Monday, January 23, 2012

A Special Tea of Roses

Welcome for a special tea this week my friends.   Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is celebrating 2 years of guests gathering with her for tea each week.  With her love of roses, this is the theme for our party.
Roses can provide beauty and fragrance in the garden and also when brought inside for a vase.
Top L, then clockwise:  David Austin's 'Mary Rose', the climber 'New Dawn', a miniature bouquet of carpet roses and a rugosa rose.
Won't you join me in front of the fire on this cold but sunny day?  Royal Albert's 'Lavender Rose' is the perfect teapot for our rose tea and I have Earl Grey brewing.
'Victoriana Rose' for you...
and a lavender teacup from Adderly that has a big rose inside and in the centre of the saucer for me.
The silver spoons have a rose on the handle.
Petite butter cookies in a heart shaped crystal dish.
Although there are no fresh flowers on the table, these small clay ones have the scent of summer roses baked right in.  When they start to loose their fragrance, I soak them in water and they smell heavenly again.
If you've felt a pair of eyes staring at you over tea, they belong to my siamese cat sitting in a basket by the fire.
Isn't she adorable?  The best cat I made at ceramic classes back in the 80's.  The glass eyes bring her to life.
I hope you have time to relax over tea and join me in wishing Sandi a happy 2nd anniversary for Tea Time Tuesday.
I'm linking with Trish at Sweetology , Kathy at A Delightsome Life and Bernideen for Friends Sharing Tea.
Please visit each of my hosts and their guests for tea.


  1. Hello Judith. Your teacups are so pretty! I love roses on china too. I'm looking forward to joining Sandi's party today. Enjoy the day! Hugs, Pamela

  2. A lovely post! I love the Royal Albert very elegant and feminine. Your siamese cat is adorable!

  3. Hello, you have a lovely blog. I'm very taken with that lavender cup with the rose inside!

  4. Tea by the fire sounds wonderful. I love your little cat.

  5. This is a lovely rose post for Sandi. I love your teapot and rose photos...I always seek out roses on my china patterns as well. Hugs!

  6. Your rose tea is delightful,Judith. The china is beautiful as are the photos of roses.(I have a New Dawn roses on my arbour.) Here's hoping the little bird on your table is safe from the cat by the hearth!

  7. First of all I love roses. I've got 38 rose bushes 'round the old yard.

    Your display of roses brought back memories of the china my grandmothers and great~grandmother had.

    Wonderful post sweetie!

    Have a blessed week!!! :o)

  8. Hi Judith,
    Such a pretty collage of roses and I love your teapot too. It is a good day to curl up by the fire with a cup of tea.


  9. Hello dear Judith,
    I could hardly wait to get to your post! I was pretty sure you would be using your Lavender Rose teapot today! It is so very elegant and perfect for a tea party.
    Love the teacups too. Both are lovely but the lavender coloured one is especially sweet.
    Your Siamese kitty is adorable. I made many things in ceramics but never a cat. Mostly tea things, figurines, and pieces for a village.
    Thank you for making my Tea Party celebration so special. Your presence over the past two years has brought me much joy. Sending you rose- scented hugs.


  10. Judith, I think I will linger awhile by the fire. The cold and bitter rain today has seeped into my bones. Your teacups and tea pot are so lovely; I'm realizing that I really love the teacups that have a little something on the inside (bottom or sides) it just makes so wonderful.

    Your darling little cat _ I did do a double take, the eyes do bring it to life.

    Thank you for setting such a warm and cozy tea by the fire. Blessings, xo HHL

    P.S. there is a place on Eglinton Ave just east of Allan Road called the Cake Opera .. their macarons are almost as good as the ones in Paris. When I get to the city, I try to plan my drive, so I accidently drive by... since I'm there I may as well go in ;)

  11. Hi Judith, What a beautiful fireplace you have! Love your Lavender Rose and Victoriana Rose! The cat you made is really pretty; those eyes are amazing. Last but not least, I enjoyed seeing your pretty roses from last summer's garden. Very colorful, delicate, feminine.
    Hugs, Beth

  12. Very nice rose tea today. Everything looks beautiful and I would love to sip tea from your lovely teacups.

  13. I just love your tea service. Everything is so beautiful. Lovely post.

    Jocelyn @

  14. Hello Judith,
    its cold here and to see your fire in the mantle warms me up a lot. Lavender and Victoriana Roses are so charming, but the Lavender tea cup is to die for. And perfect for you, as you love lavender so much. Nice spoon and brooch and delicious cookies. Your Siamese cat is cute and very natural made. The bright blue eyes look like real ones.
    Thank you so much for serving such a sweet tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. Judith, your tea dishes are so gracious.

    Each picture is just delightful!


  16. Oh PRETTY, Judith! I wish I had similar tea serving items...yours are just lovely & I ADORE those rose photos!! Hurry up, Spring!


  17. Judith,

    How lovely to sit by the fire and have tea. Beautiful roses and teacups. Kitties and tea go together, too. Happy Tea Day!

  18. Hi Judith,
    Your china is so pretty! Lovely post!

  19. What a beautiful post!

    I absolutely love RA's Lavender Rose set - and how perfect for the lady of Lavender Cottage!

  20. Thanks for your visit and kind words. I always learn something too! And have so much joy seeing the wonderful treasures and photographs. If you love tea and lovely things...what is not to love???? I love Royal Albert and your patterns are some of my favorites.

  21. Lots of beautiful rose tea things today! The teacups are so pretty and your whole tea setting is so inviting!

  22. Your china is beautiful Judith. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Lovely tea, Milady! And your lavender teacup with the rose interior is such an arresting shade! I've never seen the like - but will keep my eyes pealed for such a thing. I often see vibrant aquas like that, but never purple/violet/lavender shades.


  24. Greetings,

    What a lovely post dedicated to Sandi's love of roses. I love your Royal Albert "rose" pattern china. I have the cream & sugar in this set. Thanks for visiting Magnolia Cottage, much appreciated.


  25. Oh I love the beautiful Victorian Rose pattern.. So very pretty! And your ceramic cat is sweet, but your I got a bigger kick seeing your little Topaze on the left sidebar of your blog! Adorable!.. I have a cocker spaniel! He is about 8 years old now, and will be nine in November... So glad we could visit with each other today, for tea! ~tina

  26. Oh my, what a gorgeous lavender teacup! Your rosy teapot is sweet and cheery too! Very cozy!

  27. A beautiful presentation! The spoon with roses is so delightful!

  28. hello Judith,
    What a lovely tea. A joy to see. You have made a darling kitty. I made two different ones in the 80's, and I still adore mine.
    Have a good week,
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  29. Love all your roses. And Royal Albert does roses the best, don't they! That cat is amazing -- I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't real!

  30. Thanks for sharing your lovely tea party and dishes today. Beautiful.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  31. Beautiful your blog.
    Loved cups of tea.


  32. Hello Judith, your lovely tea setting looks so welcoming placed in front of that wonderful fire!
    What pretty things you have shared for Sandi's anniversary!
    I hope you are having a very blessed week.

  33. Hello,Judith.
    So beautiful post with various beautiful roses! Your heartwarming tea party dissolves this cold winter.



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