Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Walk in the Park

As I age in the world it will rise and spread, and be for this place horizon and orison, the voice of its winds.
I have made myself a dream to dream of its rising, that has gentled my nights.
Let me desire and wish well the life these trees may live when I no longer rise in the mornings to be pleased with the green of them shining, and their shadows on the ground, and the sound of the wind in them.     ~Wendell Berry, Planting Trees~

I have written many articles about our community arboretum, a tree garden that is a place of tranquility where one can walk and lose themselves in the natural beauty.
It changes with the seasons and in autumn takes on a soft glow from sunbeams on faded leaves and lasting remnants of summer.
The ornamental grass garden with parchment coloured seed heads that will feed some of the wildlife over winter.
Two pine cones lingering on a forlorn pine; some of the trees are short-lived.
An unusual phenomenon this year, a large fairy ring around the dripline of a red oak.  Fairy rings are actually a ring of dark green grass caused by fungi, believed to have been made by the fairies dancing.
So although this is not a true fairy ring, it is a circle of large fungi around the tree. (and fairies are dancing)  The trees can be sponsored as a memoriam to a loved one and a plaque is placed at the base of the tree.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides - dawn redwood.  The green needles turn this rich bronze colour in fall and were illuminated by the sun when I took this photo.
A foxhole, purple martin house, arbour off in the distance and wooden pickets that were a fund raising project with youth long ago.
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  1. These are great photos Judith. It's nice to have a park to enjoy nature isn't it? Blessings, Pamela

  2. Judith, I love the dawn redwood. I've never seen one before. I enjoyed seeing the fairy ring too. It looks like you had a lovely day for a walk and I'm so glad you took your camera along!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  3. So many delights in your park! Fairy rings are a fav.

  4. Terrific photos! Love the grasses in the first photo. I haven't always been a fan of grasses but over the last few years I have grown a deep appreciation for their structural impact in the garden. How fortunate you are to be so near a fabulous park!

  5. Hello, Judith.
    Your photos are so captivating. I see the park is saturated with autumn colors! I love the photo of the pine cones. Your eye for nature’s beauty is wonderful. I enjoyed walking with you today.
    Judith, sometimes it is not easy for me to read English but I think your writing is beautiful too. Thank you!

  6. What a beautiful idea - a beautiful project - a beautiful place. I imagine it must be a good place to walk at any time of year.

  7. I enjoyed this post so much! What a beautiful lyrical quote to start with. That fairy ring is fascinating. What a lovely tour!

  8. What a beautiful place. It reminded me of the arboretum at my university. It was a quite and relaxing place, and I would go there almost daily between the classes.
    Nice photos!

  9. Really lovely area you get to visit. Love the photos.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  10. Such lovely photos, Judith and I enjoyed the story about the fairy ring. So that is where those rings come from! :-) have a good weekend!

  11. Hi Judith Love the shot of the redwood..lovely. Now I feel like a walk in the woods...Visiting via Tootsie Time and so thrilled to find a place to link garden post up to! I am visiting all the open gardens here at the moment and have loads to share.

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  12. I enjoyed this post very much, the fairy ring is fascinating, too. The ornamental grasses add so much to the scenery, it took me a long time to appreciate them, but now I'm hooked.

  13. I have never seen the dawn redwood what wonderful fall color.. and the pickets are awesome.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  14. Great Fairy Ring... love the Dawn Redwood... have often considered installing one, but space is getting limited here abouts! Larry

  15. I love arboretums where there is always something to look at all season long. Or just to watch nature. I wish there was one closer to my home where I could go and walk everyday.
    I have never saw a Fairy Ring before but I have saw them from other bloggers. I think they are so amazing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Very pretty, Judith! You still have some color to enjoy - and perhaps a few warm days. Here it is cloudy and cold, with snow showers on their way.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend,
    ~ Zuzu

  17. I just love fall and the pictures you took are wonderful. The drying grasses and seeds are very interesting to look at when everything starts to hibernate for winter! I love looking at the branches and foilage as it naturalizes in the landscape..I often go out in my yard and the property behind my fence and collect sticks and leaves for my centerpieces. Thanks for sharing about the fairy rings ..I have never heard of these fun!!
    Miss Bloomers

  18. So beautiful and romantic! I loved hearing about the fairy rings, I did not know this legend, ... how sweet! I will remember.

  19. Judith, what wonderful images of a place that is obviously important to you. We should all take care of our trees. They make life so much better for us. Happy Mosaic Monday!

  20. You have a wonderful eye for finding those special and beautiful details!

  21. This park looks wonderful! What a great walk!
    Enjoy your week,

  22. What a delightful walk! Visiting an arboretum is one of my favorite ways to spend a day! It's foggy and cold here this morning...but hopefully the sun will break through later! Happy Monday! ♥

  23. Such lovely textures in an autumn/winter garden.

  24. We never tire of our arboretum – it changes each time one visits, doesn't it? I love your fairy ring and the quote is very special. Have a cozy day, my friend! – g

  25. Your photos are awesome in their beauty. You have a wonderful eye for the perfect shot. The fairy circle around the tree really fascinates me. I would love to see one. I learn something new every day. Thanks for a beautiful post. genie


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