Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I got my first job way back in 1967 while in high school.  I was applying for a cashier's position in our local grocery store and I wanted to impress the head cashier who was doing the hiring.  This was the era of black fishnet stockings and heavy eyeliner and I thought I looked pretty cool.
The first thing the woman said to me was that I would NOT be wearing those net things while working and I remember replying that I knew that.  Was my first impression good?  Not likely, but I got the job and worked for the company part time for 32 years.
This is an important part of our society, making a good first impression for a date, friendship, job interview, meeting and a whole host of things.  And, if you pull it off successfully, you will be seen as a person with impressive qualities or skills.
But there are other things in life that are impressive too.  Think of a newborn baby, the beauty of Mother about the 8 wonders of the world?  My photo shows something pretty impressive and I believe I took it in either N or S Carolina.  We were visiting friends years ago that took us to see this 'Valley of Presidents' as I call it.  I'm hoping a reader can properly identify the name of the place and state for my photo file.
So there you have my letter 'I' for Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday: impress, impression, impressive.
I hope you'll visit her students for this class.


  1. Hello Judith,
    This sounds like a fun meme! The Presidents Valley looks pretty impressive.
    I wore those black fishnet stockings and heavy eyeliner too!
    They didn't meet with much approval here either, especially with my dad. Funny thing is, I still like them {the fishnets} although I don't wear them any longer. Isn't it neat how they have made a comeback?
    Enjoy the rest of the week.


  2. Wow I've never seen that president valley--wonder if it's in VA or Washington DC area? Fitting photo for this "presidents month" which was a big deal when I was in school. I've just been thinking recently about my first job--other than the babysitting jobs!

  3. I had my first job in a grocery store as a cashier as well, lots of great memories

  4. You were certainly the stylish young thing! That is a long time to have worked for the same employer.

  5. Hi Judith, I think the photo is impressive and I wish I could help. I've never been here but it looks like a place we would visit. I'm sure someone will give you a name. i'm also impressed with your post. I certainly agree with "first impressions" You did great, a job for 32 years is impressive.
    Hope your evening is great.

    The French Hutch

  6. I remember all those "i" statements from my Early Childhood Education courses. I would have loved to see you with the black eye liner and the fishnet stockings. Must have impressed them. V

  7. That is very impressive! I've never seen this before, so I'm afraid I can't help identify where it's at.

  8. That does look quite impressive! Loved the fishnet stockings story!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Ah, fishnet stockings. Hmmm. Yes. I do remember them. :) An interesting photo. My first job was in a flower shop called The Pansy Shop. I loved it and everytime I enter one today the smell draws me back to the past. Pamela

  10. Great post! My first job was working for the County Treasurers office. I am glad I stopped by today. Hugs anne

  11. I had my first job in the gift wrapping department of a fancy women's store in Atlanta. I was still in high school and only worked part time. I do not remember it fondly!!!

  12. Hi Judith, The Valley of the Presidents looks very cool! I've never heard of it; I'll need to google it. My first job was detassling corn - ugh! Then, the Dairy Queen - tasty. After that, I got into the medical field, beginning as a nurse's aide.
    Hugs, Beth

  13. I had my first job in highschool too - in about 1968-69 at Woolco. Remember Woolco? I'd come home after every shift and shower and wash my hair to try to get rid of the smell of popcorn from the enormous machine by the cash registers. (now there's a word we don't use anymore!)

  14. It's true that first impressions do really matter. It's hard to undo them, whether they accurately reflect who we are or not. Enjoyed your post.

  15. Great *I* post – as always!

    First job? Ugh! Rather forget it thanks!

    Thanks for stopping by and look forward to *seeing* you again soon!

  16. Oh yes fishnet stockings and eyeliner, I suppose we all loved them. Impressive I word.

  17. Impressive indeed! I have never been there, unfortunately.

  18. That Valley of the Presidents is a new one on me!


    PS. I enjoyed the story of your first impression on the job...

  19. I always get nervous in interview. I am not sure that give the right impression.

  20. Hi Judith,
    The Presidents valley wouldn't be part of the Biltmore estate in North Carolina would it?
    I think I went for my first job interview in knee socks and pigtails!!!
    It is cold here today too but very mild yesterday and rain in a few days.I am wondering how the roses are taking all this freeze thaw with no snow protection.
    Take care,

  21. I've never seen that president valley...

    wonder where it is?

  22. I enjoyed your story of the job interview - I've been telling similar stories this month too. And I wish I knew where the President were, my hubby would love to visit there I am sure! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Great post today! I have never seen this Valley of the Presidents. I live in South Carolina and I'm pretty sure it is not here, at least I have never heard of it. Hope you find out, I check back to see if anyone else knows. Have a great weekend, Nan

  24. I have been literally everywhere and this is one place I just have not been.. I'll be doing a bit of research to find it!
    Nice post!

  25. Yes, I remember those black fishnet stockings! My boyfriend at that time hated for me to wear them.

    We did some disaster relief work in North Carolina this past summer, and saw a collection of statues that was pretty awesome, but they weren't of the Presidents.

  26. I had those stockings, too! But I could never get the eyeliner on correctly. I always ended up looking like a demented raccoon!

    What is that saying? You never get a second chance to make a first impression. How true it is!

    Thanks for a great link for the letter I.



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