Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nectar of the Gods

I'm joining Jenny Matlock for Alphabe-Thursday and this week's letter is 'H'.  I hope you'll visit her students to see what word they have come up with. 
Most of us have had an incident with a bee at some time or other, whether stepping on one with bare feet or appearing as a threat, only to be stung and that hurts!  My one and only sting came from chasing a queen bee when young, hoping to capture and hold it like a butterfly.
Bees pollinate many of our food crops and honeybees themselves create a sweet honey to have on toast, drizzle into yogurt or tea and to substitute for sugar.
When replacing sugar with honey in a recipe;  use 3/4 cup + 1 tablespoon honey for each 1 cup of sugar and reduce other liquids by 2 tablespoons.  Since honey is acidic, you should also add a pinch of baking soda to neutralize the acidity.
I buy my unpasteurized honey from a local 4th generation family, a mild tasting wild flower derived liquid that is added to my tea every day.
There are health benefits to natural honey, a complex food with over 180 components that may help inhibit the effects of toxic substances present in the body.
Mead, the favourite alcoholic drink of the Romans was made from honey, water and yeast.  No wonder it was known as the 'nectar of the gods'.


  1. I am very glad meeting you as visiting your blog is always a kind and nice moment

  2. Interesting post, Judith. I always wonder about those recipes that say such as 1/2 cup plus 1 tb. I'm thinking the extra tablespoon must make a difference or else they would not say it.

  3. So interesting Miss J! I never thought about honey being acidic! I know when you add wine to a recipe it's the acidic-ness of the wine that jolts the flavor!

    Had to laugh over your canned spaghetti comment. I still love canned ravioli because that is all we ever ate as kids. When I have the REAL STUFF I wonder WHAT'S wrong with it! HAHAHHA


  4. I am a Honey lover and your post is really interesting.. thanks for sharing.. following from Jennys...

  5. Such a sweet post! Sadly, I tend to be allergic to honey unless it is in small amounts, but I really wish I could enjoy it more.

  6. That's a clever use of "h" and a very informative post, Judith. The honey in my house is some I picked up in Quebec; it takes me awhile to get through a jar.

  7. Very interesting. I'm 66 and I've never been stung by a Bee, but you should see how fast I can run when I see one.

  8. I love honey on my toast, and buy mine directly from the bee keeper and honey producer in my neighbourhood. It's like sunshine on a slice of toast.

  9. It's amazing to me how different honey can taste depending on what grows in the area. I didn't know about the baking soda, though, I'll have to try that since I often substitute honey for sugar. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Such sweetly flavored words!! I make my Whole Wheat bread with honey instead of sugar - our supply comes from a local Mennonite family. I tried making Lavender honey a couple of summers ago - lots of straining to get the buds and bits out, but the honey had a delicate lavender essence.

    Love all the lavender touches on your blog site!!

  11. Beautiful pictures, I love honey, I take every day. Greetings.

  12. Oh, my, Judith! You are brave to have chased a queen bee! We also get our honey from a private farm. Such a treat to have.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! – g

  13. Now I'm thinking a piece of toast with H-oney would be the perfect snack. :)
    Wishing you a lovely day, Judith!

  14. Such a wonderful thing! Don't you wonder who figured out how to process the golden nectar? Yum.

  15. Judith, so interesting. My husband would love this as he LOVES honey. It is too sweet for me.

    I will show this to him.


  16. I love honey. It helps when you have a cold. A mixture of honey and lemon in hot water just makes you feel better. V

  17. Love your honey post - a very clever H! Thank you for visiting my post too.

  18. I enjoy honey in my tea, but have to watch my sweet intake so I don't take tea everyday anymore.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  19. Hi Judith,
    this is an interesting post. I wasn't very fond of honey until recently when my father started his own apiary. Now I love it when he gives me a jar of honey.

  20. honey is certainly one of my favourite toppings on toast! I had heard of substituting sugar with honey but had no idea of the conversion portions; thank you for sharing that !!!

    Hopefully the snow stays south of Hwy 7.. I hear T.O. is getting hit... Caledon we are in the bitter cold temps and some flurries, that are not staying. Wishing you a wonderful week-end... You know I'll be dreaming of warm days and being able to be eating outside ..xo Blessings, HHL

  21. What a "sweet" post! I love honey! I do hate bees though.

  22. Hello.
    I really like the looks of your blog...purple is one of my favorite colors!

    There's nothing like fresh, natural honey slathered on warm, crusty wholewheat or wholegrain bread.

    Lovely post.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Harp Of My Soul

  23. This was a Highly informative post...

    I really enjoyed it and am Happy you linked to the letter "H"!!!

    Great job,



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