Monday, February 27, 2012

Le Macaron

Welcome for tea this week my friends.  In the downtown area of St. Petersburg, DH and I found a delightful French pastry shop called 'Le Macaron'.  I've seen these colourful round shells on other blogs and wanted to try them myself.
They're very expensive so we only bought a box of 6.
At a local flea market, I found some charming lacy placemats with a garden theme to set things on.
 Choose the colour of macaron you would like with your tea.  I've brewed The Earl's Garden from David's Teas.
 I think you know which macaron is mine...
They usually have ganache inside and/or a fruit filling and I have to tell you, they were worth every penny!
I've checked some recipes online and found a very helpful YouTube demonstration for baking macarons that are made of ground almonds and soft meringue.  I plan to try my hand at these when we return home.
Next week, I will be back home when we gather and I'll be happy to have a cup and saucer for my tea again.
My tea hosts are Rose Chintz Cottage, Sweetology, Antiques and Teacups and Bernideen's Tea Time; I hope you'll make yourself some tea and join us.
Sandi is hosting a Spring Tea on March 19 at Rose Chintz Cottage


  1. Those macaroons look delicious. I'll have the green one please, that's my favorite colour.

  2. Hello Judith,
    Oh my, your macaroons are so colourful! I would love to try one! I've never had a real one, you know. Since you had the lavender one, it's a toss-up for me! Pink or green, hmmm! I will be interested in hearing how you make out making them yourself.
    Enjoy your last week in Florida.


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  4. Oh my goodness! Those are wonderful! I have had them in England but haven't found any here yet. Makes me drool! I love the placemats as well! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Judith, those macaroons look so delicious! I wish I could share one with you. Happy belated Birthday to you!!!

  6. I've never seen colored macaroons pretty and festive they look! The lavender is the prettiest I agree! Glad you are finding some pretties and having a good time! Thanks for your sweet visit...I found a silver honeypot once and didn't buy it...should've...
    Miss Bloomers

  7. They look so good and pretty too ... It would be so interesting to try and make them

  8. They look absolutely divine Judith! Like colored french Easter eggs! Ha!
    Enjoy the experience, a wonderful one I'm sure!

  9. The macaroons look yummy and they are pretty also. I'm not surprised you picked the purple one:) The bakery looks like a fun place to visit...but hard to get out of without too many treats! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time.

  10. Such pretty little biscuits. The colours are sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The macaroons look delicious! I love the placemats you found at the flea market. Perfect for a garden lover! Happy Tea Day!

  12. I must admit, I nearly squealed w/ excitement. That macaroon shop is AMAZING - those are so yummy looking. How fun! I am a tad jealous but I will live vicariously thru you - ha! You are a neat gal.

  13. Methinks Judith has a bit of a sweet tooth. I like the spring colours!

  14. Judith, The macarons are lovely! I enjoyed seeing how they look inside, too. I imagine they were quite delicious! I've never had one. Thanks for sharing your pretty photos for today's tea.
    God bless, Beth

  15. Hi Judith,
    Thanks for the delightful tea!
    I would compete with you for the lavender macaron :) It looks sooo tasty!
    And I loved your lace placemats!
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. YUM! Your tea was a delight (we are cold and still snow covered here)... Please bring some of the sunshine back with you... there are a couple places in Toronto that make a very delish macaron ... I've never tried making .. hope you will share your experience with baking them when you have settled in after your trip.

    Safe travels! xo Blessings, HHL

  17. Oh, Judith - if you find success making those macaroons, do share the recipe and tips! I have seen these tempting little things on a number of tea posts in Blogland and admit that I've never heard of them til this past year. They look incredible - but sickeningly sweet. But, how I'd love to try one - even though me and sugar are not on good terms of late. I have to plan my "sugars" later in the day before bed so I can sleep off the woozy. Crazy how our diet changes with age . . .


  18. They do look scrumptious and I love macaroons. Lavender? I will have to try making some that color.

    Macaroons are the perfect cookie for tea, not too filling, just sweet enough, light and so pretty.I hope you do a post about your home-made macaroon cookies.

  19. Hi Judith!
    I have never made nor tasted a maccaroon, (I hear their a lot of work & finicky) so I would have gladly paid the price to try one of those! LOVE the purple one! LOL

    Look for an Old Time Pottery in Tampa, FL. Not too far from St. Petersburg.

    Safe travels home, Hon.

  20. Hi,Judith.
    The colorful macaroon look so tasty!!
    Thank you for sharing, Judith. I would choose pink one.The lacy place mats are sooo lovely. I like it.


  21. These are so beautiful. I think I like you, would choose the lavender one. It would go so well with tea and a sprig of lavender on the side.

    I just joined your blog and am looking forward to visiting often.


  22. Hello, Judith,
    Mmmm. . . those look delicious! I can almost taste them now. Thank you for inviting me to your delightful tea party. Also, thank you for stopping by for a visit at Bunny Cottage~ Vicki

  23. Glad to see you feasting on vacation in Florida! Thank you for linking to Friends Sharing Tea and I hope you have a very refreshing time!

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