Sunday, March 18, 2012

Celebrating Spring with the Birds

The collage is linked to Mosaic Monday hosted by Mary at Little Red House.
With spring arriving so early, the birds are busy calling for mates and collecting material to build nests.  These two mourning doves started out sitting on top of an arbour and moved to the transom over our front door.  The courtship ritual carried on for a couple of days and then I saw the Mrs. (bottom left) pulling at stems of a clematis that must have looked perfect for her nest.  The mother and baby on the right are in a basket at my daughter's house that still had last summer's spent annuals in it.
We enjoy all the birds on our certified wildlife habitat property and I have many faux birds inside to honour these feathered friends.
Welcome to tea my friends as we join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for her Spring Tea.  I'm celebrating spring with the birds and the occasion calls for my daffodil tablecloth.

 I've cut out some dainty cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for us.  My summer dishes are Butterfly Meadow by Lennox and the pink charger is from Michael's. (I have lavender ones too!)
 The Elizabethan teacup is by Staffordshire and the watering can teapot from Marjolein Bastin.  Tea today is a rooibus pomegranate acai berry.
I really like the little birdie lemon wedge squeezer.  The juice comes out of the holes in the beak.
I tried a new recipe for a sweet this week.
 Bird nest cookies made with peanut butter chips and chow mein noodles.
Many of the faux birds are joining us for tea.
 There is a creamer, salt and pepper set, the teapot bird feeder in the background and an adorable little white bird with pink ribbon that was a gift from DH.
If you haven't entered my giveaway for a Plant Swatch, you can still do it here.  The draw is on March 21 for 5 of these garden plant selectors.
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  1. Hello, Judith
    I gave a friend a couple of "Butterfly Meadow" pieces as a housewarming gift last summer. They really are so pretty, as is the charming watering can teapot of yours! As for the lemon squeezer, it is adorable. What a pretty "springy" post.

  2. I enjoyed a look at the boy leaning I the that's a mailbox to have! Also your tea table looks so springhare. I'd love to take part!

  3. There's just something about a Dove I always want to protect. They are just such sweet birds and such sweet faces.

    Those cookies sound interesting and look good. Hope they were as good as they look.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Hi Judith. Your dove photos are beautiful. I think they are so pretty and I love to hear their cooing. Your spring tea table is very pretty. Yummy sandwiches. :)
    I hope you enjoy the week ahead. Blessings, Pamela

  5. The birds are lovely to hear and watch. The weather is gorgeous and perfect for tea on the deck.

  6. You have a lot going on here. It is amazing to hear the birds calling to each other in the mornings. Lovely tea and yummy sandwiches. V

  7. Hi Judith, Great post:) Watching the birds in the backyard is so entertaining.

  8. Hi Judith, this is a very special spring tea! Love seeing the birds. Your watering can teapot and your Elizabethan tea cup are just adorable!
    Happy Spring!

  9. Delightful pictures! Thank you! Cathy

  10. Hi Judith, I just love to watch the birds in spring so busy building their nests. I love to here the cooing doves when they sit on top of my fireplace chimney. One year I had a bird make a nest in my door wreath. Needless to say the wreath stayed up until they moved out. Oh what a lovely tea party. I love, love, love the daffodil tablecloth. Beautiful china and the birds nest cookies are delightful. I love those! Perfect sitting in the sweet cage. Wish I were coming to your tea!
    Happy Spring Judith……..

    The French Hutch

  11. I had morning doves build a nest next to my front door. They are really very passive and don't move!! Love your tablecloth, so nice and sunny, Laura

  12. We're just beginning to hear the birds...chickadees singing their spring song. A lovely tea you've set for us today. Thank you. I enjoyed seeing all the goodies, the dishes, and the birds.

  13. Your setting is so beautiful!! and it is perfect for the warm weather we have been blessed with and the arrival of spring.

