Monday, January 9, 2012

Gingerbread Treats

Welcome friends for tea this week.  I'm linking with Rose Chintz Cottage, Sweetology and A Delightsome Life.  Bernideen's Tea Time Blog is taking a break for awhile and will be included when she comes back.
I have a new herbal tea steeping that was a gift from a good friend, it's called Gingerbread House.
You can even see the steam rising from the infuser of my stainless steel teapot from Paderno.  The ingredients include apple bits, candied pineapple and papaya bits, cinnamon sticks, beetroot bits, roasted almonds, popcorn, raisins, peanut bits, coconut chips and some flavouring.  The flavour reminds me of the Glugg (probably not spelled right) that is served at the Scandinavian Church Christmas bake sale.
A gingerbread cookie would be nice with this tea and I have several teapot sizes that are fun to use.
Trying to make this tea last, I don't make it too strong and yet the aromatic taste is still delicious.
The teacup is from Royal Grafton.
On Sunday I went to an afternoon birthday tea for my friend Billie, who just turned 80 which surprised us as we thought she was much younger.  Billie's a lovely lady I met 12 years ago through my garden club. 
The card I made for her appropriately had a tea theme.
Whenever our twin granddaughters came to stay with us when they were young, we would invite Billie, her late sister Margaret and another friend, Ruth for tea or lunch.  The girls loved dressing up and using teacups for our little parties.  One day the twins' mother phoned while we were entertaining and I'll always remember the short and sweet conversation that was "I can't talk right now, all my grandmothers are here for tea".  Those ladies felt so special when they heard they were all considered grandmothers, particularly Billie and Ruth who never had children of their own.
I hope you'll visit my hosts and their guests for tea.


  1. That looks like an especially yummy tea mix! I can almost smell it! Yum! The cookies are so cute. My favorite cookie cutter is a teapot as well! The teacup is lovely. What a clever card!

  2. Awe, little girls are so sweet, aren't they? So nice you were able to attend a birthday tea for Billie. The Gingerbread tea sounds simply wonderful and I can almost smell it from PEI! Such a pretty teacup too!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us. Have a splendid week, my friend.


  3. I bet your granddaughter thrilled them with that comment. Lovely card you did.

  4. Good morning my friend; I hope you are enjoying the milder temps (at least no snow) for this time of year.

    Your tea sounds lovely and I love the details of it's contents... I could really sense the delight in each word. You are using a wonderful lovely!!

    Bless her heart,Billie does not look 80, I bet tea is her secret.. I love listening to people - especially women speak of life, from times long gone. They have so much wisdom to share, if only we take the time to listen.

    Children are the best!! They really speak from the heart. Many blessings my friend! and thank you for your visit and sweet words. xo HHL

  5. The story about your granddaughters is so heartwarming and certainly would have been for your friend. The tea sounds delicious and I noticed the lavender sparkles on the Lavender Cottage cookies!

  6. The tea must have had a lovely scent as well as taste. And the teapot cookies are so cute. I need to get myself a teapot cookie cutter!!

  7. I can just imagine the wondrous fragrance from this tea and the cookie! Love ginger! So lovely in the beautiful teacup! How darling to share tea with friends - I love that! All my grandmothers! Too cute! Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  8. Hi Judith, I am intrigued by your gingerbread tea. Popcorn as an ingredient, wow, that is unusual! It looks good. I love the birthday card you made. Have a good week!
    Hugs, Beth

  9. Hello - I love the lavender sugar crystals!

  10. Hi Judith,
    oh, how cute are your granddaughters. I can imagine the proudness for the ladies, when the little ones called them all their grandmothers. I want to say Happy Birthday to Billie. You made a wonderful tea and delicious cookies. Thank you for sharing this all with us.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. The tea sounds and looks so very good. What a wonderful story about the Grandmothers. Made me smile too.

  12. Mmmmm - gingerbread tea and bread - a favorite of mine! Very lovely - and so nice to share glad tidings with your friend with a home made greeting!


  13. HI Judith I can smell the tea from here...I love ginger.. and especially when it's steeping in a pot..What lovely teatime memories you have ...Thanks for sharing... Hugs

  14. Oh that is the sweetest thing EVER!

    I have tears, such a tender story.

    I never had grandmothers, all passed before I was born....and my sweet Mom died very young too - and my youngest sister has 3 sweet girls who don't have grandmothers when I have them over for tea parties I kinda channel my "inner grandmother" and try to make them as special as I can for them.

    Because they remember, don't they? And so do we, who provide these special memories.

    Love your blog, thank you so much for visiting me today!

    Look forward to getting to know you, Judith!

  15. Judith,

    What a lovely and so gracious post!

    I can almost smell the tea the cookies are beyond adorable. Love your sweet story, too.

    Your comment about the table on my blog made me smile.

    Have a blessed day,

  16. What a great time with your friend for her birthday. Your handmade card is so pretty. The tea sounds so good this time of year, I love tea with a little spice! Of course I loved your teapot cookie, YUM. Billie does look GREAT!

  17. What a sweet story, she must be adorable. Your tea looks great and I love the cookie. I have that cutter, I must dig it out!
    Have a great weekend!


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