Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

'Tis the time to get the brooms out and go for a ride.
Compliments of The Graphics Fairy
I'm linking with Mary at Little Red House as we celebrate Halloween for Mosaic Monday.  Not too many decorate the outside of their house in our neighbourhood and last year we had about a dozen kiddies.  Way down from the 70 or so we had 14 years ago when we bought our house.
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This isn't the front of our house, but one I pass each morning walking the dog so I thought I'd share it.
Please visit our host Mary where I'm sure there will be plenty of ghoulish mosaics this week.


  1. Happy Halloween! Wow, you use to have a lot of kiddies there. I live in a rural area and we were lucky to see our neighbors kids who live down the street. I do enjoy the Halloween decorations, they look nice. Great mosaic, have a wonderful week!

  2. Great mosaic, Judith. Happy Halloween!

  3. Hi Judith, Hope all is well with you. The lite up pumpkins are cute, have a safe and happy halloween. Jen.

  4. Happy Halloween!
    Have a nice week,

  5. Hi Judith: Happy Halloween. Some of the houses around here have got some good displays out. I can send you a collage template if you can use it. V

  6. Happy Hallowe'en, Judith! I'm just down the 401 in Kingston, celebrating with the kids. Any minute now they'll rush in for supper and to change into their costumes - I'm having a great time. I hope you get some cute goblins around this evening.

  7. Happy Halloween to you too Judith.

  8. I am catching up on your posts. Cute mosaic! People here decorate outside a lot for Halloween. Especially cobwebs. Personally, i feel like I have plenty enough real ones here. :-)

  9. Hello, Judith.
    It is very interesting for me to see such cute Halloween displays! Celebration of Halloween is not so familiar to people in Japan.The light up pumpkins are so pretty! Thank you for introducing Great mosaic.
    So beautiful!!
    Have a great week,Judith!

  10. Happy Halloween! Hope you had a wonderful time. My husband is a musician, so Saturday evening he played at a costume party. We had a blast! But for Monday evening, we didn't get to stay at home long enough to see if any kids came by and sorry that we missed it. But I do love your neighbors decorations. We no longer decorate for Halloween either. I think it's becoming lost art...
    Have a pleasant day!

  11. Hello Judith! This looks great - we don't decorate for Halloween -there are some interesting displays here - but I do enjoy Autumn decor. Hope you have a fantastic week,


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