Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cixiu, the Art of Chinese Silk Embroidery

At a Christmas craft sale I recently attended, a young Asian man had a booth of beautiful framed works of art.  He explained that it was called Cixiu, the art of Chinese silk embroidery and that his whole family created the pieces for sale.  There were many designs to choose from, but as a gardener, I was attracted to the one above showing a shimmery clump of ornamental grass. (and bought it)
I wish I had asked permission to photograph some of the family's work, the intricate details and colours produced some fabulous outdoor scenes, birds and mythical creatures.
Click to enlarge
China domesticated silk worms 5,000 years ago to produce silk thread and fabrics.
From the web I was able to find a picture demonstrating the feathery stitches that can be achieved and a dragon that is often embroidered.
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  1. How beautiful!
    When we were in Japan I enjoyed visiting the textiles parts of museums. It all makes my cross stitch look quite lumpy and amateurish!

  2. Oh my goodness...makes my smocking look like it was done with a thick darning needle, compared to their fine threads. Thanks so much for telling us about this, Judith. It is a completely new needle art to me!


  3. Beautiful work. I love the photo of the grasses. Did you purchase it?

  4. Gorgeous work. I'll bet it will look great on your walls. V

  5. Wow Judith, that looks fantastic. My all thumbs fingers could never do anything like that. Take care and have a great week:)

  6. I can see why you could not leave without purchasing that exquisite silk embroidery! And it's even better that you have a story to go with it as you met the family that did the work!

  7. Good morning Judith.
    Looks so fantastic!Thank you for showing that beautiful art of work you bought.
    I love Chinese silk arts too, but was amazed to learn that Chinese silk arts have been dedicated for 5000years!
    Have a fabulous day,my friend.

  8. Stunning work...I love the art of embroidery.

  9. Your embroidery is just stunning. The grasses look so realistic, as if I could touch them and feel their softness. What an amazing piece of work. I guess the Chinese have perfected their work over centuries, and the results speak for themselves.

  10. Such beautiful work...I wish I was that patient!!! ...and talented...Have a beautiful week!!!

  11. Very beautiful!
    Have a nice week,

  12. Such a gorgeous piece of work, and I'm sure it is more beautiful to see in person.

  13. That's so beautiful! It probably takes a huge amount of patience and dedication to create such precise and beautiful designs.

  14. There are so many forms of art that I know nothing of, including this one. How lovely it is. Your choice is perfect for a gardener such as yourself.

  15. So beautiful! I had not heard of this before!
    Wishing you a lovely week, Judith!
    ~ Zuzu

  16. Wow it's beautiful! I can't wait to see it when it is finish of course hehehe. Happy Monday!
    Mosaic Monday

  17. I love finding unique art at shows like this! What a beautiful art! It's so interesting! And you chose a lovely piece that you will enjoy! ♥

  18. Oh how beautiful -- such delicate and intricate work! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)


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