Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sad Squirrel

What's a poor guy to do when the whole family has big bushy tails?  He is mistaken for a rat at one point eating birdseed under the feeder but then lifts his head to prove otherwise.

Although these photos were taken when we had snow, this sad squirrel is still in our yard wishing he had a fluffy tail to pump and wag when chattering at our dog in the backyard.
I'm linking with Jenny Matlock for Alphabe-Thursday and this week our letter is 'S'.


  1. Poor guy! I'm betting his tail grows back before too long...

  2. I wonder how much that tail affects its balance! I would think a fluffy tail would help a squirrel float through the air.

  3. You know we had a squirrel like that once, he was so friendly too. It was kind of cool that his tail was like that because we really could tell it was him!

  4. I never saw that before! I have to say he would look so much cuter with a bushy tail.


  5. Wonder what happened to
    this little guys tail?
    We have lots of them in
    our old oak trees and on
    my deck..
    Nice letter "S"

  6. There's no doubt that the skinny rat-like tale is a disadvantage to a little fellow - but I'll bet his mama loves him!

  7. We had a red squirrel once. He looked just like the others, but was red. I sent his picture to some squirrel rescue people and they said he was the same type of squirrel as the others, but just red for some reason. I've seen squirrels with half a tail and I just assumed the tail had gotten caught in something.

  8. Oh, that is a sad looking squirrel.
    He must have got his tail caught somewhere and lost the hair.

  9. He really does look like a perfect mix of both animals!

  10. Oh poor little guy! Maybe he needs rogaine:-)
    I love Panera Bread too... Yummy sandwiches and pineapple upsidedown cake :-) Mmmm..

  11. I've always thought squirrels were a bit like rats with bushy tails. This poor little fellow ... I wonder if he or she suffers from low self esteem.

  12. Oy that poor little thing. I wonder what happened to his tail? This is certainy a very unique letter S post. I have never seen a 'detailed' squirrel. (PS - that is one beautiful dog you have there, Topaz! Gorgeous name too!)

  13. Oh oh I wonder if it is not bitten by some bullies, well animal bullies like coyote and others. ^_^ Hope it gets back but for sure he looks cute.


  14. I wonder what happened to his tail? Maybe he's a teen-squirrel and that's the new fashion fad, having a shaved tail?

  15. Poor squirrel. Hope he does not have scabies or similar. To jump into the tree without the balance of strong tail gives must be difficult. I hope that the tail grows back. I wish you a nice weekend! Zinnias

  16. Judith,

    Gosh, this is a site I have never seen before! The poor thing. We have a lot of squirrels in our yard.

    Happy Thursday,

  17. I'd have more sympathy for him were it not for the fact that this proves my point...squirrels are just rats with bushy tales...and they're equally destructive. :(

  18. I wonder what happened....
    Will it grow back?

  19. He does look like a rat. Poor thing! We do not have grey squirrels in our area; ours are orangey or reddish. There are some locations where they have black squirrels.
    Have a great day!

  20. I hope it isn't too difficult to balance on fences and tree branches. This little guy must have a story to tell.

  21. That poor little guy looks Silly with out his fluffy tail...

    I wonder what happened and if the rest of the Squirrel gang picks on him...

    I guess the Strong will Survive!

    Cute post for the letter "S"!

    Thanks for linking.


  22. Hello.
    Where I live, there's a family of squirrels that I just love to watch. Sometimes, they'll come & sit right on my porch. I have to spy on them from the patio, because any noise & they scamper off. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Sitting At My Desk


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