Monday, March 5, 2012

A Very Special Tea

Welcome friends for tea this week.  This tea is special for me as I'll be showing you what was inside a couple of parcels I opened when we returned from Florida a few days ago.  The first, I knew about as I had won a giveaway and the other was a surprise gift from a dear blogging friend.
If you haven't visited Angela McCrae's blog Tea with Friends, you're missing out on interesting tea facts, books, magazines and yummy recipes she makes.  In February I won one of Angela's giveaways, a box of gourmet teas from the English Tea Shop.  This is the lid of the box, pretty fancy!
 And inside is 12 boxes of tea to keep me happy and sipping for a very long time.  Thank you for this wonderful giveaway Angela.
The gift I received is from Trish who knows, like the rest of my tea friends, how much I like lavender.  She thoughtfully sent me this pretty mug that has lavender outside, inside and on the handle as well as a card with a butterfly on it - wow, two favourites!

Trish is one of those gals that is always thinking of others, particularly as she donates her fantastic baking for charity and other worthy causes.  If it is ever Trish's dream to open a bakery, she will be a success story.  Thanks for thinking of me Trish and I love the mug.  Visit Trish, one of our tea time hosts at Sweetology to see her creative sweet treats.
While away I found another piece to my Ashdene lavender collection and picked up this tray.  I've decided to try the white tea from the English Tea Shop.

Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is the first host I joined for Tea Time Tuesday a couple of years ago and it's always a pleasure to join her for tea each week.  She's having a spring tea on March 19 and I know she would love you to join us.
Recently, I've been linking to Ruth at Antiques and Teacups and of course Bernideen's Tea Time Blog, both ladies have a wealth of information about tea to share.


  1. Congrats on the winning. What beautiful gifts you have recieved. So many pretty things and oh my the teas. You are the lucky one.

  2. What wonderful gifts you've won Judith! Love the sweet lavender tea you've set up with your new things. Very pretty indeed.

  3. It's so pretty and the colors fit in your blog so well! Hope you are not missing FL too much! I'm off for a cup of tea myself.

  4. Oh I can almost smell the fragrance! I love lavender and your tea cup is so pretty...Christine

  5. Hi Judith,
    congratulations to the treasures. The tea box looks really nice with that big selection of different types. An the mug is beautiful and thoughtfully chosen. And so you have se a wonderful Lavender tea time. Thank you for sharing this delight.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Hi Judith,
    Congratulations on your wonderful win and lovely surprise package! The tea will keep you sipping for quite some time. I love your new mug and the tray you found is very pretty too. Your lavender tea is just wonderful! Thank you for joining me today and welcome back home!


  7. Well you were blessed big time! What special parcels to come home to. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing you treasures and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. That was a great win! Congratulations! I love your lavender mug and tea tray as well. It truly is a pretty tea.
    Hugs, Beth

  9. Hi Judith, what perfect treasures were given to you!! The tea box is wonderful & the tea cup from Trish is absolutely perfect. I know you will think of your special friends every time you use their gifts.

  10. Such beautiful gifts you were given!! Congratulations, Judith.I always love your mugs, trays ,and tea mats. They truly fit you. Now I remember the first time I found your dreamy beautiful blog,though I was a silent reader for a long time!!
    Spring will be here soon.
    Have a good day!

  11. It looks like you've set the table for me, too! What a gorgeous cup! WOW! And I love your nice selection of teas...what a fun win! I'll go visit her! Enjoy! ♥

  12. TEA!! what a great gift to win ...!!

    Trish, is such a wonderful inspiration. Her great baking and blog posts and she is a most thoughtful person!! She picked a perfect mug for you ... your setting is a beautiful reminder tahtv spring will soon be here (despite the white snow that remains and the bitter cold temps of today) ... But I think you brought some sunshine back with you (Thank you) Frankie Flowers is calling for double digit temps over the next few days!!

    Welcome home ... xo Blessings, Celia (HHL)

  13. Congratulations! What a great prize. I will have to check out her blog.

    Jocelyn @

  14. My heart is so full right now. I am just so glad it arrived safely and you like it. Even though we have never met, you are special to me. Angela's blog is a source of such inspiration, information and fun for me as well and that lavender tea tray! WHAT A FIND! HUGS!

  15. What wonderful treats!
    As I write I'm waiting for The Great Dane to come down and then I'll brew a pot of Earl Grey - our evening tea.

  16. Wonderfully sweet cup and beautiful tray. I love lavender. What a wonderful friend you have .. I wish you a wonderful week! Zinnia

  17. Judith,
    What lovely gifts. The cup is very pretty. Happy Tea Day!

  18. Hi Judith, congratulations! Everything looks so pretty and the colors are gorgeous. How I love lavenders.

    I love tea, too.

    Have a wonderful day,

  19. Packages through the mail are one of life's pleasures, I think. Yours held delightful items that go so well together. Enjoy, Judith!

  20. Hi Judith! Congratulations on your win. Such pretty gifts.

  21. Lovely gifts Judith. You can try a different kind of tea everyday. V

  22. Hi Judith,
    Everything looks so lovely. Congratulations! I love the scent of's one of my favorites. Have a wonderful evening.


  23. Hi Judith! Thanks for your sweet thoughts commenting on my tea post today. You are entered, to be sure - in my give-away! I am looking so forward to your garden this year - how you inspired me last year! Perhaps my garden will grow better for it!


  24. Wow, a beautiful teacup and a box of lovely teas to go in it!! You are blessed to have such friends! Your blog is so lovely. Thank you for visiting and leaving such sweet comments! I've joined as one of your followers and will look forward to your next post! xo Jina

  25. Your gifts are so very nice, Judith. So special and personal. The lavender mug is absolutely gorgeous and so you. It is so wonderful of Trish to send you such delights. She is such a wonderful lady.

    Your teas are FABULOUS! So many different teas to enjoy. I bet the Ginger Peach Tea is great!! ohhhhh, and the Lemongrass Ginger Tea is so very healthy and good for your system. ALL your teas are healthy and wonderful. The box is even beautiful. I'll have to pay Angela McCrae a visit and check out her interesting blog.

    Your Lavender collection of Ashdene is simply awesome. The tray is so beautiful and I couldn't help but be so delighted with the little honey bee. Your table setting is so beautiful with all that lavender that I think we need to use a new phrase for the word lavender; like when you see a setting that is put together very nicely, you could say, "The setting has Lavenderish style." or maybe, "It is so Lavender!" I would have to say, my dear Judith, your blog is Lavenderlicious!!

  26. Oh my - lavender for a lavender girl! Perfect! Thanks for linking up to Friends Sharing Tea!

  27. Hi Judith,
    Congratulations on your lovely gifts. It is so much fun to get a special package in the mail and for you such lovely lavendar items. I know you will enjoy the teas in your new cup.
    Happy March to you.

  28. Gorgeous cup...I have one exactly LIKE IT! Happy March~ Enjoy the lavender :)

  29. Those are wonderful gifts. The lavender mug is very cute. I like how there is a picture inside it.

  30. What a beautiful collection of lavender for tea time! I adore your new tray with the bee :) Enjoy your wins & tea~


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