Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Tea

Welcome friends for an Easter Tea this week.  Our gracious host is Sandi from PEI at Rose Chintz Cottage.
I'm also linking with Trish at Sweetology, Ruth at Antiques and Teacups, Kathy at A Delightsome Life and Bernideen at her Tea Time Blog.
Won't you join me for some fresh baked sugar cookies?

I am sipping on pomegranate green tea from this pretty pink Limoges teacup.
One of my favourite ceramic pieces made back in the '70's, an easter bunny candy dish.  I've set the tea out on the table in the hall where there's lots of light.

 Soon I'll be able to sow seeds in the garden but here's a fun project to do before the ground is ready.  Sow some cat grass in a shallow basket, pot up egg shell halves with a pansy and nestle in the grass.
I'm trying a new variety of larkspur from Renee's Garden this year called 'Earl Grey' which appears on the package as a delicate lavender colour.  I think it will be perfect growing beside the tea house.
Make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and relax, and join my hosts and their guests.


  1. Pretty cookies! And I love that teacup. Your eggs look real too, unlike mine. Looks like a lovely tea planned.

  2. Judith your teacup and cookies are lovely. I like the idea of growing the cat grass and the pansie in an egg shell. There are so many cute ideas out there aren't there? Wishing you a blessed Easter! Pamela

  3. So cute Easter cookies you baked. The cute pink cup is delightful. It's so sweet with the wavy edge of the saucer. Bless you! Zinnia

  4. Hello Judith: First, let me thank you for telling me about Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage. Such a pretty blog. I love your Limoges tea cup, so softly painted. I just planted the same larkspur seeds two days ago and a little extra tidbit about Renee's Garden seed packets. Her nursery where she grows all her seeds is in Felton, California, a very small town in the Santa Cruz mountains, which if very close to where I'm originally from. Just a little nonsense. Happy Monday..Judy

  5. I just love your grass with the flower growing out of it. What a pretty tea! I actually bought a bag of grass so I could grow some to put eggs in but I never got around to it. I adore yours!

  6. What pretty cookies, Judith! Your teacup is lovely too. The bunny ceramic piece is adorable and I'm sure it's a joy to bring out every season. I made so many ceramic pieces myself and gave them away. Now I wish I had made myself a few things to enjoy too!
    Thank you for joining me for my special Tea and Happy Easter, dear friend!


  7. Hi Judith, Love your grass with the pansy - soon you will have pansies outside (or perhaps they are there already). Your Limoges cup is delicate and feminine. Love your Easter bunny candy dish and the pretty tea tray you set up for our Easter tea today!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. Hi Judith! Pretty post. I love your teacup and sweet bunny dish.

  9. Hi Judith, your cookies look so purfect and lovely. They are just the right complement to your pretty pink Limoges tea cup. Miss Bunny is adorable with her little ears folded back...a candy dish, how clever! Thank you for the great indoor gardening idea for the cat grass and pansies. I'm going to try that.
    Happy pre-Easter preparations week!
    Carol xx

  10. Wonderful cookies! I love your bunny candy dish...that is so cute! I can see why you've treasured that. Your teacup is lovely as well. Happy week before Easter!

  11. Hi Judith
    Thanks for stopping by. I just love the face on that little ceramic bunny. It is so adorable. Your china is very pretty and now I have a new purpose for cat grass. Thanks. Have a lovely Easter. Deb

  12. Thank you for stopping by my place. My Lefton Egg with Violets would be perfect in with your lavender!

    Your Sugar Cookies have me in the mood to make some. They are so charming. Perfect with your teacup. What a way to welcome spring!

  13. What a perfect Easter tea! Everything is so beautiful. Your teacup is gorgeous! I hope you have a blessed Easter!

  14. What a perfect Easter tea! Everything is so beautiful. Your teacup is gorgeous! I hope you have a blessed Easter!

  15. What a perfect Easter tea! Everything is so beautiful. Your teacup is gorgeous! I hope you have a blessed Easter!

  16. Hi Judith,
    the Easter bunny candy dish is so naturally made. Really cute design. You made tempting cookies and a wonderfil tea. And the idea of the egg halves mit grass and Pansies is great. Thank you for sharing and have a great Easter week.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. Love that teacup. So pretty and elegant. The tray set is lovely and the cookies look great.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  18. Tea and cookies! Perfect! Earl Grey Larkspur ... looks pretty! Love your bunny!Happy Tea Day!

  19. Hi Judith,
    Thanks for the Easter tes with lovely decorations and yummy sugar cookies.

  20. Happy Easter! I enjoyed seeing your cute bunny dish, the gorgeous pink teacup and your cute sugar cookies! I must make some!

    Have a joyous Easter!
    Blessings! Linda

  21. Hi Judith,
    your Easter cookies look delicious and your bunny and teacup is so beautiful. Wishing you a Blessed Easter.


  22. Don't we love Easter. You setting is so elegant and fun. Happy Easter.

  23. Hi,Judith.
    Your post make me feel happy! What pretty cookies and a tea cup!Thank you for sharing that beautiful Easter Tea!

    Tomoko with smile.

  24. What a delightful tea post! The freshly baked Easter cookies are my absolute favorite... they look yummy! And I love your dainty and pretty pink Limogoes teacup:) I love larkspur and "Earl Grey" looks so delicate and pretty.Thanks for sharing tea with us and for visiting me.Happy Easter!Hugs,Poppy

  25. Happy Easter, Judith! I enjoyed seeing all your pretty Easter things. I loved the grass with the pansy in the egg shell.

  26. Let us know how those seeds go...also pass the plate of cookies. I wish you a very Happy Easter Judith!

  27. Happy Easter, Judith! I hope you had a lovely day. Your tea is so charming – wish I could have been there. Maybe one day.

    – g


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