    It has been wonderful to wake-up to the chirping of the birds once again!! Happy Sunday..xo C. (HHL)

  14. Judith~
    Loving your pics of the doves...
    enjoy your week!
    cricket @ gypsea nurse

  15. It is such a delightful my spring in your images. I love your teapot with a tulip pattern. The birds are gradually returning to my area. Cranes, swans and other migratory birds fly at a stretch from the southern broad degrees in Europe and Africa. I'm waiting for a robin that usually come early to my garden vaje years. I wish you a wonderful day! Zinnia

  16. Hi Judith,

    Your pictures encourage my heart. I love your delightful spring tea. I had to smile at the little bird lemon wedge husband just bought one exactly like it. So cute!

    Everything makes me think of beautiful spring.

    Have a glorious week,

  17. Lovely dear Judith, just lovely and refreshing. Love those birdies.

    So much fun popping by for a visit. I'll have Irish Breakfast tea please.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  18. Hi Judith...I enjoyed your tea today, everything looks lovely.

    Butterfly meadow is one of my favorite springtime sets. Your watering can teapot goes perfect with it.

    Glad you had a moment to break away from your lovely tea to visit mine :-)


  19. I love the daffodil tablecloth and your pretty things on the table. I need to put a stack of books on mine. I'm working on my first tablescape! Happy Monday!

  20. What a pretty table, Judith! I love your birdie lemon squeezer!! Thank you for sharing the cookie recipe with your friend!! xoxo

  21. Hi Judith,
    So, Spring is here again!
    Birds, flowers, trees in bloom... and a lovely Spring tea table you set for us.
    Have a great week.

  22. Very lovely post, Judith! The cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are so pretty and they look delicious too.
    Happy Spring! XO ~Wendy

  23. Well cute is that!! I love your spring birds theme! I love the Marjolein Batien watering can teapot, the shaped sandwiches, all the birds, the bird nest goodies, can tell I loved it, can't you!!! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  24. Judith, I love your tea table all set with birdies and yummy sandwiches! We have some of the same birds! The table cloth is perfect and the teacup is lovely. Those cookies look good too. I saw the recipe not long ago and wondered what they were like. They sure are pretty!
    We get the doves a lot around here and I love listening to them! Thanks for joining me for tea and enjoy your first week of Spring.

    Blessings & hugs,

  25. Hi Judith, what a lovely Spring tea. I too love wathcing the birds in my garden. I'm sure you have many more living where you do. We received a few inches of snow yesterday so I haven't seen many birds yet. I also love having bird items in my home. Your dishes and little sandwiches are so fun! I make those nests only I use half butterscotch and half chocolate chips. For Halloween the are spiders, for Christmas they are chow menin noodle cookies and for Spring they are nests. my family all really like them.

  26. what a fun and pretty bird tea! I love all the different birds. everything is really really lovely!

  27. Simply charming! The birds are all so beautiful in all of their varieties. I adore your little sandwiches - cream cheese on anything is fabulous and the shapes are so wonderful. All of our birds are hiding from the 6-8 inches of snow we got. Glad we got to work in the garden on Saturday when it was a beautiful spring day!

  28. luving all the innovative spring items! so creative :) Thank you ~
    HaPpY First Day of Spring!

  29. Love the birds...I have the same lemon squeezer! Happy Spring~

  30. Your dishes and daffodil tablecloth are so pretty!
    I love the birds too! Those peanut butter nests are yummy-looking! I'll have to make some for the grandkids and my p.b.-loving father! That MB teapot is so cool! I collect her things too!
    Have a joyful spring!

  31. A marvelously lovely tea, milady! The birds are busy this week. Over the weekend my husband put up all the houses and feeders and what jollity of chirping is suddenly alive in our yard - strategically placed around the house in window view of our cats who were delighted with the flitting fray!

    Looking forward to your garden this year!

  32. Hi Judith, What a lovely spring tea. Love your tablecloth, dishes and those darling little sandwiches look so yummy.
    The birds are delightful.
    I have also made the nest cookies using peanut butter mixed with butterscotch morsels and the noodles. I have not tried them just with the peanut butter chips. I will try them this way. So pretty for Easter too.

    Happy Spring.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  33. The doves are beautiful! We've had two that come back most years – they are lovely but very jumpy. I will have to find a lemon wedge squeezer like that – looks like it keeps the seeds under control.

    Thanks for the wonderful tea, Judith!

  34. Very sweet decor and the lemon just made my mouth water. Those little sammies look yummy too!


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