Saturday, October 1, 2011

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing...or Shinrin-yoku as it is called in Japan.  Research has shown that stress can be reduced by walking leisurely, or even sitting in a forest.  Japanese scientists discovered that the scent of trees, the sound of a babbling brook and the feel of sunshine on one can have an immense calming effect.
Above is the forest my hubby and a friend hiked in this weekend along with a small group of people eager to learn more about the trees and just enjoy being in the outdoors.  
Walking in a forest engages the senses and powerful hormonal and cellular responses are released.
Various kinds of moss are growing on old stumps and living trees.
Life is abundant on the forest floor.
And there's a diverse pallet of colour in the overhead canopy.
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A path beckons walkers to follow and a winding road leads to new vistas.
Essential oils released from the trees are a natural form of aromatherapy resulting in a wide range of psychological benefits.  
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  1. I like the information you shared about forest bathing. I'd never heard this before but I agree that being in the forest, or in a place where one can relax an enjoy nature brings stress relief. I think about hiking in the mountains of Colorado and how great it makes me feel. Enjoyed your post, Judith!
    Blessings, Beth

  2. I so agree with this, Judith! I find the times I have spent walking in woods or hiking come back to me so very clear - etched in my mind's eye for solace on those days when four walls and work demands pound me down. Stress is an enemy - God's creation heals.

  3. Oh, my, Judith, I believe this is my favorite of your posts. Absolutely love the message and the thoughtfulness in sharing it. We are surrounded by forests here, even our own little one on our property, but this makes me feel I don't get out in them enough to get all the benefits. Magical, thank you! – g

  4. Aloha Judith, this is a such beautiful post! Nature has fantastic benefits. I enjoyed the wonderful photos too.
    Thank you for sharing such a great post.

  5. Judith,
    This is so true. The woods around the cabin sing to me.

  6. And isn't this just the BEST time of year for walking in the woods. All those leaves crunching under your feet?

    We have a lovely bit of the Transcanada Trail near us. Thank you for posting these great images!

  7. Hello, Judith
    I know I always feel better while walking through a forest, but I didn't know the science behind it. "Forest bathing" is a new term to me, and is definitely my preference over "sun bathing". I need to go to the woods more often. Thanks for the information and the beautiful photographs.

  8. Love photos, I would have loved to take that walk with you.

    Blessings Kelsie

  9. I discovered many years ago that walking among trees is therapeutic and mood changing. I would recommend it to anyone.

  10. I love walking in the woods and now I know why! LOL I didn't know all those things before. Your photos are beautiful. I hope we can get out soon for a forest walk as it's too wet this weekend.

  11. That's so interesting! I lived on some land that bordered a National Forest and I walked in the woods every day! I felt so healthy and strong! Lovely photos! ♥

  12. A nice narrative to go with those gorgeous shots. Haven't been up to visiting for a couple of weeks, so glad to be back. I have been outside soaking up all that healing therapy. Thanks for sharing yours.

  13. Soothing scent from the forest is quite a healing. Leisurely walk, enjoy the scenery is my kind of hike.

    Love to see the burnt brown leaves.

  14. What a lovely, interesting, informative and TRUE post! Now, if the weather would cooperate, get a little cooler, I could go out and walk ... amongst the dead trees from the drought. I think something would be missing!

  15. Forest bathing...what an interesting concept! We used to go for walks in the forest in Vermont right near a little waterfall. I can definitely vouch for the health benefits and lowering blood pressure.

  16. Not a new idea but what a great one...getting away from it all...beautiful photos!!!

  17. I always enjoy a walk in the forest. It does clear out the stresses. The colour of the leaves in the autumn is an added bonus. Great job. V

  18. I can see where that would be most restful and relaxing. Just wish I had a forest in which i could apply this! Have a wonderful week! Cathy

  19. Oh I'd love to go for a walk through such a forest. I always like to make a little fairy house to leave behind. Hmmm, I can almost smell the earth and damp and green and fallen leaves.

  20. What a beautiful post I love to walk through the forests and it is calminf but I didn't think further than that. Thank you sharing.
    Have a nice day.

  21. What a wonderful place to go and visit. We did take our drive and went to a local park. So refreshing to the soul to walk among the trees and just relax.

  22. Beautiful photos, Judith! I do love spending time in the forest! :)
    Have a happy one,

  23. Hi Judith,
    I just love to walk through the forest. It's one of my favorite things to do. Your photos are beautiful.

  24. I'm not walking the path but your pictures are so beautiful that I feel relaxed just seeing and reading about it!


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