Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunlit winter

On the days when we do get the sun in winter it's uplifting, and can create some pretty wintry scenes.
 Illuminated trees across the road.
 Dappled sunlight through the trees in the backyard at sunrise.
 The sun peaking through the trees creating little sunspots on the pond.
A small wind chime reflecting the sunlight from a lavender prism.
Good news and bad news - Picnik premium was free to play with and has lots of neat effects you can use but...they're shutting down as of April 19.
I linking with Karen at My Little Home and Garden for Sunlit Sunday and Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.


  1. Judith, I love the sunlit trees! They are gorgeous. Your pond looks beautiful too - so different than in the summer time, but to each season there is its own glory. Happy weekend!

  2. Beautiful shots Judith! I use Picnik but haven't used any of the premiums yet. I wonder why they're shutting down. I hope that doesn't include Picnik itself. Hugs,

  3. Judith, you really caught nature's wintry beauty with these photos! They're just gorgeous. I love how the light comes through the trees.
    I got the Picnik email too and had better play with "Premium" before it's gone.

  4. Hi Judith, It has been a gorgeous sunlight day. I am sorry to here about Picnik:(. Stunning shots. Have a great weekend.

  5. The trees, illuminated by the sun are beautiful. The snow also has its beauty. Ours is melting under heavy rain today, and I'm glad to see it go - nice to look at it in photos!
    I never used Picnik so don't know what I'm missing - but always meant to investigate.

  6. Exquisite photos, Judith! You captured the light perfectly. The trees remind me of the beautiful Christmas card you sent, which is still on display in our office. It's so lovely.

    Have a great weekend!

    – g

  7. Today was bright and sunny and warm as I sat reading the Saturday paper. Pretty mosaic. V

  8. You have captured some most amazing play of the sun on a winter's day! Your mosaic is gorgeous!! Happy week-end..xo HHL

  9. Wow! The sun sure set the trees ablaze in the first picture. Winter can be beautiful.

  10. Hi,Judith.
    You have captured beautiful sunlight and trees! They are so lovely.I really like that wind chime in the snow. It is so pretty!I feel like the chime is ringing.
    In my area, the weather is mild, but it has heavily snow in northern part of Japanese island. It is abnormal weather! My friend who lives in the north says that her family is busy shoveling on the roof.

    Have a good week ahead.

  11. The purple prism in the tree is wonderful. Visiting from Sunlit Sunday.

  12. WOW!!! Nicely done!!! The trees are just wonderful!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  13. What on earth were you doing, outside, in the backyard at sunrise, Judith? ~~Brrrrr!~~ Makes me shiver just to look at these gorgeous photos. VERY pretty!

    We got a few inches of snow recently but today it is warming up, so it is melting again quickly. So different than last year.

    I'm happy to hear you are still enjoying all the tea swap too!

  14. so very pretty......I am SAD about Picnik closing but I will have to get savvy somewhere else...and FAST!

  15. Hi Judith,
    Lovely shots of the sunbreak! Wow your pond is under there somewhere! Do you let Topaz out by it in the winter? I am so scared of the dogs being out by ours that when it is frozen I keep them near the house, haha, not that they really like the cold anyway!!
    Stay Warm...

  16. Beautiful captures! I heard about Picnik shutting down, I think Picassa can do a lot too?
    I love the wintry look in your mosaic. Have a great evening!

  17. How pretty...I love the way you caught the beauty of the snow fall because of the sunshine. We had snow fall and then a very gray day...not the same. Your mosaics are beautiful.

  18. Beautiful photos of sunlight in its various forms.

  19. Beautiful shots, Judith. Love the first one especially. Stay warm and cozy!

  20. Lovely photos of the winter sun. Sometimes it can be very bright when I'm driving early morning or as it begins to set ... something about its angle in the winter.
    I feel bad about Picnik, I use it a LOT !

  21. Beautiful shots! Have a wonderful week,

  22. Always a beautiful treat to see the sun shining. Lovely photos and mosaic. It is pretty sad about Picnik closing , I was just getting into using Picnik. Have a great week!

  23. I wish I would have known about Piknik before hearing from so many that it's shutting down!

    Beautiful winter shots! I love those sunlit trees.


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