Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travels Near and Far #2 with Beth

It's mid month again when I join my friend Beth at Beyond the Garden Gate for her 'Travels Near and Far' meme.  The most memorable vacation we've had recently was a cruise to Alaska last fall when we   did the inside passage.  I remember my grandmother talking about this cruise years ago when she took it so I was happy that we could finally see the beauty she described.
There were 14 of us from my garden club that travelled together.
The views from the ship were breathtaking as was this mountain shrouded in mist.
We were allowed into an area where there were lots of seals on floating ice.
Being gardeners, we enjoyed the colour and design at Butchart Gardens the day before the cruise started.

We have many more photos from this trip but I hope these are enough to convince anyone that hasn't cruised Alaska, to go.
Beth would love you to travel over to her blog to see her trip, and where her guests have been!


  1. That's a trip I've long wished to take. We live in an ares so convenient for picking up one of these cruises - when TGD can travel again, it will be on our list.

  2. I know of some people that have been on that cruise and some who are going next year. We have seen the Butchart Gardens a long time ago - 33 years to be exact, and they were beautiful.

  3. Hello, Judith,
    I know several people who have gone on an Alaskan cruise and they all speak about it being a wonderful, scenic trip. What fun it must have been to travel with your garden group!

  4. How wonderful! Someday...1st I need to get my 2 teens through college!

  5. Judith, I love, love, love Butchart Gardens! We enjoyed our trip to Alaska in '09 as well. It is a place of awesome beauty. Thanks for linking up!
    Hugs, Beth

  6. I am so jealous Judith! I have always wanted to cruise Alaska. You are so very lucky. Beautiful memories and pictures.


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